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CN Tower

Toronto, Canada
4.8 / 76
A huge tower built in the 70s. XX century. For about 30 years, the CN Tower has occupied the place of honor of the tallest building in the world (the height of the structure is more than 555 meters). The tower is equipped with a viewing platform with a glass floor. It was estimated that lightning strikes 78 times a design annually, but due to its strength and reliability, the TV tower can withstand the impact of the elements.



It is a pretty awesome experience and a really nice looking place when you go to the restaurant. Staff is nice and friendly and food is pretty good . However we had to wait over an hour for food and portions were pretty small. It is a good experience.. Read more »
This visit was iconic, and I must say, it was an experience I will cherish forever. This Toronto landmark surpassed all expectations with breathtaking views. Upon arrival at the CN Tower, I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who provide.. Read more »
If you feel that the CN tower is majestic, behold the view when you go to the top of the tower. Included as an attraction in the Toronto City Pass, CN tower is located in the heart of downtown near the Union station and Ripley's aquarium. The wa.. Read more »
The view is breathtaking. I think it is good to visit it once. You will enjoy the panoramic view especially the lake side and watching the yachts and the planes taking off from the billy bishop airport..We took tons of amazing photos up there. You c.. Read more »
If it's your 1st time visiting Toronto and you are not afraid of heights, I recommend the CN tower! I booked my ticket for 10am and I'm so happy I did. Being there early gives you an uninterrupted experience of the beautiful views. Your bag.. Read more »
This our second time to visit the famous CN tower Our first was in 2014 both me and my wife This time, with our two kids. Much have improved since. Especially purchasing the tickets online with easy access and skipping the lanes. The place is clean.. Read more »
This is a hugely overpriced tourist trap. We paid 190CAD for 2 adults and 2 children to go up an elevator to watch the view. And then to go up another elevator to watch the view from a bit higher. I mean I could read the reviews beforehand and watch .. Read more »
June 21 took visitors up the CN Tower. Easily bought tickets and was up to main deck in less than 20min . Customer Service was excellent. We also bought tickets to go up to the Skydeck. It was of course very busy with tourists . The glass floor was.. Read more »
Upon arriving at the tower🗼, I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff who made the entire visit smooth and enjoyable. Found out one of the staffs who is actually from the same place as mine, lol😃. The ticketing process was efficient, and I appreci.. Read more »
Restaurant has amazing views of Toronto and the water! The entrance to the restaurant was a little longer than anticipated, most probably due to Spring break though we had reservations. Food was ok and a little pricey. Service was good and atmosphere.. Read more »
Entrance through a separate line so you don’t have to wait with anyone else. Once past security talk to to staff and they will show you to the ramp that will take you to reception to check in. Once checked in go to the elevators and a photo wi.. Read more »
Great safe views of all of Toronto. It also has a hiking outside the upper tower for extra cost but it's only for those who dare and aren't scared of heights. The CN tower has a great store at the base where you can get Toronto gear, orname.. Read more »
It is time entry, so definitely buy tickets ahead of time(it gets quite busy). The views were amazing and even better from the sky pod. They even have a little cafe and a fantastic gift shop before exiting... loved that it was so close to our hotel.. Read more »
Wonderful! I went up the elevator, it takes around a minute to get to the top. A person will tell you a little about the CN Tower on the way. The view from up there is wonderful! The glass floor is extremely cool. It's amazing! I didn't go .. Read more »
Visited CN tower during school holidays. It’s beautiful skyscraper located in downtown Toronto. Waiting is not to long but better buy timing advance specially during holiday time. View from top was amazing. Glass floor on top is close for renov.. Read more »
The CN Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Toronto and for good reason. It offers stunning views of the city skyline and is home to many different restaurants and attractions. The tower is also a great place to learn about the his.. Read more »
Love the CN tower. One of my favorite touristy spots to show around when friends and family come to visit. Great views of the Lake on one side and the downtown on other side. Also able to view the Billy Bishop airport with planes landing there often... Read more »
Want to experience a new height and see as far as your eye can see, then this is the place. 👌 Had a great time here and the views were spectacular. 👌 Elevator ride is smooth and you get to the top in about a minute. The staff will take a picture of y.. Read more »
