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Christ the King

Lisbon, Portugal
4.7 / 52
Christ the King is a unique and breathtaking landmark in Lisbon. It is an impressive statue of Jesus that offers the best views of the entire city. The view from this location is absolutely stunning, with a clear view of Lisbon and the bridge. While there is a large queue to go to the top of the statue, many visitors find that the views from the area itself are just as good. There is a chapel with relics of saints that can be visited for a fee, and a medallion vending machine where you can purchase a nice medallion of Christo Rei. The parking near the statue is very big, and there are also public parking lots and street parking available. The whole area is beautiful, with a lawn and trees where you can relax and enjoy the view over the river. Overall, visiting Christ the King is a must when in Lisbon, offering a truly unforgettable experience.
Address:Avenida do Cristo Rei, Almada
Phone:+351 21 275 1000



Visited the monument on foot. Was not so difficult to find. From the location, the view of Lisbon was breathtaking. You also have a clear view of the .. Read more »
One of the best places to admire the entire Lisbon. If you want to go on top of the statue, prepare to wait in a big queue. The parking near the statu.. Read more »
A unique landmark in Lisbon. The statue of Jesus is impressive and the whole area is beautiful. This location offers the best view of the city. I reco.. Read more »
The view point up is just the most awesome. There’s a chapel that must be seen with the relics of saints. It costs 8€ for adults and it’s free for chi.. Read more »
Breathtaking place which has great views of Lisbon proper. The statue makes you feel insignificant standing next to it. It is definitely one of the un.. Read more »
Outstanding statue that looks over Lisbon from far above. Easy to visit with the ferry, a Bolt cab or Tuktuk. We walked there and the walk there is ch.. Read more »
There's a public parking lot and some street parking when you go here. We didn't know until we got to the top of the hill so don't make the same mista.. Read more »
If you visit Lisbon must take ride across bridge and what you see from here will be breathtaking. Monument and view from there is best. Ticket to go u.. Read more »
The whole place is magnificent. Amazing view, both bridges can be seen, the harbour, the ships and the city (we did not visit the chapel). The facilit.. Read more »
Great views of the bridge and Lisbon from the other side of the river. There is no need to go to the top. Views are just as good. Toilets are availabl.. Read more »
Spectacular and breathtaking views over Lisbon and the ocean from this amazing position. We went over the bridge early morning to beat the crowds and .. Read more »
It's a very beautiful place. Especially at sunset in good weather. In winter it closes at 6:00 p.m. The last elevator to the top leaves at 17:40. The .. Read more »
If you visit Lisbon must take ride across bridge and what you see from here will be breathtaking. Monument and view from there is best. Ticket to go u.. Read more »
A fun stop to make when visiting Lisbon. Admission is 6 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. They only take cash and there is no need to buy tic.. Read more »
Good place to get fresh for yourself. Good enviroment with great view of lisbon makes you feel happy inside out. The great statue and the view from up.. Read more »
Great views and free to walk around and look at the monument. We took a return boat from over the river for 3 euros. Then a 22 minute walk up to the s.. Read more »
If you visit Lisbon must take ride across bridge and what you see from here will be breathtaking. Monument and view from there is best. Ticket to go u.. Read more »
Stunning place. You have wonderful view of Lisbon. And the statue is breathtaking. It's really big and to get on top does not cost that much.
