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Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Moscow, Russia
4.6 / 80
The Cathedral of Moscow, where the Patriarch conducts services. The temple was built in honor of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 according to the project of Konstantin Ton, the work lasted more than forty years. In Soviet times, the building was blown up, and the Palace of Soviets appeared in its place, and later the Moscow pool. The cathedral was rebuilt in 1994-1997. and now has the maximum external resemblance to the original.
Address:ulitsa Volkhonka, 15, Moskva
Phone:+7 495 637-12-76



Great architecture. Peaceful place Highest Cathedral of Russia Must visit
Preechavut Khumsab
So cool and I've found my lovely Russian girl to contact also made the good Relationship which many tourists in this Cathedral had already been like the witnesses.
pranav pillai
The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a stunning and iconic landmark in Moscow, Russia. Here are some pros and cons of visiting the cathedral: Pros: Beautiful Architecture: The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is an impressive example of Russian Or.. Read more »
Shubham Kumar
Awesome church and amazing architecture. Situation in the main city and next to river.
Sin Fong Chan
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow Visited on 5/10/2019 The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a Russian Orthodox cathedral in Moscow, on the northern bank of the Moskva River. It is a few hundred metres southwest of the Kremlin. It is the hi.. Read more »
Florian Lemke
This church has an amazing view point in the heart of Moscow. You will be able to get up by elevator and go down by stairs. This place is not recommended if you are in a wheelchair. Even though they bring you up with an elevator there are more steps .. Read more »
Harry Morgan
The beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is in central Moscow close to the Moskva river it has an excellent viewing platform accessible by elevator which gives you excellent views of the Moscow skyline from the Cathedral roof terrace. The interi.. Read more »
Igor Polishchuk
It's beautiful outside, but also get inside to see it. It is also beautiful.
Kevin de Tejas
This one's bigger than the other one! Send me a book about Christ the Savior, please!?
Aaron M Verghese
The faith and dignity of the clergy and laity of the ROC is truly remarkable
Masha Pavlović
Beautiful inside and outside, also has a beautiful view from the top. It is free to enter and look aroud, but it is forbidden to take pictures! At the top there are 4 terraces where you can see the whole city ( for this you would have to buy tickets .. Read more »
Tiara Asyfia Sidik
The building its so amazing. This is big church orthodox, inside the building its so big and so many painting, there is interesting painting tell about the royal family Romanov. This place its amazing, inside there is small shop that can buy some ite.. Read more »
abdelilah el hassani
Great visit of this wonderful monument, with a breathtaking view from the roof. Approximately twenty minutes from Red Square.
Welcome to the biggest orthodox church of Russia. The entry to the church is free. The observation deck is charged at 400rub as on 2021 which includes elevator facility to the top only. The lady outside the church selling tickets is very friendly and.. Read more »
Yura Timoshenko
Nice cathedral, with a beautiful adjacent Patriarshy bridge. My daughter kept asking me why they built it, then blew it up and built it again ) Wish they kept the old one, new is nice but without age there seems to be less weight if you will. Still v.. Read more »
Tamara Rosić
The most beautiful cathedral I ever seen in my life.
Oleg Naumov
Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Cathedral was built according to order of the Emperor of All Russia, Tsar of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland Alexander I (1777-1825). That cathedral was supposed to immortalize victory ove Napoleon I in 1812 and in 18.. Read more »
Peter Gautam
Go early in the morning for great iconic views of central Moscow from the bridge in front of it.
Metehan Demir
Very nice place to visit. You can take good photos. Outside and inside the building is amazing. I highly recommend!
Villa Micika Dubrovnik
The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is one ne of the most imposing and controversial buildings in Russia, the resurrected Cathedral of Christ the Saviour has had a short but turbulent history. It was originally commissioned after the defeat of Napole.. Read more »
Sourav Bhadra
Beautiful Orthodox Church ??! The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a Russian Orthodox church With an overall height of 103 metres it is the second tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world! The original church, built during the 19th century, .. Read more »
leonard Hurley
A short few years ago I went with a group from Ireland on a nine night trip to Russia including Moscow and St Petersburg. Russian writers, composers and its rich and varied history always fascinated me. I had to wait almost fifty years to make this v.. Read more »
supersimoss supersimoss
Beautiful cathedral. You can pay extra to climb the stairs. There are 4 huge terraces on each side from where you can see the whole city. The views are amazing. Walking down towards the river you can take a boat tour which gives you different prospec.. Read more »
Luis Peña
Going to see this immense cathedral was the highlight of my trip to Moscow, far better than any other tourist attractions in the city. The cathedral is not only beautiful on the outside but also incredible once you get in, I highly recommend going in.. Read more »
Aseem Bhardwaj
What a marvelous architecture. The church is located opposite to the Kremlin Moscow. You will need to walk 1.5 Km approx to reach there. The traffic can be really fast but you have sufficient walkways to cross over to the other side of the Kremlin. Y.. Read more »