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Centro Historico

Warsaw, Poland
4.8 / 5
Centro Historico is a stunning and perfectly restored area that offers the best of everything, from exquisite architecture to delicious food. The wide square is truly impressive, guaranteeing satisfaction for everyone who visits. As a person from Warsaw, who was born just a stone's throw away from Castle Square, it is impossible for me not to love and highly recommend this place. While it can get quite touristy during the peak season, Warsaw's old town is a one-of-a-kind destination. After complete destruction during World War II, historians painstakingly rebuilt and reconstructed the area in a coherent 18th-century style. They cleared away any later alterations, additions, and stylings, ensuring a pure and authentic early Renaissance form that is characteristic of this part of Europe. The result is a very clean and minimalistic style that remains true to historic paintings, making it truly unique. It is a must-see location, especially in spring when the air is fresh and the Vistula River provides a beautiful green overlook, or in winter when the Christmas markets are in full swing. Centro Historico dates back to the 13th century when it served as the center of Warsaw's public life, hosting political speeches and even executions. While the buildings around it were wooden at that time, what you see today dates back to the 15th century. Nowadays, the market square is home to a wide variety of excellent restaurants, cocktail bars, street art, and souvenir shops. It is a beautiful part of the city, and considering that everything was destroyed after World War II, the meticulous reconstruction that has preserved its old-fashioned charm is truly impressive.
Address:Polonia, plac Zamkowy 10, Warszawa



Perfect restoration with thr bedt sruff and food
Very impressive architectures and wide square. Surely everyone will be satisfied.
I am from Warsaw and have been born less than a kilometer from castle square. How could I not love and recommend this place. Quite touristic during season - warsaws old town is like no other. complete destruction during WW2 let the historians to rebu.. Read more »
It dates back to the 13th century where it used to be the centre of Warsaw’s public life, hosting political speeches and executions. The buildings around it were wooden at the time, but what you can see nowadays dates back the 15th century. Tod.. Read more »
A beautiful part of the city, and when you know that everything was destroyed after World War II, it is impressed that the reconstruction has been made so that it still looks very old-fashioned.