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Prague, Czech Republic
4.4 / 95
Clementinum is a complex of baroque buildings of a Jesuit collegium, which is currently occupied by the National Library of the Czech Republic. Located in the Prague quarter of Stare Mesto, near Charles Bridge. With an area of 20 thousand square meters. m. Clementinum among the historical and architectural complexes of the Czech capital is second only to Prague Castle in size. Since 2005, listed in the international registry "Memory of the World"
Address:Mariánské náměstí 5, Staré Město
Phone:+420 222 220 879



Eugen Dragan
Great place! Full of history. Organized tours with stories about the library. Unfortunately the library cam only be seen from the entrance door in order to preserve books. Great view of Prague from the tower!
Kurt De Ridder
Great historical place to see. The library itself can only briefly be seen from the outside, but to prevent any damage to this legendary library, this is the right thing to do. The rest of the tour with the astronomy tower, including the view over Pr.. Read more »
Maria Zeee
The most beautiful library of the world , very very ornated which holds soooo many books and tge view from the tower was great. Only bad thing is I booked the time slot that was narrated by a Czech speaker but on the website it didn't specify wh.. Read more »
Amanda Gonzalez
We were so glad we visited! The views were amazing and the library was beautiful. Book ahead or stop by in the morning to reserve tickets. We went to grab tickets one afternoon and the remaining timeslots were somewhat limited. The steps at the top .. Read more »
Joshua Rizzello
Be aware of the “first hour 50% off discount” because they only do it if there are sufficient people in the first hour!!!!! Kinda of a scam but okay. Regarding the price it’s okay, not super cheap but at least a nice view and explan.. Read more »
Elena Racu
We went to a classical music concert in the church (Vivaldi's Four Seasons) and had the best time. The orchestra was amazing and the acoustics of the church made the entire experience that much more impressive. The ticket was more than reasonabl.. Read more »
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I found it overrated. The sightseeing tour lasts only 50 minutes. The tourists are not allowed to enter the library and have only a few minutes to take a look inside. And it is rather dark inside, so you won't see a lot. The overlook terrace is.. Read more »
Amazing to get a glimpse on the library! View over Prague is really nice from there. Minus point: they don't have a toilet. Probably better to buy tickets upfront as it was sold out already and we could get in by luck only. And might be better .. Read more »
Esti Rusetsky
You can’t enter by yourself, you have to pay 300 Krone for a tour that you have to schedule before. The guide was amazing and she described perfectly everything, the library was amazing to see even though you can’t enter. You have to clim.. Read more »
Lana Goodman-Tomsett
The library and view are wonderful. I could stay in the library for hours and hours, it’s a shame you can only look in and can’t really enter into it. Our tour guide was mediocre at best, he didn’t really know anything and suggeste.. Read more »
Natàlia MG
Beautiful, it takes you to another space-time, however, it's a pity we cannot enter to the library, we have to see it from a door that the guide is opening, then you enter a bit but that's all. I understand that they have to preserve that b.. Read more »
stanimira ralovska
I was hoping that we will be able to walk around in the Baroque library but you are not allowed to go in. They only let you look at it from one open door. In addition, the tour was shorted than advertised and the guide didn't share much informa.. Read more »
Ngoc Trieu
Price is a bit expensive for what you can get from the guided tour but our guide was amazing. She is very friendly and enthusiastic. I enjoyed all her anecdotes delivered with a slide of humour. You can’t go inside the library (which was off-pu.. Read more »
Mac Musk
Not worth to spend €12. For the unknown reason you can't take any photo of the library. But I saw some private photos in social media taken by people who joined concerts and other gatherings! Wooden stairs on the top floor are very dangero.. Read more »
Jean Martinez-Le Ninan
Website says the tour takes 50min but it's more like 30min. We don't really get to visit the library (to preserve the state of the books). However, we can take pictures from the entrance of the library. The tour guide doesn't give much.. Read more »
Veronika Lo
Absolutely amazing view overlooking Prague from astrological tower. Beware steep wooden stairs though. I regret a lot it's not allowed to take a picture of historical baroque library. However we enjoyed at least the atmosphere of building and in.. Read more »
Martin Nuza
My wife and I enjoyed walking into history and watching these old books dating back centuries. The architecture is amazing and the library is a must see on your visit to the city. Highly recommended
Alycia Vachon
Great to learn some history but unfortunately you cannot go into the library or even take photos. However they do bring you all the way upstairs to a great view of the city! Beware… do not take the tour if you have vertigo or have trouble goin.. Read more »
Michael Coeto
Beautiful building with a baroque library. The tour guide was good and gave good information. Just wished we could have entered into the library, but understand that's for the conservation of the books. The view up at the tower is great.
