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Church Týn

Prague, Czech Republic
4.9 / 85
The picturesque Gothic cathedral, a real decoration of the Old Town Square. The temple began to be built in the XIV century; it took more than 160 years to erect it. Inside lies the remains of significant historical figures. Two 80-meter towers rise above the temple, from which the gloomy breath of the Middle Ages still blows. Inside there are a couple of dozens of altars, distinguished by rich decoration and luxury.
Address:Staroměstské náměstí, Praha 1
Phone:+420 222 318 186



Andrew Lian
Everything and more in person! This photo made me want to visit Prague. Twenty years later I’m finally here.
ana purna
it’s a spectacular old church that unfortunately had been obscured by other newer buildings built in front of it. i feel only sadness whenever i look at it. what was the government thinking, allowing such a thing to happen? a crime against hist.. Read more »
A very beautiful building, especially the story with the cup and the statue that closes the cup on the building is interesting. I advise you to definitely take a look at this building and read the story.
The Church of Our Lady in Prague, also known as the Týn Church, is a striking Gothic masterpiece that dominates the skyline of the city. As I approached the church, I was immediately captivated by its soaring spires and intricate façade.. Read more »
The Church of Our Lady before Týn is situated in one of the most vibrant and beautiful areas of Prague. The surrounding streets are filled with historic architecture, quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants, creating a lively and colorful atmosph.. Read more »
A beautiful spot church for photos. There are different design of buildings in front of the church so It was interesting to see them all together. Another interesting land mark in Old Town Prague.
Ghasem Aloostany
In the 11th century, the Old Town plaza area was occupied by a Romanesque church, which was built for foreign merchants coming to the nearby Týn Courtyard.[1] It was replaced by an early Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn in 1256. Con.. Read more »
Sudarshan Pise
On the site of a Romanesque hospital church, construction of the Týn Church (Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem) began in the mid-14th century. The church was completed during the reign of King George of Poděbrady. On the shield was a .. Read more »
Iconic church in the Prague skyline and seen pretty much everywhere in the city. Long queues if you're visiting. a Gothic church and a dominant feature of the Old Town of Prague, Czech Republic. It has been the main church of this part of the c.. Read more »
Bachar Fatfatt
No matter how many times you will pass by, every time it will be a breathtaking view. The first floor is a free entry, just go and ask, usually, there is no queue. The church inside is amazing, and the outside architecture is mesmerising.
Jules Gene Melvin
Stunning gothic architecture, you should definitely visit this church If you're visiting in Prague. You can get absolutely amazing views from the main square. The church was built in the 14th century and is 260 feet tall. This is by far one one .. Read more »
A beautiful spot church for photos. There are different design of buildings in front of the church so It was interesting to see them all together. Another interesting land mark in Old Town Prague.
Dr. Bahadur Singh FRAI
Western world has been dominated by Christian theology and had inspired wonderful architecture which is very unique and later dispersed in every corner of the world with Christianity. Prague is no different from rest of the Europe in terms of major C.. Read more »
James Zhang
The distinct Gothic twin towers of this church are visible from large portion of old town area. The towers are very ornate with the signature Gothic spires that reached into the skies. It is almost as iconic to Prague as the Eiffel tower for Paris. V.. Read more »
Andrej Chernysh
Beautiful church not far away from the famous Charles Bridge. The place fore it is quite small and therefore extremely crowded at any time.
Very impressive church, it’s much worth taking a visit inside, it’s fit narrowly between buildings so you can’t see much of the outside, but in the inside it’s really impressive. The visit inside is free which is much apprecia.. Read more »
hieu tran
The church located right in old town square and there is beautiful view from the playground. Absolutely recommended in Prague.
Steven H
GORGEOUS. 14th century amazing Omg the place is beautiful. The entrance is through the front of the building in front of it. Free.
Maria-Christina Smyrnaiou
The place all around the church is amazing, very weird vibes coming from it. Visosted during a Ghost and Dungeons Tour.
Julian White
A beautiful building, but one of the coldest welcomes from a church. There are signs stating "no photos, no eating, no drinking, no touching and no talking". The seating is barriered off other than a few seats in a corner, there's no w.. Read more »
Páldeák Keve
The church is nice, but it's interior design is more likely baroque than gothic.
Wonderful experience / a must see if you come here for a weekend. You won’t be disappointed by the gothic style.
Arik Binder
Most beautiful church I have ever seen, very special and gorgeous
anotherBrick InTheWall
One of the most Devine places I have ever been. It’s an art blessing
Peter Smalley
Breathtaking cathedral, immense and sacred and full of gorgeous art. My only question is why anyone could build a modern building onto the front of a medieval cathedral?
Sin Fong Chan
Church of Our Lady before Týn on Prague Old Town Visited on 24/9/2019 Church of Our Lady before Týn is also translated as Church of Mother of God before Týn. It is a Gothic church, with two towers, and each tower's spire is.. Read more »
Hollow Knight
An absolutely stunning church inside & out. The organ music is amazing and completes the atmosphere, making it just perfect. A must visit!
Dalia Abu Soud
The lights at night is something else ? Veeeeery beautiful Must see
Tom Wilson
This church is architecturally beatiful. I went to a concert inside the curch and within 1 hour, while listening great music, I was able to look into the details inside the church. There are too many details and if you go for 5-10 minutes, it is hard.. Read more »
Christian Georgiev
One of the grandest of cathedrals in Prague. Do take the guided tour, otherwise you will miss much of the history and charm of the church
David Dancey
A spectacular Gothic church with iconic spires This magnificent church towers above the main square of the Old Town of Prague, with two fairy-tale spires. The exterior is one of the most recognisable views of the city of Prague and regardless of the.. Read more »
Dim Dim
One of the top Prague's sightseeing. Especially marvelous when musical events take place
Incongruent Malopropic Pa
Beautiful cathedral from the time of Charles IV, the inside is decorated in black and gold. Especially beautiful, so far one of my favourite cathedrals
Ronald Werner
I visited Prague in 1993 and was impressed. Many beautiful old buildings, like this cathedral.
Violet Hoda
One of my favorite cities to be in, such great spot this being one of them. Old Town Square is super nice!
Monika Varshney
Beautiful Church in Prague's Old Town Square. Visited Prague during Covid times which gave us to enjoy the crowd-free square and admire this marvelous church.
المعين Al Mouin
when you see something like that you feel like waw how old it is!
Jim Turnbull
Stunning 14th century Gothic church which towers above the town square. Interior is equally as impressive and features stunning baroque furnishings. Highly recommended for a visit. Although the church closes in the evening, it also worth walking past.. Read more »
Gary Homer
One of many churches, worth a visit if you are religious, but there are better in Prague.
I A (Izzy)
Historical fantastic place to be and to visit , never ever missed the main attractions in the area as they are all next to each other .
David Diaz
The most amazing sight. Listen to the trumpets every hour. Amazing place on earth
Symbol of Prague Everytime the building makes us take a picture Great 2 towers You can see the church everywhere of Prague
Denisa Ungureanu
I haven’t been inside but the outside is absolutely gorgeous.
Ramona Carter
Beautiful historic church that can be easily seen from many areas of Old Town Square. We were there during Christmas, so it was especially pretty. We did not go inside for a church service as our schedule would not allow it.
Darren Rix
An utterly incredible landmark. Its just simply phenomenal to look at, by far my favourite building I've even seen in person. The craftsmen ship on it is remarkable. Words just don't do it justice. Looks amazing both day and night. It gets .. Read more »