What a peaceful place to visit. With a lovely statue and a precious little church to have some time with Christ. It is very windy here, but a lovely e.. Read more »
It was nice to see him up close, after looking at him from afar all week. This is a must see! You also get great views of the April 25th bridge. I bel.. Read more »
easy to get to... just take a ferry and walk the rest... about 40 minutes... a little bit up the hill... we enjoyed it... up to the statue you will ha.. Read more »
The best view of Lisbon in a very calm environment... Don't know if it's God or anything else, but there is an aura around that i can't explain... You.. Read more »
We came there by taxi, since it'd have taken too long with a bus. It's worth it, especially in a clear day. The view is pretty much all across the met.. Read more »
Very unique overview of the city. Definitely worth the 6 euros and the along the river Taag from the ferry station is a tip. When you cross the bridge.. Read more »
A peaceful and calm place to visit Jesus Christ. Beautiful artwork in the chapel.A detailed route to get to the actual place is required. A taxi or Ub.. Read more »
Wonderful views. Amazing sunset experience. Only 6€ to get the lift to the top (Christ King). The gift shop had great range of things even tho prices .. Read more »
Another beautiful place, a must visit when in Portugal. Mind blowing landscape, you can visit the top of Christ the king for a small cost. Cafe on sit.. Read more »
This is one of the best locations for sightseeing. I walked here from the pier. There are so many tuktuk's in the pier or you can get on the bus to re.. Read more »
One of the best views of Tagus river, overlooking the bridge! Highly recommended. If you want to go up the statue have some cash ready because most ti.. Read more »
Very clean. Very beautiful. View from the top deck is great- you can see the whole city. They check temperature and sanitize your clothing before taki.. Read more »
The place is beautiful but there are two things that could be improved : It opens too late, at 10:30 only. I'd say it should open at 9:00 not only for.. Read more »
Whatever you may or may not think about the Catholic church, this monument is actually quite impressive. Especially the view from the top over the Tag.. Read more »
Really nice place to see Lisbon from other side, the monument make impress. You can see nice view for free from the bottom. View on the top is quite .. Read more »
Highly recommended! Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, with the best views of Lisbon, it’s definitely worth the visit! Only €6 to go up the elevat.. Read more »
This is one of the best location for sightseeing. I walked here from the pier. There are so many tuktuk's in the pier or you can get on the bus to rea.. Read more »
Beautiful place to have an amazing views of Lisbon! The place open at 10:30 in the morning but is usually that there are a lot of people waiting to op.. Read more »
I’ve always wanted to see this! The parking and walk was very easy. The sheer height of this is amazing in person. I love Christ and what this represe.. Read more »
Best time to go in the late afternoon or very early morning. Otherwise very hot. View is good.
Instead of morning visit, we changed our plans, and went to Sanctuary in the evening. Evening light was good to photograph sculpture and it was nice t.. Read more »
The view is amazing there! You can see the whole town and the beautiful San Francisco bridge. :)
Very nice views over the San Francisco bridge and the city. You can also take an elevator all the way to the top of the tower for even more amazing pi.. Read more »
Lovely place, the Crist statue is impressive and beautiful, the view from Lisbon and the bridge is amazing. There are rest rooms, coffee shop, lunch t.. Read more »
This is a very peaceful, serene area and a lovely break from the city. The view, the statue and the little church are all beautiful. Well worth a visi.. Read more »
This place is the greatest place ever I have visited in Lisbon. The view from there is breath-taking view of the bridge and the city. I would recommen.. Read more »
Nice place with a beautiful view. Bring cash if you would like to go up to the statue. 6 euros for adults. Discounted price for children.
Great view of Lisbon from across the water. You can get a lift the whole way to the top, which is worth it for 6 euro. Also as you can imagine - its v.. Read more »
Nice and beautiful place to visit. Entrance to go up - 6 euros, disinfection for free ? Elevator + a little bit of stairs = your are on top. Take pict.. Read more »
Magnificent site to have a panoramic view of Lisbon coast and perfect place to take a picture with the 25 de Abril Bridge as background. Beautiful sit.. Read more »
A beautiful monument with beautiful views of Lisbon. It will, of course, probably be more meaningful for those with a religious mindset.
Amazing view even if you do not go to the top.
The view is wonderful, we can see the whole city, a really nice viewpoint to see. However, there was no disclaimer on the fact that you need to take v.. Read more »
Just a awesome afternoon. First time I visit this place was very quick. Today I took 3 hours. Totally worth it. Go to the top, take the views from all.. Read more »
Very beautiful place with incredible views of Tejo River and Lisbon city
Decent view from up here but the monument itself is nothing to write home about. There's tons of better staff to do in Lisbon.
Visited in Dec 2018. Far away from hustling & bustling Lisbon. A must visit place if you are visiting Portugal. Just 13 Kms from Lisbon and can travel.. Read more »