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Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin, Germany
4.5 / 98
An iconic and cult place on Friedrichstrasse, a symbol of the confrontation between two irreconcilable enemies of the Cold War - the USSR and the USA. After the partition of Germany, a border was crossed here and a military checkpoint was set up. It was at Checkpoint Charlie that the tank confrontation took place during the Berlin crisis of 1958-1962, during which the world came close to nuclear war.
Address:Friedrichstraße 43-45, Berlin



A place that is on every tourists list of monuments to visit in Berlin. However it was so crowded and has become a touristic photo attraction. Also located on a very busy road (cars) and street sellers. Across the road you can find information on t.. Read more »
Interesting place. Very commercial with souvenir shops every where. Be care crossing the street as there are no lights and bikes/cars have the right of way.
I had taken a history course in middle school & learned about the Berlin Wall. Given I was in town, I decided to go check out Checkpoint Charlie. I read more about it on Wikipedia, and decided to skip the museum. It was a partly sunny day in .. Read more »
I would have given 5 stars 🌟 for this very important site in history if not for the many vendors selling their knock off wears of the Cold War. It would be great to have it just as it is. In any case we loved being there as its another bucket list vi.. Read more »
Interesting place to visit linked to the history of Germany. Do visit the black box on the corner. It has all interesting facts and stories about the time of cold war
An iconic part of Berlin's history- very busy area with tourists so may need to wait to get photo taken at the hut. Lots of information boards around the area and photos from before the fall of the wall. Lots of touristy souvenir shops in area .. Read more »
I had taken a history course in middle school & learned about the Berlin Wall. Given I was in town with work, I decided to go check out Checkpoint Charlie. I read more about it on Wikipedia, and decided to skip the museum. It was a partly sun.. Read more »
Although you must visit and see and get your picture taken here if you are spending any amount of time in Berlin. The rush of the traffic and lack of "actors" continually tending to the hut has taken some of the shine off of it. Perhaps t.. Read more »
An important part of history. We walked here from our hotel and their are lot of shops and restaurant around . It’s a public space and open all the time. They have build a 360 panorama which takes you back to the old times.
Popular tourist attraction. As such, just a lively intersection to click pics. They have recreated a checkpoint with sandbags etc., to get a feel of old times. Then along the lane there are many souvenir shops. It was a fun visit.
Checkpoint Charlie was one of the most iconic border crossings between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Today, it is a popular tourist destination, and for good reason. The site is well-maintained and informative, and it provides a fascinati.. Read more »
Probably worth a visit, but I had a little higher expectations. The streets around are in normal traffic, so the overall impression of the place is a bit diminished. Playing the shell, in turn, gives it a socialist dimension.
Having the opportunity to witness the theater of operations of the cold war is undoubtedly one of the main attributes that Berlin offers for those interested in history. The city has preserved these places that are very important for the history of .. Read more »
It is a tourist trap, but its nice anyway. Basically it is a reconstruction of the old post that remained between the US and Soviet sides in Berlin. It is not the original one (removed a long time ago) but is nice to take pictures at. There are many,.. Read more »
All I saw was a tourist area. Yes, there is the checkpoint, there are some memorials, and temporary exhibitions, but it somehow doesn't make any significant meaning. Not a place to find anything but stores and semi-museums. There was also anothe.. Read more »
The hottest point where East and West Berlin come into contact with each other. Here you can learn symbolic photographs of the soldiers of the East and West side, the items from that day, the stories at the checkpoint. You can learn the history of th.. Read more »
Definitely one of the top places in Berlin to visit. It is basically an outdoor monument. You can visit anytime of day or night. There are several museums in the area if you want to learn more. We had some great photo opportunities. And it was intere.. Read more »
I enjoyed my time here, as we passed by this landmark during my walking tour. I would recommend to go on a tour or at least have some knowledge/context on what took place and why this landmark is important. I think without the context, it would be le.. Read more »
It is incredible to be able to check a piece of history still there in the middle of Berlin. Important place to visit while in the city. There is very good souvenir store just in front of Checkpoint Charlie as well.
