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Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Paris, France
4.9 / 88
An outstanding example of Gothic architecture, the most visited cathedral of Paris. It began to be erected in the XII century on the site of the ancient pagan temple of Jupiter. By the middle of the XIV century, work was completed. During the French Revolution, Notre Dame fell into decay, but in 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte chose it as the place of his coronation, which partially restored the temple to its former importance. The last restoration was carried out in the 1920s.
Address:6 Parvis Notre Dame - Place Jean-Paul II, Paris
Phone:+33 1 42 34 56 10



This church within the heart of Paris is an absolute must-see. Here, you'll experience amazing Gothic architecture and history. Whenever it's able to repoen, I'd urge everyone to see this in person at least once in their lives. It'.. Read more »
Always a place we visit in Paris for it's importance and beauty and this time even though it had all the restoration work happening, it was still nice to sit outside and view what was visible. A reminder that for centuries buildings have been re.. Read more »
Still beautiful despite the barriers in place. Viewing platform was busy mid week but is off centre so you’ll get a better photo from the ground anyway! Good for a quick bit of admiration! Lots of local bars and cafes
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris. There is no doubt that this place is beautiful and worth visiting. Tickets are not required unless you want to climb up the tower. We enjoyed the cathedral and the surrounding area. Beautiful architecture, history and art... Read more »
12 years ago I was here for the first time and the last. I found the Notre Dam breathtaking. Now I was there after the devastating fire in 2019. It was shocking to see how much has been destroyed. In fact, only the facade is still standing.
I am so glad that I got the chance to see Notre Dame before the devastating fire in April 2019. Words cannot describe what an impressive work of art this church is both inside and out. I am so happy I have photos of the Spire that was completely dest.. Read more »
Absolutely magnificent building. Historical piece of architecture with beautiful sculptures and shapes. It's such a shame it has been treated the way it was. Even during renovations it's a sight to see and one of the most famous buildings i.. Read more »
Beautiful and Serene, we took the subway to reach here. This was still closed for public and we were able to click pictures only from outside compound. Spent an evening here looking at the majestic architecture and the boats travelling down the seine.. Read more »
In my travels, this is by far the most impressive. I've been to the top and throughout this cathedral and was in awe. I have been back after the fire and always take the boat ride down the river to see the renovation progress. I will be back in .. Read more »
It was so sad that we could not experience this historic architectural masterpiece, but what we did get to see was absolutely overwhelming and gorgeous. Amazing that the Crown of thorns Jesus had on during His crucifixion was found unharmed during th.. Read more »
This is by far, one of the most beautiful and dazzling cathedrals I have ever visited, maybe also because of all the story behind it. The architecture is amazing and just being there is an out of this world experience. Everything gels near this spot .. Read more »
This is by far, one of the most beautiful and dazzling cathedrals I have ever visited, maybe also because of all the story behind it. The architecture is amazing and just being there is an out of this world experience. Everything gels near this spot .. Read more »
It lives up to all the hype. Magnificent! We visited before the fire, so feel fortunate, but I'm sure the restoration will be done with great care and attention to detail. The structure gives off a vibe that is hard to discribe and must be exper.. Read more »
It is a cathedral with a breathtaking architecture. However, after the fire that broke out in April 2019, restoration work of the cathedral is still underway. Hence the visitors are not allowed to enter the cathedral yet (as of April 2022). You can g.. Read more »
Work of restoration is going on. Brave French firefighters entered the cathedral during the fire of 2019, now every stone, every statue, every piece of wood that was only partly burned has been labeled, analyzed, and is being restored. The cathedral .. Read more »
A lot people of visit this place although everyone knows it’s currently being rebuilt again after the fire incident(couple of years ago). There are some really nice places around and nice restaurants around from kebabs, Indian and Middle Easter.. Read more »
Breathtaking architecture as always. I have visited the cathedral before the fire and currently after it. It is really sad to get to see how the fire impacted it you cannot go inside anymore and all you can see is the outside of it now. Still beautif.. Read more »
So we just got here on Christmas Eve and this was one of the must sees for us. Well unfortunately it was closed for work. So we were not able to go inside but it was still one of the most amazing cathedrals we’ve seen. It looks from the look of.. Read more »
I was fortunate enough to go to this exquisite building before the fire that burned down a significant portion of it. The views of this cathedral run three sixty with amazing ones from a bridge and two from both sides of the river and a wonderful one.. Read more »
Beautiful Parisian site to see while visiting the city. It’s currently closed for tours but the outside is open for site-seeing. It’s just beautiful. The whole place is big—a lot of art and detail to try and process. Coupled with th.. Read more »
I was there in 2017 before the fire. It was gorgeous. We walked around the inside, viewing the lovely stained glass. We walked around the outside; those flying buttresses though! I recommend the bell tower tour. You get to see the gargoyles up close .. Read more »
A place to visit once in a lifetime. Breathtaking and very picturesque. Structure is the best tourist attraction in Paris. Would love to visit again if ever have a chance. Most famous cathedral of the middle age .
I was fortunate to visit this holistic place before the incident. Hope that it would be restored soon. It is a work of more than 20 decade of making this wonderful holy place. Once you enter this place, there is an eternal peace. It is a must visit p.. Read more »
It is one of the most visited and beautiful church in Paris. There is a lot of history attached to it. You can visit this place very easily and conveniently via public transport. The ancient architecture is worth admiring in every aspects and you can.. Read more »
Breathtaking! Yet, I felt so sad not being able to enter it to pray and witness its beauty from the inside. They are working hard on restoring the wooden roof as you can see just outside.
✳️ Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris is a unique building. It was devastating to see the terrible damage after the fire. We have visited Notre-Dame previously so we have been fortunate to enjoy its splendour. The site on which the cathedral is built goe.. Read more »
Loved it...I had visited...before the actual fire...it was beautiful...as it was meant to be....I got on my knees...and prayed in this church...we even lit a candle...tried not to feed the birds...but...it was an amazing experience...my cousin's.. Read more »
Beautiful sight to see! Even if you are not religious, go for the architecture and history. I was lucky to have seen it a few years ago before the horrible fire and hope to go back in the future.
The most iconic cathedral of them all. I am glad I visited before the horrible fire. But this place hold so much history with so many landmark events happening here and incredible people visiting here. You have to visit here at least once in your lif.. Read more »
Notre-Dame. A major fire broke out in Notre-Dame on April 15, 2019, around 7 p.m. Some of the famous works of art were saved. Including three important relics of Christ; a crown of thorns, a piece of the cross and a nail for crucifixion. The 14th-.. Read more »
I saw it before the fire and it was pretty cool to see. Seeing it now all damaged is sad but there are interesting facts and information posted around the church as it undergoes repairs...still worth it to go by and check it out.
At first, I feel sorry for the fire occurred last year. As one of the people who've visited here before the accident, I hope the restoration ends successfully. Even though I have been here when I was about 12-13 years old, this structure gave a.. Read more »