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Charging Bull

New York, USA
4.7 / 62
A huge bull statue in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The bronze figure of the attacking bull personifies the spirit of the place: aggressive competition of stock dealers, ruthless struggle for a place in the sun and as a reward - deafening financial success and luxurious life. There are always many tourists in front of the statue. Everyone wants to capture themselves against the backdrop of an impressive figure or rub their horns to attract good luck and money.
Address:Bowling Green, New York



The charging bill is an iconic installation in the financial district of NYC. To be honest, it was the least interesting thing we saw all week. We visited because it is a short walk from the 9/11 memorial pools. Otherwise, we would not have made the .. Read more »
The Charging Bull, situated in the heart of the Financial District, is an emblem of strength and resilience, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe. This remarkable bronze sculpture stands proud, representing the city's indomitable spir.. Read more »
"The Charging Bull in the Financial District is an iconic symbol of strength and prosperity, attracting visitors worldwide. This stunning bronze sculpture embodies the spirit of New York City's financial prowess and serves as a must-see att.. Read more »
Nothing really spectacular other than the fact that it is the famed Charging Bull in the financial district. Pay it a visit to get rich! Heard stories about how crowded this attraction can potentially be. We were lucky that we went on a day when cro.. Read more »
Read about the folklore. Then you'll understand why people touch and take take pictures back of the bull. It's always a line. I ended up going in the rain. I still had a good time. This is located in the financial district. You can walk .. Read more »
3 stars because it’s iconic. However a huh tourist trap. There are crowds and lines just to get a picture. I suggest off peak hours; really early or later on in the evening. We visited on a Monday around 3pm.
It’s funny how people believe in touching it for getting luck! There were two lines for taking pictures with it so be prepared to wait a bit for getting luck!!
This is a popular destination in New York City Wall street area. There is no fee to visit the bull. You can take pictures without standing in the line. However there are lines on both end of the bull to take a picture standing right next to the bull .. Read more »
The Charging Bull in NYC is an iconic symbol of strength and resilience. Its intricate craftsmanship, powerful presence, and symbolic meaning make it a must-visit attraction. Arrive early to avoid crowds and take a moment to appreciate this remarkabl.. Read more »
Waiting a few minutes to catch a glimpse of the Wall Street Charging Bull was a small price to pay for the immense impact it had on me. This iconic sculpture stands as a powerful symbol of strength, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of the finan.. Read more »
Charging Bull is an icon in the Wall Street and pretty cool sculpture to see. You need to wait in a queue to take a photo with the Bull. Better to go very early if you need to capture a good photo without a rush. If you are visiting Statue of Liberty.. Read more »
The bull is an icon in wall street and definitely a must do in any tourist bucket list but to be honest, it's always pack ??‍♀️ so allow enough time to visit and get your picture. Perhaps very early in the morning is less crowded.
Pretty cool sight to see. The bull is iconic but the line to see it was absurd. My advice is to go early on a weekday morning, like 8 am. Any other time it's quite busy with people wanting a picture with it. It's also not that special, it&#.. Read more »
Cool sculpture to have a look at I just don't see the appeal of queuing to take a picture with the bull. If you are in the area have a look at it. It is a cool feature if you want queue you can but it is not really worth it. There are plenty of .. Read more »
The Charging Bull is a bronze sculpture located on Broadway, at Bowling Green in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY. It’s also known as the Bull of Wall Street or the Bowling Green Bull. It symbolizes aggressive financial optimism an.. Read more »
This is a fun experience seeing the bull and taking a photo. Some people are lined to have all the space for themselves. I guess they believe that touching it is attracting success. It may take you 40 min waiting though. I didn't mind having an.. Read more »
Honestly, I agree with many others. This is just a bronze statue of a bull. Why so many people queue for a photo of it's testicles is beyond me. If you MUST see this statue and get a picture, arrive before 0830. No queues, no people in the b.. Read more »
Must see if you are in Wall Street area! This bronze, “The Charging Bull” represents a strong and prosperous financial market. It was made in 1989. It is usually very busy unless you visit early. People are great about taking turns to tak.. Read more »
If you're ever around Wall St., you have check out the charging bull. Just have some patience if you're visiting during a weekend because there's always a line to take pictures in front of and in the back of the bull. But it is pretty .. Read more »
Located in the financial district in Lower Manhattan, the Charging Bull has surprisingly become one of the biggest attractions in New York! Some believe if they touch it, they will be blessed with financial good luck. So, the line to take pictures .. Read more »
The Charging Bull is a bronze sculpture located on Broadway, at Bowling Green in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY. It’s also known as the Bull of Wall Street or the Bowling Green Bull. It symbolizes aggressive financial optimism an.. Read more »
The Charging Bull is a bronze sculpture located on Broadway, at Bowling Green in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, NY. It’s also known as the Bull of Wall Street or the Bowling Green Bull. It symbolizes aggressive financial optimism an.. Read more »
If you’re someone that’s into investing or just a lover of the arts, the bull is a must visit. It was really cool walking down Wall Street and then seeing the iconic statue. There are two separate lines for pictures when you get there. T.. Read more »
A wonderful crafted statute. The great "Taurus Bull" of the financial district for lower Manhattan. He symbolizes our money, wealth and possession. Ruled by zodiac Venus which is all about beauty, luxury, money and romance. ???
REALLY liked the orderly line people formed to take turns taking pictures. Much better than the free for all the last time I was here... took about 10 min wait but well worth it for the great pic!
This is an incredible statue! It is a huge metal work if art! Quite the tourist attraction, and you can see it when driving by on many bus routes. Sometimes, there is another statue next to it, the Brave Girl. Anyway, this is an awesome statue that i.. Read more »
In you are in NYC and didn’t visit Charging Bull you never been here.
It would be bull if you didn't see it. Where else can you see the biggest bull statue. No bull intended.
One of the must do things in NY! Great times ! Good day! It was one of the first things that I did over there and I will remember that day! Because I met a few friends of mine and the weather was awesome! Will be back again!
Difficult to get a good picture with so many people coming for pictures.
Area is clean and a huge experience for Traders.
This lifelike huge Charging Bull ? is so sweet, you can see the Trinity Church clock from his spot on Broadway. Wall Street is a couple of blocks North. There were some very nice tourists visiting. I took their picture ? for them. They took pictures .. Read more »
Interesting, but very touristy. Normally crowded, although less so during COVID
It was not crowded as it was before the pandemic. It was a quite place at 8:00 pm. You can take pics as you can and there is enough light to take good pics at night. But everyone takes the masks off to take pics
This is one of the most popular landmarks in NY. Any visitor comes to NY this place always stays in their to do list. This is a public place nice to have some good pics. Also the famous Wall Street visible from this place. Good place for spending an .. Read more »
It area was very clean and the garden around the fountain was very pretty. Missing the kind people who come visit NYC, this is an iconic spot. Venture out and enjoy ?????