Also known as "Checkpoint C", this was the best-known crossing point of the Berlin Wall and a symbol of the Cold War. There are extremely popular places, not thanks of how they look, but how they make you feel. Many places in Berlin ma.. Read more »
Cool scenery being at such a monumental place. For those who don’t know, this was a border crossing during the Cold War between East and West Berlin. It was constructed in 1961. The guy on the picture is Jeff Harper who was the last U.S. allied.. Read more »
Despite this place probably being overrated I really enjoyed my time here, so much that I can’t not give it five stars. The historic significance of this place and all the little details that they’ve added made it a really cool experience.. Read more »
This historical landmark has been turned into a tourist spot. There is not much space to look around and it's very busy. To take a good picture requires patience and children must be kept close as it is situated in an island in the middle of a b.. Read more »
Wow. So much had changed since the wall fell. Hardly recognizable at all. Looks nothing like when I used to live in East Berlin in the 80s and crossed every day to school in the West. Photos posted along the street show it like it was in the 60s .. Read more »
This has to be one of my favorite historical places in Berlin for me. The reason is that it conveys the message of that cold war era Berlin where we had divisions and how things have improved for good now. It gives me hope that if people get united.. Read more »
This has to be one of my favorite historical places in Berlin for me. The reason is that it conveys the message of that cold war era Berlin where we had divisions and how things have improved for good now. It gives me hope that if people get united.. Read more »
Amazing piece of American history! I highly recommend making the stop. Just to the left of the first picture is an incredible gift shop where you can buy literature describing more of the events.
It's is cool, you need a lot of time to spend there because it is a lot of info. They have really impressive things but on the other hand, I think they could distribute the information in another way At some point you have too much of reading. M.. Read more »
There is a historical significance to this site, as it represents the division between west and east Berlin. An unforgettable experience, especially for Americans with a sense of irony and knowledge of history. It has become a popular tourist attract.. Read more »
This is a very unassuming attraction but full of historical significance. It was here sixty years ago that a military standoff between USA and Soviet nearly set off a major war (“WW III”?). To fully appreciate this landmark, head east 4.7.. Read more »
Great place to visit and learn a little more about the Berlin Wall. There are food trucks there and a small museum inside that is run by donations (but it quite offers you a lot of information). Also, if you want the famous picture, try to take it du.. Read more »
Must-see in Berlin! Its an interesting and important piece of history. There are two museums nearby, we went to the Black Box museum which was free at the time (not always free but it always has low prices) and it was really well put together. There .. Read more »
So much history here. You might feel somewhat underwhelmed if you don't know the history of the division of Berlin by the Allies at the end of WWII. It looks like what it is - a guard post and warning signs. Know your history. There are plenty .. Read more »
nice place. checkpoint charlie is historically important place but today it is more must have photo from this place. during my visit it was crowded and it is in the middle of a road so watch out for the driving cars. I would recommend to visit the Mu.. Read more »
The exhibition is amazing! Extremely informative yet also focused on the fate of individuals. Sadly the exhibition wasn't structured too well. It's nice that the texts are available in several languages but that makes it really hard to see .. Read more »
Be prepared for what it is, a tourist destination. It gives a good example of what the checkpoints looked like and you can learn a little bit about the history behind them. Authenticity about it's true original location are in question, but it d.. Read more »
It is a recreation of the original Check Point. There is a museum there, but I didn't entered, so I don't know if it is worth it (didn't feel like it). You can walk through there to see how it was located during the Cold War era, but i.. Read more »
We spent half a day in this area to include the museum. Museum has some amazing historical stories, some were things Ive only seen in movies until I went here. So much history, must see. I am not a history guru, but the stories are very interesting. .. Read more »
This tourist attraction, during the Cold War (1947 - 1991), was a military checkpoint set up in August 1961 when the Berlin Wall was erected. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it was the best-known crossing point as several historical escap.. Read more »
Berlin - a journey through earth's history. A monument to the victory of love. Standing at former military checkpoint Charlie and enjoying the scenic views from "east" to "west" and vice versa, holds a magic of its own. The o.. Read more »
Listed as one of the places of interest in Berlin, we reached but found out that it is just a very small checkpoint. You can take some photos there but it is surrounded by all the modern buildings. Nothing much and not really recommended to visit unl.. Read more »
Ver interesting place and very quiet probably due to the COVID restrictions.
A place of historical significance. I reached there at night. Restaurants are there. Walking distance from Brandenburger Tor. But if you know the history and see the pictures on the internet, I think there's nothing more for ordinary people the.. Read more »
Amazing experience in a very historic place! Great fun and cool to see in this life time.
What an amazing site which takes you back to the days of WW2. There are people still parading and acting like in the days of cold war period. Had a great tour and enjoyed the whole experience. Unforgettable memories!
Nice classic place to visit but not so interested.
Historic, for sure, so it’s worth a trip (and it’s conveniently located right at the subway). There are a few souvenir shops and walls with photos worth perusing but it won’t take too much time, this is not an all-day thing. One thi.. Read more »
Mind that its just a board and check box on the road, so don't plan a whole day or even few hours for this unless you wanna eat in the restaurants around or visit the museum. Definitely a Berlin icon. The overall feel is great and historic. Good.. Read more »
A great place of interest for all the visitors of Berlin. It marks the line where the American area and influence ends while the Russian area begins. It is being taken care of and you'll find many tourists even during this period of the pandemic.. Read more »