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Chernivetsʹkyy Oblasnyy Khudozhniy Muzey

Chernivtsi, Ukraine
4.7 / 6
Chernivetsʹkyy Oblasnyy Khudozhniy Muzey is a small but fascinating museum located in a stunning Art Nouveau building. The museum has three floors, with the exhibitions being available on the second and third floors. The entrance fee for adults is 30 uah, but on every second Tuesday of the month, entrance is free for everyone. It's important to note that only cash is accepted, as there are no card terminals available. Visiting this museum was a beautiful experience, and I can't wait to come back and visit it again one day. The museum showcases a collection of interesting paintings, including the works from the academy. I highly recommend this museum to everyone, as it is simply lovely. It is conveniently located in the city center near the mayor's office, making it easily accessible. Upon visiting, I was pleasantly surprised by the art pieces on display. The museum houses a variety of art items, and the building itself is a hidden gem in the city. Its Art Deco architecture adds to the overall charm of the museum. Some highlights include the eerie Last Judgment painting, captivating woodcuts from the early 20th century, and even some cheesy Socialist Realism pieces. While the museum offers a nice experience, it's worth mentioning that the service can feel a little outdated, reminiscent of the Soviet era. There are rules in place, such as not being able to touch or photograph certain items. However, despite this minor inconvenience, I still highly recommend visiting this museum. It offers a unique collection and a glimpse into the art and culture of Chernivetsʹkyy.



It was a beautiful experience. I wish to come back and visit it again one day. It.s simply lovely
Small but interesting museum. Building is very beautiful. Have three floors. Exhibition only on second and third floor. Price for entrance 30 uah for adult. Every second Tuesday of month entrance for free for everyone ;) No terminal, only cash.
Really interesant museum, e really nice also the paint of the academy the are exposed ... I suggest to all to visit this museum
Nice Museum with interesting paintings and gorgeous art noveau building
A nice place with various art items. Is located in the city center near the mayor office.
A surprising gem in a beautiful Art Deco building. Watch for the scary Last Judgment, great woodcuts from early C20, and some cheesy Socialist Realism.
Nice museum. But still service is a little bit Soviet - don't shoot this, don't touch that... Anyway I recommend to visit it.