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Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Los Angeles, USA
4.5 / 112
The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a stunning architectural masterpiece located in downtown Los Angeles. It offers a peaceful and serene environment for meditation and prayer. The combination of impressive architecture and tranquil surroundings allows visitors to explore their own reflections and connect with their spirituality. The cathedral is adorned with beautiful artwork, including mosaics, paintings, tapestries, and stained glass windows, which add to its splendor. Patrons can also appreciate various religious relics on display. Additionally, the cathedral houses a mausoleum in its basement level and features a café on its grounds that offers breakfast and lunch options. Visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a unique experience that allows individuals to immerse themselves in the presence of Jesus. The atmosphere is welcoming, and everyone is encouraged to attend mass and engage in songs and scriptures. The cathedral serves as a place to seek forgiveness, ask for help, and pray for family, friends, and those in need. Entry to the cathedral is free, but parking comes at a cost of up to $24 for a full day. Restrooms inside the main cathedral building are only open during mass, while additional facilities are available in the cathedral lobby near the gift shop. Overall, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a California treasure that offers a blend of architectural brilliance, spiritual solace, and a welcoming atmosphere. It is a place where visitors can find peace, seek guidance, and connect with the divine presence.
Address:555 West Temple Street, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 213-680-5200



Very peaceful! It's definitely a quiet area to meditate and pray! Visit often and always a great experience meeting with Jesus!
Impressive architecture combined with a peaceful environment to explore ones own reflection. Once on the grounds, one can forget for a moment that you are in downtown L.A.. Wonderful art from mosaics to painting to tapestries to sainted glass adorn e.. Read more »
This cathedral is truly a California treasure. There’s also a relic of Saint Juan Diego’s tilma here. Free to get in. Just have to pay for parking $24 max full day. Restrooms inside the main cathedral building are only open when there&.. Read more »
Everyone is welcome to the house of the Lord. They sing songs we listen to the scriptures. We ask God for forgiveness. We ask God for help 🙏 We pray for are family and Friends. There is a place to eat outside. Also a gift shop. But that is not why we.. Read more »
The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a remarkable architectural achievement that leaves visitors in awe. This stunning cathedral, located in Los Angeles, California, is a sight to behold, with its unique and striking design that blends traditio.. Read more »
Jury duty brought me here. We know the Monsignor/priest from his previous posting (a title given to a priest who has distinguished himself by exceptional service to the church, and the next step on likely having them be a potential candidate of havin.. Read more »
This cathedral is a beautiful contemporary structure that is the center of worship for the archdiocese. The tall ceilings, the altar, the pipe organ and the tapestry of saints form a cohesive design that is wonderfully unique.
One of the most spiritually moving American Cathedrals in which I've ever worshipped. From the aptismal font to walking with the saints! Handicap friendly. The soaring windows give you a feeling of reaching for God and Him reaching for you!
The L.A. cathedral is one of the beautiful cathedrals I’ve visited. The place is so quite and best for meditating place. It is very clean and sanitized. Truly love to visit this cathedral.
Modern architecture design? Definitely, but that doesn't mean it fails to uplift the soul: saints point the way to the altar of the Lord, aesthetic lines point upward toward natural light which peers through glass windows on high. We're mea.. Read more »
Beautiful and peaceful from the moment you walk in. Slight smell of incense as you walk in the doors. The story behind the tapestries that hang inside how the images on them are of real people. I had the pleasure of hearing one of the founding Fath.. Read more »
Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels is an Oasis of calm in the city. The Catheral is beautiful. Each person I met was helpful. The gift shop is eloquent with a good selection. Parking is on site and rates are in line with downtown parking.
Love everything about this church. The solemnity is feel and can focus on mass even if its so huge and many people attending here. This beautiful church brings out the best chorale group and the sound system are wonderful to listen to.
The Cathedral is one of my favorite "new" places in DTLA. It's serene and quiet, and the pastoral staff is wonderful. If you need a break from the bustle of downtown, THE Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a splendid place to ge.. Read more »
Our daughter was baptized here on 3/26/22. What a beautiful building. It was my first time to visit. I have been to a few cathedrals in Europe, but this is nothing like those. It is modern and it's simple, clean lines are nothing like the go.. Read more »
We were just passing by, and we decided to stop in for quick unplanned pilgrimage. Such beautiful architecture. What an incredible age to be Catholic. Also, St. John Paul's personal belongings are open for viewing, too.
