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Chernihiv Collegium

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.9 / 43
The Chernihiv Collegium, also known as Chernihiv Collegium, is a historic secondary school in Ukraine. It was founded in 1700 as the Little Russia Collegium and was initially based on the Slavic-mathematical school from Novgorod-Siversky. The college offered education in subjects such as Latin, Greek, history, geography, mathematics, and philosophy. The majority of its students were children of Cossack officers and wealthy burghers of the Left Bank. The Chernihiv Collegium was established on the initiative of influential church and cultural figures, Lazar Baranovich and Ioan Maksymovych, with the support of Hetman Ivan Mazepa. Alongside the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the Kharkiv Collegium, it became one of the leading centers of education and culture in Ukraine during the 18th century. The Collegium is housed in a unique building that was part of the Borisoglebsk Monastery, which served as the residence of the Chernihiv archbishops. It features a two-tiered refectory built in the late 17th century and a bell tower consecrated by Archbishop John Maksimovich in 1702. The bell tower, funded by Hetman Ivan Mazepa, contains the Church of All Saints and is adorned with ceramic icons depicting the Savior and the Virgin Mary. During the Second World War, the building was severely damaged but was later restored in the 1950s. Currently, it serves as an exhibition space for Ukrainian icon painting and showcases the history of the Collegium, as well as the city of Chernihiv. The Chernihiv Collegium is part of the National Historical and Architectural Reserve "Ancient Chernigov" and is considered an architectural monument of national importance. Visitors to the Collegium have found it to be an interesting museum with affordable ticket prices and the option to pay by card. The exhibits are diverse and informative, although some visitors have expressed a desire for guided tours. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the staff is friendly. Many come to simply admire the beautiful surroundings. Overall, the Chernihiv Collegium is a significant historical and educational institution in Ukraine, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region.
Address:Preobrazhens'ka Street, 1, Chernihiv
Phone:+380 462 645 964



In fact, the Chernihiv Collegium was located next door in a separate building. But the temple is unique.
Chernihiv Collegium, or Chernihiv Collegium, is one of the oldest secondary schools in Ukraine. The college was founded in 1700 under the name of the Little Russia Collegium, on the basis of the Slavic-mathematical school, transferred from Novgorod-.. Read more »
Great place to relax! Thank you to the city authorities and personally to the mayor Atroshenko for this wonderful place… (p.s. It is necessary to pay attention to small architectural forms (benches (not convenient for sitting) and close arrang.. Read more »
Chernihiv Collegium At the end of the 17th century, on the territory of the Cathedral Borisoglebsk Monastery - the residence of the Chernigov archbishops, on the initiative of the Chernigov Archbishop Lazar Baranovich, a two-tiered refectory was erec.. Read more »
An interesting museum. Affordable ticket prices plus possible card payment. Many different exhibits, quite informative. It is a pity that there was no guide. Pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, generally liked.
How beautiful everything is. You can come and just admire the scenery.
The first 2 halls are interesting, and the rest are not very. Of course, if they were still telling, it would be more interesting.
A very interesting place! Entrance for adults-40 UAH, photo-20 UAH.
The Chernihiv Collegium is one of the first higher educational institutions on the Left Bank of Ukraine. The building was erected in 1700 with the funds allocated by I. Mazepa. Now the collegium is part of the "Ancient Chernigov" reserve.
The most amazing architectural structure in Chernihiv, which is located on the edge of the shaft of the former fortress.
I give five to the architecture of the Chernihiv Collegium. But I give the caretakers a fat two. I wanted to see an old classroom like in the photo. However, there were no desks or benches in the classroom, and photographs of soldiers and nurses from.. Read more »
Very beautiful historic place
I liked it. Very. So cozy .....
A striking example of Ukrainian Baroque. Amazing bell tower!
Chernihiv Collegium, one of the first Svitsky secondary educational institutions in Ukraine, was founded in 1700.
Openwork building with a high bell tower was built at the beginning. 18th c. using elements of ancient Russian architecture. On the initiative of Archbishop John Maximovich and with the financial support of Hetman I. Mazepa, one of the first higher e.. Read more »
A city of power where peace reigns. Exhibitions of scientific and historical works are constantly held. The facility lacks ramps and architectural accessibility features.
Interesting exhibitions, affordable prices, especially for history buffs. There are constant exhibitions: Chernihiv 100 years ago, Exhibition of old prints, Class Collegium, Dnieper icons, many paintings and diagrams of the city of different eras. Th.. Read more »