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Chernihiv Museum of Military History

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.4 / 49
The Chernihiv Museum of Military History is a museum that has undergone little change since its establishment during the Soviet era. While the museum boasts a beautiful room and exhibits, it lacks the necessary updates and reexposure to remain relevant in modern times. Instead, it continues to propagate narratives from the non-existent 30 years. The museum showcases items from the Russian-Ukrainian war without providing proper context or articulation, resulting in an unpleasant viewing experience. It is disheartening to think that our tax money is being used to finance outdated Soviet propaganda. Fortunately, the museum is not a popular tourist destination, sparing many from the disappointment. However, it is still a sad reality. On a positive note, admission is free and the museum recently created an exhibition from the anti-terrorist operation zone, which adds some interest and relevance to the collection. While there may not be a large number of exhibits, the museum is still worth a visit, especially for the touching items from the anti-terrorist operation zone. Visitors have reported enjoying the tour, particularly the interesting stories told by the guides. However, it is advisable to check the museum's working hours in advance, as they can be inconsistent. Overall, the Chernihiv Museum of Military History is a good museum, particularly for those interested in old weapons, but it could benefit from more updates and attention to its operations.
Address:55A, Shevchenka St 55А Чернигов Чернігівська, 14013, Shevchenka Street, 55А, Chernihiv
Phone:+380 4622 39040



Artem Borysov
Beautiful room and exhibits. But the supply has remained unchanged since Soviet times. Propaganda of narratives of the non-existent 30 years. Requires drastic re-exposure.
Tetiana Borysova
This museum is one of those built in Soviet times (house, hall design, etc. - all adapted to the functionality of the museum). But this does not mean that the exposition of the Second World War should remain unchanged for decades. More Sur added that.. Read more »
Yaroslav Kosenko
Admission is free, in the middle of the samples of scoop weapons is a Katsap tank, carefully distorted, as it should be.
Катерина Адаменко
It was a very interesting tour. This place is worth a visit
ольга ладовчина
just before the 30th anniversary, the museum created an exposition from the anti-terrorist operation zone
Володимир Любенко
There are not so many exhibits but everything is cool. Things from the anti-terrorist operation zone are especially touching
Николь Рубан
Nice, with children you can, they tell interesting stories ... I liked everything.
A good museum, but more attentive to working hours. It is better to call back, ask who and when they work.
Alyona Derkach
Good open air museum where you can find many old veapons
Sergey SVT
Were about a year ago. Great museum. An excellent guide (Vladimir seems to be the name, I don't remember exactly). A person simply lives by his own business - he is smartly oriented both in the theme of the Great Patriotic War, and in the theme .. Read more »
Людмила Теличко
3 hours of excursion with Lyudmila Oleksandrivna passed imperceptibly, special gratitude. Highly recommend!
kosta kurlukov
Very interesting museum, many interesting exhibits
Елена Юст
A magnificent exposition, begun by Vasily Tarnovsky, the owner of the Kachanovsky Palace, a weapon from antiquity to the present day, awards of all peoples, military maps and an exposition from all wars on the territory of Ukraine
Mark Wetherby
I liked it, very interesting some unusual finds in there.
Valentin Burblis
Unfortunately I did not go inside. Frustrated tank is impressive. How did he get here? Probably "lost".
Stefan Weisshappel
26.5.2019 its worth to visit and the entrance fee speaks for itself-10 UAH per floor(3) and foto permission 20.Several interesting items and very kind staff....but it needs urgently investments to clean the soviet dust out.