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Charles Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic
4.9 / 101
A medieval city bridge over the Vltava River and connecting the Old Town and the Small Country. Named after Emperor Charles IV. From the time it was built in the middle of the fourteenth century, the structure served to allow rulers to pass through it to their castle. Since 1974, the bridge has become pedestrian. Now it is a lively place where tourists walk, exhibit paintings of street artists and pass costume shows.
Address:Karlův most, Praha 1



Marie Eatwell
Charles Bridge is timeless and elegant and has so much history attached to it. It is iconic and special. To walk over the bridge and see and feel everything about it is amazing. It is romantic both in summer and winter. There are lots of little stall.. Read more »
Ahmed Reda Donia
Exceptional bridge with lots of amazing statues on both sides and on its entrance telling much about the awesome art of this lovely city during the 18th century. I loved the view, the location in the heart of the town close to any old city land marks.. Read more »
Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
A beautiful pedestrian bridge that deserves it's reputation. Good for sunsets, bad for midnight as the lights go off, best for mornings before the crowds gather. And there's almost always a crowd. A bit too expensive a visit to the towers i.. Read more »
Subbash Patel
Excellent bridge day night visit to appreciate its looks. Lots of people in the evening. Very good look of river and building on both sides. Lots of river activities in the vicinity. No cars allowed here. This is walk only bridge.
Nima M.
Got there early morning and finally left the car in the blue line area quickly. Streets around was confusing with Trams and other cross lines. However, bridge located on the wide river that different parts of city were visible. Many religious statues.. Read more »
Jenny Law
It's a beautiful bridge that lured us to walk through it twice in our 3 days stay here in Prague. There are many nice statues along the bridge and we enjoy the scenery along the river. It was very pleasant walking along this bridge although ther.. Read more »
Alex Siamantas
The most famous Monument in Prague! What i came here to see from all the guides i read! It's more than 700 years old, a great piece of art! During the day, i enjoyed the river and castle views of it, during night the scene changed dramatically, .. Read more »
John-Matthew Spiteri
Great views and a variety of statues, very picturesque and buzzing with life! Beautiful!!! An increasing problem with wasps though… Having all the sugar from the traditional sweet delicacy has turned every bin into a wasp treasure. You can al.. Read more »
Dennis Schirmer
This city is so cool! Awesome vibe here. Cool hangouts/pubs/bars, great food, and the people are awesome! Everyone here seems to be cheerful and that is something I don’t usually find in such a touristy place. Charles Bridge is iconic and has s.. Read more »
Vignesh Ganesan
The view of the river and city from the bridge is amazing, but too many small shops make it a little crowded, street musicians add to the charm, but these small shops selling souvenirs just occupy space. Maybe they should reduce the numbers or not al.. Read more »
Virginia Macholl
The one of the most favorite place in Prague! Those picturesque landscapes and cute little boats are highlights of my photos from the trip to Czech Republic. We visited the bridge three times and it looks very beautiful in daylight and at night. Don&.. Read more »
Like the old town square, this is a bit of a “must visit” when in Prague. Read up on the history of the bridge a little bit before going to walk over it and you’ll understand a bit more of it’s significance. Not too many days .. Read more »
Anita Walkowska
Great location, one of my favourite places in Prague. In a sunny day a view over the river is simply stunning ? Despite the years passing by, one thing never change - the bridge it's always fully packed with tourists! ? I think I'm yet to .. Read more »
Valentino Tartamella
Beautiful bridge near the center of town that is worth to cross even if it is out of your way. As I showed in the attached images, the bridge features breathtaking views and dozens of statues along the way, connecting to urban centers of the city tha.. Read more »
Megan Gaunt
I loved being able to walk across the bridge! There were so many great views of Prague, and the bridge was full of local artists and musicians showcasing their work. They are in the process of revitalizing the statues, which was incredible to see whe.. Read more »
Пëтр Д.
Charles Bridge is a bridge that will successfully help you cross the Vltava river without getting your feet wet. I can already hear you say: "but isn't that what every single bridge does?" Sure, absolutely. "Does this one does it .. Read more »
Aftab Ahmed
The Charles bridge is very historical and charming place to visit. I enjoyed it at my every visit. I loved the live paintings being made at the bridge by artist/painters. There are many other places in the vicinity to be visited.