Nice experience. Awesome view of Downtown Toronto, Old Toronto, and Lake Ontario. Can easily spend around 40 minutes including taking videos. Elevator ride is good. Better to arrive before 11 am to beat the rush and always precook the tickets. Or els.. Read more »
We had a perfect day to view from the Tower with out of town family. Great staff that were very animated, greeted us and took us to our table. We had an excellent waiter who explained the menu. We ordered and here is where everything fell apart. Two.. Read more »
Had an amazing time at the CN Tower restaurant.. Great view and great food. Our server George was especially great. He was kind, polite, and provided exceptional service. I would go there just to say hi! Definitely a great place for a date with someo.. Read more »
Great place for anyone visiting Toronto or even staying here. The rotating restaurant is great. Although you may feel dizzy for a few minutes but the experience is at another level. The food here is probably the best in town, tried different dishes a.. Read more »
Customer service and table service here is really amazing, everyone was very courteous. The gnocchi appetizer was a stand out and I highly recommend it. I found the lobster to be a little over cooked but the server and manager offered to swap it out .. Read more »
Very enjoyable experience overall. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Professional and respectful service. The food is good and the portions pretty big. It rotates once about every hour and 20 minutes. The deserts were very sweet, so I recommend.. Read more »
The CN Tower is just in my opinion one of Canada greatest gifts to the world and represents the heart and soul of every Canadian! The structure it self is just a thrill after thrill engagement for all your senses. The inner decor and the shops are vi.. Read more »
Went to the 360 restaurant and the food was absolutely spectacular. They catered really well to vegetarians and non alcoholics too upon request. Definitely get a seat by the window if you can. The views around sunset and night time are just breathtak.. Read more »
The pride and joy of Toronto. Seen from miles around and an awesome view from above, this is a must stop of for all tourists. Being born and raised here, I have been up a handful of times and always enjoy it. The restaurant is nice. Make reservations.. Read more »
My first time at CN tower ?. One of the tallest beautiful structure in the world. I loved the night view more due to the colourful lights. If you are planning to go at the top, then make you get a ticket ( between 30-40 CAD) online as sometimes it mi.. Read more »
I have been up in the tower a lot of times. However, this was the first time for my kids. If I hadn't been up there so many times, I would give it 5 stars. It is a bit pricey just to go to the top, but what a view! I would strongly suggest .. Read more »
We have been coming to the CN Tower every year on Christmas Eve for lunch for the past 7 years. It has become such a wonderful family tradition. I am recently divorced so I was hesitant to take my kids without my wife. I wasn’t sure if it woul.. Read more »
Great experience! I went with my 3 siblings and mother and we all found it enjoyable. Easily the best view in town! You can see the airport across the water. Cool glass floor to look down through. Very close to the aquarium which is also a worthwhile.. Read more »
We started out one Sunday morning for a drive around downtown and a walk along the shore. Unable to find parking where we wanted to stop we kept going till we reached the parking structure opposite the Ripley's center. As we parked our cars and .. Read more »
Seeing this huge tower for the first time. Looked amazing from the outside.. it so huge and beautiful that your neck pains by just staring at it. Guys trust me!!! This looks wayyyyy more amazing in person! we went there at like 11pm so we were not a.. Read more »
The remodeling is very nice, the staff were very welcoming. From the kiosk, to the tower, to the cafes and the pictures turned out nice and they cost $39 for 2. Not bad.The views of the city was amazing and stunning. Good job on the staff is most imp.. Read more »
Very nice, although I am scared of heights!
Great spot to visit if you are in Toronto! In my opinion the best time to go is at around sundown. The city looks awesome at sunset. Reasonably priced for the views that you get to take in. The elevator with the glass panels in the floor is pretty co.. Read more »
When You are inside, it's as if you are in sky
Check out the glass floors, cool and scary at the same time. Elevator takes less than 1 min to reach observation level and have glass panels installed. There is a gift shop available in case you want some souvenirs. Whole building is properly manage.. Read more »
It was my second experience. I like it!
Loved it. 360° View of city is amazing from lookout level. Check out the glass floors, cool and scary at the same time. Elevator takes less than 1 min to reach observation level and have glass panels installed. There is a gift shop available in c.. Read more »
Its been 20 years since I've been to the CN tower and going back with my daughter was amazing. The remodeling is very nice, the staff were very welcoming. From the kiosk, to the tower, to the cafes and the pictures turned out nice and they cost .. Read more »