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Central Park

New York, USA
4.9 / 101
The most popular and picturesque New York park, sandwiched between 8th and 5th avenues. It appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, and the project was worked by landscape architect F. Olmsted. The park almost immediately became a favorite place for picnics, walks, sports. Office clerks are resting here for lunch break, moms with children are lying on the picturesque lawns, lovers of steam are riding on the lake in the boats.
Address:New York
Phone:+1 212-310-6600



I only went through half of Central Park but what I did see was impressive. I imagine this would look very atmospheric walking through In Autumn when the leaves start to change colors. The bridges were very nice to walk across and seeing skyscrapers .. Read more »
Amazing place for New York and i really loved it. I wish i had time to do picnic but i only had few hours. If it's your first time in New York don't go central park as a first. See around and when you bored of big buildings you should visit.. Read more »
This park is pretty good in central New York, and it’s massive. There are many things to do, and the people are playing music. There were so many small shops selling so much stuff like a gift, and they were like, I love it! There are so many mu.. Read more »
Central Park, a verdant oasis amidst the bustling urban landscape of New York City, offers an extraordinary escape into nature. As I strolled through its lush greenery, I marveled at the juxtaposition of a sprawling jungle in the heart of the metropo.. Read more »
During my visit to New York City, I had the opportunity to explore Central Park multiple times. I was fortunate to stay nearby, making it easily accessible. Despite my repeated visits, I couldn't cover the entire park. Let me emphasize, it'.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful. Worth a visit on a beautiful day. Plenty of scenery to see, places to run, benches, or shady areas to sit and enjoy the park and areas. Its nice to watch to dogs play, people having picnics, and people taking breaks from the hus.. Read more »
We rode the horse carriage and it's an excellent way to tour the park. We had a great tour guide. He gave interesting facts on who lived where and what movie was shot there. You get to stop at 3 different places for photo ops before ending the t.. Read more »
Central Park is beautiful! When I visited New York, this was the first place I went to see, and it really was the best way to start off my trip. There are so many things to see in the park. I love it!
The park is beautiful. Me and my husband did a lot of walking and sightseeing. You came across a few Bridges and the angel which was a beautiful sight. I would definitely recommend coming here but atmosphere is very beautiful. We even came across an .. Read more »
Amazing back to nature experience. Vast types of trees, ponds and bushes. Bathrooms and benches available. Turtles and squirrels galore. Good for walkers and bike riders. Maps or GPS recommended as their isnt a lot of signs.
Central Park in NYC is a heartwarming haven where dreams come alive. It's a joyful chorus of wagging tails as dogs play among welcoming faces. The tranquil lake mirrors the happiness of cyclists exploring winding paths. The zoo's excitement.. Read more »
Central Park is out of this world! My favorite part of my New York trip was biking the beautiful bike path of Central Park. It is a one way road, for BIKES! I would get my food in my backpack and find a nice calm area to sit and eat. Enjoying the bea.. Read more »
Now this is what all parks around the world aspire to be like. To have such a lush extensive area within NYC is already amazing. Add on the different activity areas, dedicated walking and biking routes and you could very well spend an entire day here.. Read more »
Very beautiful and big. Got on a horse Carriage and enjoyed it. I truly suggest doing the horse tour so fun and the guides are so kind. Stay hydrated. It is amazing to see these awesome sites and the carriage ride is just part of the experience. Be .. Read more »
Central Park - An Urban Oasis of Tranquility and Natural Splendor Central Park in New York City is a beloved urban oasis that offers a serene respite from the bustling city streets. Its vast expanse of greenery, stunning landscapes, and diverse attr.. Read more »
The park is so expansive, I only scratched the surface. I look forward to exploring more of the park in the future. On this trip I just wanted to sit in the shade and watch the birds and butterflies and dragonflies. By chance even a small turtle. Ver.. Read more »
Entry : Free open 6 am to 1 am daily. Running, walking, cycling Can rent a bicycle for a park visit. Pet allowed. Central Park's 843 green acres in the heart of Manhattan. This park is home to artificial lakes, waterfalls, meadows and wooded ar.. Read more »
Best place in NYC to take a break 😎
It's so alive! Tourist , locals and visitors picnicking. Enjoying the views, joggers, bikers a great roller skating group was awesome. I most definitely recommend this as a great adventure. Plenty of hidden gems of historical significance. That .. Read more »
just beautiful. it's great how you can quickly tap out of the noise of Manhattan. It's not completely still there, but it's fascinating how much quieter it suddenly is. The squirrels are super cute. everything is very spacious. best to.. Read more »
mean it’s Central Park! Listen, I was optimistic about ever going to the city, but the opportunity can about and I jumped on it. Best decision ever!! It’s only something I feel can be experienced in person. Pictures do not do justice! Cen.. Read more »
I mean it’s Central Park! Listen, I was optimistic about ever going to the city, but the opportunity can about and I jumped on it. Best decision ever!! It’s only something I feel can be experienced in person. Pictures do not do justice! C.. Read more »
Definitely one of the best parks I have ever been to! It was just like how you see it in movies/shows. You will find people walking their pets, local/street musicians playing their instruments, some come with a band. There’s eating options and .. Read more »
Just breathe taking autumn experience. Central park is huge. I wasn't able to walk true the entire park, but what i saw was amazing. Great experience and feeling. So peaceful and same moment exciting. Great runaway between all this tall building.. Read more »
Hands down, one of the best parks that I've ever been to. Central Park is not only big but also that something for everyone. I love to just walk around and take in the sights. It's a beautiful park with lots of activities and many scenic.. Read more »
