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Church of St Casimir

Warsaw, Poland
4.5 / 50
The temple was founded by the ruler Jan III and his wife in the XVII century at his own expense. Inside is the tomb of the Polish princess - the daughter of Jan III. The church was built in the style of classicism and baroque with strict observance of geometric proportions according to the project of architect T. Gamerski. After the bombing, only the 17th century garden was preserved. The temple was rebuilt in the middle of the XX century.
Address:rynek Nowego Miasta 2, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 831 49 62



Sergio Fernández Bueno
Small church in the shape of a Greek cross with short poles. Its interior is very simple, white walls with little decoration. Its great green dome stands out
Kot Bibelot
Beautiful, one of the oldest churches in Warsaw, at the New Town Square. Demolished by the Germans in 1944, rebuilt after the war.
Andy Casper
Due to the ongoing service, it was not possible to visit. Very nice renovated church.
Marcelo A. Rodriguez Canc
The Church of Saint Casimir is a Catholic church located in the city of Krakow, in Poland. It is dedicated to Saint Casimir, a 15th-century Polish saint who is the patron saint of Poland and Lithuania. The construction of the church began in 1897 an.. Read more »
Andrew Ling
This is my favorite scene in Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱, St. Casimir Church. The baroque architecture and the vast dome are quite spectacular and beautiful, and the silhouette of these two pedestrians walking towards the church is something I waited for a whi.. Read more »
Dima Prohach
When I visited Warsaw for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by its architecture. The church is very beautiful, especially during the morning dawn☀️
Любов Авдішева
Incredibly beautiful building. The monument to St. Benedict is impressive. As if alive. Good place for a photo
Andrzej Gaszczyński
A wonderful temple
Kaska Warszawa
Beautiful church, worth entering while being nearby
Juanjo Part
Little known and outside the most common tourist circles, however, it is part of a beautiful corner of the city.
Piotr Szymanek
A nice building
Thomas Anderson
Beautiful, but not very well fits into the architecture of the old city ..
Alejandro Pardo
Simple and beautiful church. It is a few minutes from the old town.
J.K. Jarchow
Pretty looking from the outside and very humble and simple from the inside. It wasn’t not open to really go inside the main part of the church but it still had a bench for making a prayer. It suits the market square really well.
Oliver 111
Cute exterior. Simple baroque on the inside. Beautifully reconstructed
Viorel Ciuna
The Roman Catholic Church, Saint Cazimir, is highlighted by the immaculate white color and its rounded shapes, giving light and the fresco of the old (small) square in Warsaw.
Dong Lee
This is the same word that refers to the Kashmir church in Polish, but the location seems a little strange. I.e. show duplicates... It is one of the common churches in Europe. The bright tones of white and sky blue are impressive..