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Nessebar, Bulgaria
4.4 / 5
The cistern is an ancient water collection facility located in the Old Town of Nessebar, Bulgaria. It was constructed in the 5th-6th century and is an important part of the Late Antiquity water supply system of the town. Made entirely of bricks, the cistern was once plastered with a waterproof solution on the inside. Walking through the charming streets of Nessebar's Old Town is an enjoyable experience, although it may pose some challenges for those with prams or wheeled items due to the cobblestone pavement. Similarly, individuals wearing heels may find it difficult to navigate the streets. The cistern itself, although in ruins and currently not restored, is still a fascinating sight to behold as one explores the old streets. Some may find it unremarkable as it currently serves as a resting place for a cat, but others may be intrigued by its historical significance. Overall, the Old Town of Nessebar offers a delightful and interesting experience, and I highly recommend visiting this charming Bulgarian destination.



The cistern is part of the Late Antiquity water supply system of Nessebar. It was built in the 5th-6th century. It is a water collection facility (res.. Read more »
Ruins that can be seen walking through the old streets.
Maybe later something will be restored, but now it's just a hole in which the cat slept. Absolutely unremarkable place. Therefore, they did not even s.. Read more »
Very nice, interesting ... I recommend.
Neseber Old Town Bulgaria y love you