One of the best parks in New York and quite possibly one of the best parks that I've ever been to. Central Park is not only big but it's also a park that has something for everyone. I've been in Central Park for biking, walking, hikin.. Read more »
Best park in the world. You can spend days and hours here and every time you walk through it’s a new experience. Love grabbing breakfast and coffee and taking a walk. Sometimes through the Rambles and sometimes by Strawberry Fields. Love pe.. Read more »
Honest review from a tourist: There’s more exploring than you could handle in a single day. I think if you took your time 3 days could be enough time to really explore it without rushing through it. It’s a great spot to find some nature i.. Read more »
Had a great time. If you are going to get a petty cab ride ( 3 wheel covered bike ) make sure you shop around. We decided to and the first one we found was $5 per minute. Luckily we declined and saw that others were different. Another one was $6.99 a.. Read more »
Central Park was ? it’s just like the pictures you recognize where the movies take place and it brings you back makes you feel part of the moves, for some reason the street noise is also blocked you can forget your in a city ? unless you look a.. Read more »
I love Central Park! There is so much to do. You can play softball or Soccer on the athletic fields, there is a carousel and in the winter an ice skating rink. You can rent row boats at Bethesda Fountain and enjoy a wonderful and unique view of the c.. Read more »
Denny Moe is great with the kids. He remains himself but brings the kids into his world, regarding vibe and communication. Beyond that, he is a GREAT barber. Ive tried a few before him and once my sons hair was cut by Denny Moe, I no longer need to l.. Read more »
Of all the places in New York City that one can visit, Central Park is the one place that I truly wanted to go. All my life I've seen it in movies and on TV. I've heard about its history and its importance to the city and in this visit I w.. Read more »
It’s pretty hot these days. The best way to enjoy the Central Park is renting the bicycle so that you can ride around whole park easier. We didn’t eat the restaurant nearly the Central Park, we bought some food from Japanese market and h.. Read more »
Central Park in the heart of New York city is a great place to visit. The horse carriage ride was a great experience with the driver Ibrahim explaining all the historical attractions in the park and the buildings in the surrounding area. There is als.. Read more »
My first time actually getting to spend some time in NYC. Had to make a stop at Central Park. Spent a few hours walking through. Loved the view at the fountain and seeing the castle. Amazing how big the park actually is. Plenty of food vendors. Was a.. Read more »
Central Park is a miles long stretch of extremely well kept combination of plush green lawns, beautiful trees, flower gardens, climbing rocks, bridges and full of winding paths, with a stream flowing through and PLENTY of PERFECT places to have a pic.. Read more »
Central Park is 1 of the most peaceful places to experience. You can come here and truly have peace of mind whether you're walking, biking, or jogging with hundreds of others who care about fitness. It can have you feeling like you're all a.. Read more »
Relaxing afternoon on a picnic? Enjoying exercise? Walking your dog? Bird watching? Strolling the Mall or past Turtle pond? Gathering for an outdoor celebration, such as a birthday or anniversary or promotion? Curling up with a book or relaxing in th.. Read more »
I love walking through Central Park! I take off my headphones and just take in all the great Park of NY has to offer. It calms my soul. I'm always in a good mood when I come out of the park! A great place for many different things to do! My favo.. Read more »
Central Park is a nice and very calming place to get away from the noisy and busy city. It does not only offer nice entertainment like forest-like pathways, outdoor concerts, and great food but great views of the city. Walking through the park will e.. Read more »
Central Park located in the heart of Manhattan is open to the public. Extremely gigantic it takes at least 2 to 3 days for it to be known in its entirety. Between lakes, monuments and some beautiful animals the park is completely safe regardless of t.. Read more »
One of New York's biggest gems. A beautiful park right in the middle of Manhattan. It is a must visit for every tourist coming here. You can spend hours walking around the park. Perfect place for a morning or afternoon walk. If you are lucky you.. Read more »
An absolutely stunning park in the heart of one of the world’s largest cities! Even on the rainy days, this park was still beautiful and serene. The trails and the bridges are gorgeous and the statues are a very nice compliment. A truly amazing.. Read more »
Just an amazing park and I come from a city of one of the first and best park systems nationwide ! The carriage ride and Central Park fountain was great! We fed the horse carrots ? and took many pics with him! He was awesome! Also, the pics of the su.. Read more »
Perhaps the best spot to take a stroll in New York. You can stroll around the recreation center and overlook that you're in a city, This spot is serene. It is the most visited metropolitan park in the U.S.A, and is the most recorded area on th.. Read more »
It is full of wonderful places to relax and take in the scenery...You don't have to visit the same places and discover new ones all the time. I love riding my bike and exploring the off the path places. I never knew just how great this park is.... Read more »
The most beautiful park in the world! I visited many parks in Europe and US, but Central Park is unique.
Beautiful walks and even better views. Extremely peaceful (may be due to the current pandemic). Makes me wish I lived nearby.
This park is huge! Not being from New York I didn't realize this park was so big! It really is an awesome "getaway" form the rest of the city. A good place to come and relax or chill. If you're in New York you definitely have to s.. Read more »
This is one of the best park in the world. So big, beautiful . It’s literally just enormous. But I 100% agree, that we need more police presence in the park, many crimes happen in the North part of it...
I love ❤️Central Park, when I’m inside the park I feel transported to another part outside the fast pace and loud city. Central Park is a place you go to scape the fast pace of life of NYC.
There's no words to describe something as so beautiful so..... Meaningful,it's magical. If you are from outta town then central park should definitely be on yours folks lists of things to do. Take care and happy site seeing.
Nice, windy paths. Would have loved to spend more time to explore, but it was so hot! We visited a nearby smoothie truck to cool down, then hit up the Central Park Zoo. A nice way to spend the day.