Carla Bacchio
The baroque library is beautiful but you really do only get a little peek from the door. The tour is interesting, be prepared to climb narrow spiral stairs (a BIG no-no if you’re scared of heights); that being said, they were kind enough to le.. Read more »
Dino Dedic Gidman
Really interesting historical place, especially if you are interested in Astronomy. The guided tour in English was good and we had plenty of time to look around. The library was spectacular! And I didn't expect that we were going to climb all th.. Read more »
Nindya Kurnia
Beautiful museum in the middle of city center. The ticket price was fair and already include tour guide who give excellent explanation. It was complete and clear enough. The library was had beautiful art on the ceiling and designed so well. There.. Read more »
Luis Rodera
If you're into astronomy and not afraid of stairs you should not miss it. Old time instruments, the most amazing library I've ever seen and great views of the city, specially at sunset.. Worth the 176 narrow steps to reach the top
Rita Giovanelli
Amazing place to visit. I have been to Prague already twice before but it was my first time here. The guide was really nice and the visit was well explained. Both the library and the tower are interesting with fascinating history.
paulina skora
Beautifly preserved baroque library. Very important information about the place is that you are allowed to see the library through the doors, no pictures allowed. But for those who are there to experience it, it is great place to visit. The tour took.. Read more »
Elske Heermans
Cool place to visit. As a geographer I thought it was really awesome. You can only get inside with a tour. You cannot get into the library, you'll be able to take a look from the room next. It's probably to preserve the books, which is comp.. Read more »
Pieter Pellikaan
The library was interesting to see. We had plenty of time on top of the tower to enjoy the view. The tour itself went a bit fast but on the way down there was more time to look at the exhibits in the rooms.
Ivelina Staneva
Helpful and friendly staff who answered all of the curious questions of the group. Amazing place, astonishing library and view. Very interesting history!
Alion Çaçi
The place itself is beautiful, but the service and facilities are extremely poor. First of all, you can't see the library inside - you are only allowed to stand at the entrance's door at take a slight look from the distance which is totally.. Read more »
Akshay Gupta
A fantastically persevered peace of history. So much of today's astronomy came from this place. People like Kepler did their work in this place. And the baroque library is definitely the best library i have ever seen. Our tour guide was also fa.. Read more »
David Dancey
A complex containing one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. The Clementinum is a large complex that once was a university, but which now has been almost entirely converted into a library. The famous Baroque library at the heart of the com.. Read more »
For the visit in Czech Republic I would recommend this. It is around 300 Czech to get in but the view is very breathtaking.
Ayoube Bahoussi
In love with prague, if you are in prague just tey to explore it with walking to enjoy every street, many attractions places, nice people
Anejka Voicik
It is amazing - magic place! You really feel the history there)
Sarya Shawa
So you pay 300 Kc to go up the tower and go down 20-30 min max Filled with random things. Most things there are replicas or don’t even belong to the building Guide was friendly but his English was bad (usually I don’t care for language .. Read more »
Andrea Delgado
We were in the Clementinum yesterday and we would say that you should visit it only if you don't have anything to do in Prag. The price is way too high for the things you get: the tour (mandatory) is done by people that you notice that don'.. Read more »
We had a good time. The food was great, we just had some burgers though. The trains bringing out our food and beer was awesome. It was a good time. If you're in Prague it's worth a stop.
Hakkı Erbakılı
Tour was very nice, our guide was so kind. The smell of library blew me away. And I met with an amazing girl there, I hope I never loose her ❤️?
Raluca Lupulescu
We really wanted to visit this place, so we went for it even though there was only a guided tour available ( you can’t go visit on your own) the ticket was 300 Kc/ pers and the tour-guide( a young lady) spoke English which was grea! The not so .. Read more »
Ruby Sunday
We had a fantastic tour with a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guide. The library is so impressive and stunning and I personally enjoyed the smell of old books, call me a weirdo ? The tours aren't rushed and after climbing the endless s.. Read more »
Loïc Op de Beek
Very nice place to see. Unfortunately you cannot see the library upclose. And it's only guided tour. You get an amazing view of Prague at the end of the visit by climbing the observation tour !
Denisa Ungureanu
It was great to see the Baroque library. It’s absolutely beautiful. The view from the top is even better though! My guide (Danek? I may remember wrong) was so enthusiastic and made learning so fun. The meridian room was interesting too. Even if.. Read more »