Clinton Morgan
This is the highlight of Prague for me. Sure, the town square is nice but there is a real medievalism inherent in the walls and streets around this amazing bridge. The warm weather of May seems to be the ideal time to come. There are lots of places t.. Read more »
Tina Pak Piano
I am absolutely obsessed and in love with this bridge! There is always live music playing from a local band and you get great vibes and views walking this bridge. Be sure to pay attention to all the sculptures on the bridge as you walk through it. Al.. Read more »
Fidha Mahamood
Taking a stroll down the Charles Bridge, with the accompaniment of melodious music being played by the gifted street performers make you slide into a tranquil harmony. You can take a breath of history in every nook and corner of Prague and the Charle.. Read more »
Lee Ivan
Absolutely good looking, many will agree the most beautiful old fashion bridge ever. Every single sculpture, statutes on the bridge are individual piece of art. When near sunset, the rivers with some boats, pigeons, view is absolutely stunning. Unfor.. Read more »
Ajay Rautela
Charles Bridge is not just a bridge but a historical monument. There are historical monuments on both side of the bridge and it connects the city to the Prague Castle. You can go up in the side bridge building and enjoy the view the aerial view but y.. Read more »
What a place, so much architecture and history to be found here. The views of the bridge but also the background are just amazing. Definitely a must visit when in Prague. Even at night and in cloudy weather this place just had this magical feeling to.. Read more »
Waresul Mahbub
It’s phenomenal. This should be your top 5 bucket list in your Prague visit. The statues, street musicians, artists & vendors along the bridge is amazing! A must see in Prague, beautiful ironic bridge with an amazing view. Recommend ⭐️ ⭐️ .. Read more »
Gio DiLo
So beautiful and romantic to walk there in late afternoon with the sunset! Best walk in my life! We traveled as couple in Prague and we had such nice walks on the bridge..we even did a caricature there. Splendid souvenir to take home.
Harshita Tiwari
Does this place needs a review? Absolutely not. It's breathtaking, medieval marvel and well preserved. Such a wonderful place and vibe and beautiful sunset. It will be more enjoyable if you know a bit about history and statues if you don't .. Read more »
Chaiyot Yetho
One of significant and outstanding landmarks in Prague when paying a visit there. So much undoubtedly crowded especially on sunny days with picturesque landscape and magnificent ambiance. We can admire the pristine sculpture and divine statuettes alo.. Read more »
Smith P
It is a very lively and scenic place. On one end it has old town while on the other side you will find a city centre. The bridge is usually crowded during day time till late evening. You can find many street shipping options like souvenirs as magnets.. Read more »
The Travel Hacking Life
Charles Bridge is one of the must-see sights in Prague. In fact, it is perhaps the most popular place in the whole city. Such is its fame that during the day it is difficult to walk across it, and it is not narrow at all! Its history, the legends sur.. Read more »
Venkatesh Iyer
Charles bridge is an old awesome bridge to visit. We can go for Boat ride and also there is an cafe on the bank as well. Tram connectivity is good to this place. I have really enjoyed this place thrice when I have visited the the Prague. Lot of used .. Read more »
Pawan Vishwakarma
There are few better places on earth than Prague. A city that feels like a fairytale ... Beautiful Charles bridge, castles , alleys monuments are all one of its own type. The atmosphere at Charles bridge is just electrifying during dusk. Just grab t.. Read more »
Jacky Lim
Charles bridge is very famous and those who visited Prague must visit this bridge, however it is overcrowded with too many tourists.the bridge is filled with many statues of Christ and have a good overview of the Prague castle. We went during the eve.. Read more »
The charges Bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague and the history behind this historic is really amazing. We really enjoyed Cruising down the gorgeous Vlatava as it was very memorable. Got to see a very different side of the gorgeous city of Prague. .. Read more »
Monika Varshney
Charles Bridge is world famous which doesn't need any review ;) I have always loved it whenever I have visited it. You could see Prague Castle from Charles Bridge. The bridge is so vibrant. Travelling in Corona times, the bridge was so almost em.. Read more »
ed merkle
Feels deserted with COVID. Walked across at 1000 and we were the only tourists!beautiful views of both sides of the cuty.
Amazingly beautiful! The bridge it's like a museum adding the street artists and the fabulous view.
Magenta Magnum
Magnificent, magical, impressive and outstanding work of art. This bridge is hundreds of years old yet its charm, history and legends are still well intertwined and continue bewitching its visitors from around the word. The bridge looks as if it has .. Read more »
akshara jagtap
What a beauty experience going to Charles bridge every time. There are many artists on this bridge,showcasing their art which is mesmerising. It’s recommended that you should visit this bridge in the day time and at the night as well. The visua.. Read more »
Jim Turnbull
Stunning and expansive 14th century bridge, lined with baroque sculptures. This is one of the most essential and iconic attractions in Prague and as such, is incredibly busy. The best time to visit is late at night or in the early hours of the mornin.. Read more »
Alberto Bacoi
Prague is a wonderful place, full of tourists from all over the globe. Here you can spend romantic evenings by the river, enjoying an ice cream or a beer in the old town. Thanks for having me Czech Republic!
Aleksandra Szymańska
Love it especially for the artisans selling their work there! I bought a beautiful handmade bracelet at Marula Art which brought me a lot of luck. Adding on a majestic atmosphere of Charles Bridge, I left Prague with the lovely longing of returning t.. Read more »
Niket Doshi
It's an Iconic bridge in the city of Prague. The structure is very beautiful. The Art performers spread across the bridge showcasing their amazing work is a great feeling to have and increases the ambiance of the bridge.It was the first bridge c.. Read more »