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Cattedrale di Pisa

Pisa, Italy
4.8 / 72
The Cathedral of Pisa, located on the Piazza del Duomo. The architectural complex includes the cathedral itself, the bell tower (the famous leaning tower) and the baptistery. The ensemble was erected in the period XI-XIII centuries. in the "leaning" Romanesque style, which combined elements of the Lombard, Byzantine and Islamic manner of construction. In the decoration of the facade and interior in large quantities, white and black marble were used.
Address:Piazza del Duomo, Pisa



Spiritual atmosphere inside in a historic monument. Used to be central place for religious activities and gatherings. It makes it special located beside leaning tower. Busy place with charging parking garage around. Time management to visit this plac.. Read more »
Amazing views, a lot of history, the climb up to the tower is worth it, be careful to watch your belongings always and don’t park your car anywhere without parking attendant or private parking lot because it most likely will be broken into.
We got tickets on the day (the only option, I believe?) And our time was approx 1hr from when we got them. There is a nice grass area to sit in or you can go around elsewhere and explore. The cathedral is beautiful with beautiful art and sculptures... Read more »
One of the most beautiful cathedrals we’ve visited. Don’t be deterred by the vast amount of tourists that always converge around the cathedral, the tower and the baptistery, inside it is mostly quiet, and definitely not overcrowded. Don&r.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful as much inside as outside. What a piece of art! Beautiful marble , though very hot walking around it as it keeps the heat! It's free of entrance when visiting the tower.
Is a beautiful place where you can admire again italian architecture. The cathedral is very tall and has beautiful pictures on the wall and ceiling. Is free to visit but you need to get a ticket.
Stunning architecture & building! Visited few cathedral and each have their rich history and architectures. It’s amazing to learn how rich the history lies in the building! It really takes decades…Seeing is believing, nothing beats s.. Read more »
Free entry, but you will need to get a ticket to enter. The free access may require a specific entry time, which could be a long wait. To avoid any wait, purchase tickets for entry of the tower of Pisa or the Baptista, and walk in with no wait. The c.. Read more »
Beautiful interior and very much worth the time to see. We had combo tickets with the tower so it was super easy to scan and go in. If you don't pay to go up the tower the church is actually free to enter but you do need a ticket so make sure yo.. Read more »
The area is super beautiful, and coming up to the Tower really cool, but apparently not everyone think so lol... It is definitely not for the faint of heart, but the views are truly spectacular! It does feel a little weird walking up, but you just k.. Read more »
Beautiful! Not too crowded, really enjoyed our time here :) the cathedral was beautiful and well worth the price. We didn't buy the all-encompassing ticket, we just bought the ticket to the Museum (7€ each), and each ticket would come with .. Read more »
Great place, inside and outside. You have to see the pulpit made by Giovanni Pisano 700 years ago. How much work the artist had to put into it! It looks beautiful. Impressive paintings on the walls. Some of the original sculptures, religious books et.. Read more »
I love seeing pieces of glass arranged in manner to depict historical scene. Paintings are grand and breathtaking. The ceiling is so high you can get dizzy by looking at it. Golden works are amazing. Statues are amazing.
I loved it ,you’ll need to buy the tickets in advance to avoid getting on long lines, I also recommend buying tickets to take the elevator up to the terrace if you plan to go up…we didn’t and ended up going up the stairs. If you li.. Read more »
Must be seen. The tickets are free but limited for certain hour. It contains really nice pieces of historical artifacts. But remember to read about the history of the place in advance. Especially history about Galileo is interesting. It makes it much.. Read more »
Very beautiful cathedral and a lot of history. If you watch carefully, you can see that the side walls don't have straight lines. I guess this is due to the long time it took to build it. Note that you have to purchase the entrance tickets oppos.. Read more »
It's beautiful and magnificent. There are many pictures on the walls, stained glass windows an a nice mosaic in the middle. You can visit it free, but you still need a ticket from the ticket office. There will be pointed the time of your visit. .. Read more »
Marble facade, huge dome, bronze doors with immense work of art from outside. Golden ceiling, large paintings, bronze and marble statues inside. Mosaic of Jesus in the sanctum. World famous Leaning tower in the background. It's feast for eyes. T.. Read more »
This is the jewel of Pisa. The leaning bell tower gets the press but the beauty inside the cathedral is stunning. The light is dim inside and a good digital camera, even a good digital pocket camera, will help bring the art into better view without f.. Read more »
Definitely the best structure in the plaza. It has Dozens of huge art pieces and beautiful sculptures. The size of the building alone is absolutely incredible and then the roof is beautifully decorated as well as the outside of the dome. A must visit.. Read more »
Really magnificent place. As I went inside, my jaw dropped right away as I see the paintings on the roof and the interior structure of the Cathedral. The best thing about the Cathedral is that it is free to enter! I really hope all those that will be.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture Absolutely breath taking paintings and layout. Loved it. 100% worth a visit if you're in Pisa. You can do a daily ticket which allows you to visit here plus the Pisa tower and a museum and a couple other places
Amazing building inside and outside. Worth all the money but still very cheap to get inside. Don’t cheat yourself from a visit to this beautiful cathedral when you visit Pisa?
