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Chapel of the Boim Family

Lviv, Ukraine
4.6 / 7
The chapel was erected at the beginning of the XVII century as a family crypt of the Boim family. The construction is noteworthy in that its walls are decorated with sculptural groups depicting stories from the Bible. The fact is that religious subjects were embodied mainly in painting. To depict biblical scenes with the help of sculpture is a rather non-standard solution for that time.



Olga M
Impressive architecture? Definitely a must-see in the center of Lviv?
Ankitt Patel
On the eastern edge of Cathedral square there’s a 17th-century Mannerist chapel that has no equivalent in either Ukraine or the rest of Europe. The facade is completely taken over by sandstone carvings, that may take a while to decipher. On t.. Read more »
Cathy Clark
My family and I were fascinated by the visit, the monuments are impressive and beautiful.
Victoria Sorochuk
Breathtaking architecture. Make sure you get inside, it's even more astonishing.
Definitely should visit if you go by, but not worth coming to Lviv only because of that place. P.S. only 30 UAH for entering.
G L Littleton
I only visited the outside of this chapel now museum. It was very crowded the day I showed up. I was not going to attempt entry. Like groups of 30 people or more. The outside is very ornamental. The sitting figure on the roof grabbed my attention. I .. Read more »
Argun Konuk
A small chapel in the heart of Lviv which was built by a noble Hungarian family. No photos are allowed inside. The chapel has breathtaking figures, bible scene depictions carved on the walls. Might be a cool spot to stop by.