An impressive and gorgeous (while very unique) contemporary expression of a cathedral by Spanish architect Raphael Moneo. The entry sequence is carefully choreographed, arriving on the side and up a grand stair or ramp to the entry door. The large, b.. Read more »
My daughter and I attended Easter Mass and was astounded at the size and seating capacity of the church. Nice old fashion mass performed and wonderful, helpful seat escorts. Extremely well organized for over 3000 patrons. Really a nice experience vis.. Read more »
Beautiful Cathedral. So much to see and very peaceful. Always super clean and people helping at every corner. Their gift shop is pretty nice and well stocked with so many things to sell. You do need to use their underground parking and pay $10 to $12.. Read more »
More than a place of worship, this Catholic Cathedral is a tourist attraction full of masterpiece artwork that you cannot miss! When you go I recommend that you take a close note of the following: -the beautiful and unique altar -the huge organ whos.. Read more »
It was a great time of visiting. I spend almost 3 hours to take a look inside Cathedral, but I didn’t finish that tour, in my opinion. There are so many details with theirs meanings I could not observed in a limited time. It was a good modern c.. Read more »
The cathedral is 23,000 meters wide and has a modern architecture, featuring both acute and obtuse angles. No elbow angle. Contemporary sculptures and artwork adorn the complex. Most notable are the bronze doors and the statue called The Virgin Mary.
This modern cathedral is a must see when downtown. In addition to attending mass, there is a great deal of art on display. Often there are special exhibits. The tapestry in the cathedral is beautiful. Notice also the angel wall sconces. In the courty.. Read more »
For all Catholics, I recommend you visit this place. It's of modern architecture but it's a famous cathedral in Los Angeles.
I'm not Catholic, so it's hard to connect with this particular flavor of Christianity. However, the building is absolutely beautiful, and the liturgy was beautiful as well. If I were Catholic, I might seriously consider regularly attending.
My first time in going to Cathedral. So peaceful and solemn.i felt the presence of our Lord. I offer to Jesus whats inside my heart.and i know i recieved it already the blessings what im praying for. Thanks to my friend who brings me in cathedral o.. Read more »
Magnificent house of God, make me feel peace and invite me to pray..... stop by and feel the presence of God
Great place for meditation and worship the Lord. The church is really big and spacious for a larger crowd. The underground mausoleum is great to view had the chapel of Saint Vibiana. The part on the side of church is a great place for kids to play ar.. Read more »
Words cannot describe the beauty of this house of worship. Exquiste In every detail
An indescribably beautiful calm place for all friendly people to find peace in busy LA.
Modern Architecture but Our God Is An Awesome God+ Always No Matter What+
From the outside, it is very stark and somewhat industrial, but once you are inside you will be amazed by the beauty and the space. The tapestries are especially beautiful! The parking is a nightmare.
Beautiful place with beautiful people. All different races and cultures coming together together to pray for peace on earth for everyone. But they need to be more clear on their web site. I see that 10 an English mass ok perfect for me. But now how d.. Read more »
Personally the best mother's day gift ever...beautiful mass, ushers excellent safety guidelines, very well organized the music outstanding, "God is good all the time"
Come to the Cathedral of Los Angeles to pray and feel relax and Peaceful with friends and FAMILY ....... God Bless You All INFINITY ALWAYS Around the world ??❤️???????????????❤️??
Beautiful church, the organ and acoustics are phenomenal. The social distancing was handled well. I'm sorry I missed the choir. Only issue was that I left the service early and the only exit was locked up tight. I wandered around for 20 minutes .. Read more »
Beautiful place with beautiful people. All different races and cultures coming together together to pray for peace on earth for everyone.
Amazong Catholic church, super progressive new age chathlic ideas, willing to,address hard issues woth the church and society, they even,have a black,jesus crusifix, and the pianists is world class, like out of a money world class. The people that go.. Read more »
They give great mass. Effortless chalice work!
Love this cathedral, It’s the most beautiful cathedral in Los Angeles! Very big! And all religions are welcome
Had a rare opportunity to interview Archbishop Jose Gomez inside this magnificent edifice. He couldn't have been more delightful and humble.
The staff is great and it is one of the best medical centers on this side of the country. Great organization and great people.
Love watching mass on Television. The only thing that I didnt appreciate was the interruption of several phone calls from a "Kasein Gonzalez" it was annoying.
I always try to visit cathedrals when I travel, and this one was no exception. I have to be honest and admit I was very disappointed. A modern architecture church just does not feel like a church. This concrete abomination has no warmth or character... Read more »
Beautiful Cathedral and grounds. I love it here! I try to visit each year on Ash Wednesday. The liturgy is always just what I need to hear. I like the gift shop as well.
Visited for a Sunday morning Mass in ordinary time. The cathedral has some nice exhibits on the sides and a mausoleum underneath. The interior of the church sanctuary is very bland. The Tabernacle is off in a side chapel. Very plain inside with weird.. Read more »
Simply breathtaking!!! I stumbled across here by chance and made it time to walk around. It’s amazing, I would recommend anyone travelling to LA to pay here a visit whether or not you consider yourself religious and or spiritual. My only wish w.. Read more »
Great modern cathedral. Very spacious. With a crypt and St Vibiana's tomb. Service is excellent. A lot of volunteers. Choir, organist, and flutist are excellent. Well maintained and very clean.
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels is so beautiful and peaceful. This is a place where you could sit, pray, meditate and talk to the Lord.They have a lovely gift shop. Remember, that wherever you are God is! When the enemy comes to attack you, you.. Read more »