So much to see!!! My family and I were blessed to attend the mass service as it is a functional church. The mass was in Italian but wow, the art all around is beautiful and the ceiling is marvellous. We enjoyed it very much plus we got Sunday mass o.. Read more »
A stunning cathedral. It really is beautiful. The architecture, the presentation. Loved it.
Absolutely beautiful cathedral. Definitely buy the complete Pisa ticket. Only 7 euro more for many more places.
Beautiful cathedral. Very ornate. Don’t forget to cover up shoulders and knees !
Beautiful church. Don't just go here for a glimpse of the well-know tower of Pisa, but make sure to walk around the whole area and view the church, tower and baptistery from a few angles. The church itself is great but if you're not a renai.. Read more »
If you visit Pisa you come here for the tower. If you visit the tower you must also see the cathedral with its spectacular roof! I would had liked to go higher in the building but that wasn’t op for public.
Large medieval Romanesque cathedral next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is extremely impressive from the outside, we could not enter because there was a huge queue, but we peeked through the door and it looked impressive with a huge mosaic of Chris.. Read more »
Nice and Old Lot if great painting You need to get free ticket to enter.
Very nice cathedral located at the heart of Piazza del duomo in pisa it is right in between the battistero di san giovanni and the leaning tower
The old guy in the counter needs a new job. We feel cheated as he first told us to go buy a ticket well knowing our outfit. My girlfriend had a dress on and when we returned with the ticket he told us off that our outfit was not suitable for the chur.. Read more »
This is a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral Church dedicated to jesus mary. Whole pisa city is so beautiful and these two places cathedral Church and tower of pisa truly represent the culture and vibrant tourism of Italy. The fare to entre is barely .. Read more »
Pretty cathedral. And there’s no entry fee.
Nice one. Amazing construction. Scenic. Next to leaning tower of pisa.
The Cathedral located near to the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ is very impressive, both outside and inside. Also in terms of composition it acts as a good reference point to show what is actually vertical otherwise angles and perspective tend .. Read more »
We arrived just after some rain, it glistened in the sunlight, fantastic architecture. Although it was noon on a Saturday, there were not many people around. It is free to access Cathedral and from 5 to 9 euros to access other attractions. The Towe.. Read more »
A place where you can find the peace of mind for a few minutes. Beautiful, no admission fee. Must see.
The magnificent marble cathedral with ornate Romanesque bronze doors and carved pulpit from the 14th century with its beauty leaves no one indifferent. In this beautiful square it shines in full splendor along with Baptistery os St. John and of cours.. Read more »
The Dome is a marvelous and delightful work of art itself. Inside the church you find not only a majestic architecture although several paintings, including traditional fresco paintings. If you are looking for a traditional Italian art and historical.. Read more »
This cathedral is less known than the Pise Tower, but it is definitely stunning. The exterior is flamboyant with white marble and very detailed statues. The interior is monumental, and proposes various paintings of high quality. The cathedral can be.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture, stunning building and generally an incredible sight to see. Entry is included if you buy a ticket to anything else on the grounds, and both the tower (if a time slot is available) or the baptistry are great options to accompan.. Read more »
Firstly, Pisa was a revelation. Charming city with pristine streets and attractive boutiques. The cathedral complex is outstanding. Everything is expertly maintained, clean and beautiful. I came to see the tower but was blown away by the whole exper.. Read more »