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Chernihiv Dytynets Park

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.9 / 69
Chernihiv Dytynets Park is an amazing and energetic place that comes highly recommended for families, friends, and even business partners. It is a historical treasure, with everything dating back around 1000 years and being well maintained. The park is filled with interesting things and is perfect for a one-day trip. It is a well-maintained historical place with a beautiful and friendly environment, making it a great place to take a walk and have a rest. The park is the historical center of one of the oldest cities of Kievan Rus, Chernihiv, and is filled with real ancient buildings and artifacts. Chernihiv Dytynets Park is the perfect place to spend time with kids, tourists, history enthusiasts, and nature lovers. It offers walking paths, ancient churches to visit, kids playgrounds, and breathtaking views of the Desna river from the hills. There are accessible paths to stroll around the park and even enter some churches, like Katerininskaya. It is highly recommended to take a local tour guide to learn about all the legends and stories hidden within the park. The best picture spots can be found near the cannon in front of the Katerininska church, especially in the evening. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the park in its full glory. The park has undergone significant changes in recent years, making it even better than before. It is now a calm, smooth, clean, and friendly place. Visitors can enjoy a lovely and healthy walk in a beautiful setting. Located in the center of the city, the park offers clean cafes, easy parking, and accessibility. With great renovations, a calm atmosphere, and being the best place to recuperate after the quarantine, Chernihiv Dytynets Park is an absolute must-visit destination.
Address:st. Preobrazhenskaya, 1, Chernihiv



D. Ru-k
Amazing place and very energetic. Strongly recommended for visiting with families, friends and business partners. ?
I Tomun
It is just a historical treasure. Everything is around 1000 years old, well maintained and is filled with interesting things. Perfect for one day trip.
Igor Bugayev
A well maintained historical place, beautiful and friendly environment to take a walk and have a rest.
Александр Калаш
Historical center, with real ancient buildings and artifacts, of one of the oldest city of Kievan Rus, Chernihiv.
Valentyna Pliushch
This park is a perfect place to spend for the kids, tourists, history and nature lovers. It is full of pists for walking, ancient churches to visit, kids playgrounds, and just the view over the Desna river from the hills. One can find #ACCESSIBLE par.. Read more »
RaideR Scum
Yap, that place was changed so much since my childhood, proximately five years ago and I have to say in better way for sure.
Serhiy Prykhodko
Calm, smooth, clean, friendly, beautiful..
Andrew Kolomiyets
Lovely place for healthy walk
Ian Ward
Centre of city, very clean cafes and easy parking and accessible
Nat Wagtail
Great renovations, calm atmosphere, the best place to recuperate after the quarantine
Astrakan Project
Nice and clean perfect for a long family walk or an early morning run, lovely trees. Also clean toilets at the North (3grv). You may also visit some of the churches.
Джек Запекайло
The ancient Ukrainian city of Chernihiv is very green, tidy and beautiful !!!
Robert Cooke
This is the number 1 area to visit in Chernihiv. It is jam packed with buildings, churches, park benches to sit, take pictures and hang out.
One of the visit card of Chernyhiv. If you are there you should have at least short trip over there. Also I recommend to find local guide. This is the best way to research Chernyhiv.