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Catacombs of Paris

Paris, France
4.3 / 98
A network of artificial caves and tunnels laid at a depth of 15-20 meters. Their total length is more than one hundred kilometers. Dungeons have existed since the 13th century. Previously, there were mines for the extraction of limestone, then wine cellars, and from the XVIII century - underground cemeteries. Tourists can follow the 2.5 - kilometer guided tour in the catacombs, the rest of the underground complex is closed.
Address:1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, Paris



Book ahead - we luckily booked ahead and when we got there it had a sign that there were no more tours available without reservations. First off I’m a tall person 6’3” and claustrophobic so I was apprehensive to do this. To my rel.. Read more »
One of my favorite tourist visits in Paris. Interesting visit but you must have good mobility and not be scared of tight spaces at times. Make sure to reserve tickets in advance otherwise you'll have a hard time getting in depending on the seaso.. Read more »
The Catacombs were a great experience. I was there on Halloween, and it was perfect. Be sure to buy your tickets online because that's what works best. Only 200 people can be in the Catacombs at a time. You'll come out far from where you e.. Read more »
Super cool experience. Tickets HAVE to be purchased in advance (at least 7 days). There’s a train station right across the street so it’s easy to travel to. Wear comfortable walking shoes and prepare to walk several flights of stairs down.. Read more »
Must explore! This place is awesome. Ordered tickets online one week in advance for a specific time . Recommend ordering ahead of time as there are limited tickets daily. Walk down a staircase several flights. Then start your one mile journey! .. Read more »
Usually fully booked so reserve your tickets!! Before I went I thought it was overpriced and it is expensive but it is a unique visit and although it was fully booked, it wasn’t busy in the catacombs. Not accessible due to its history, you have.. Read more »
Mixed thoughts about this. Definitely book upfront, tickets will be released seven days in advance. I feel it’s very overpriced for what you get, there is no tour unless you book it. There is no audio device unless you book it. Be prepared that.. Read more »
Advice - book in advance so you don't have to wait in long lines to get in. Amazing piece of history where the bones of many Parisians are stored. It is dark and gloomy, I didn't find it claustrophobic but I'm sure people can. Really w.. Read more »
Amazing experience. One of my highlights in Paris as it’s something different to museums and architecture. Fun for the whole family. It is quite a long walk with some stairs but don’t let this deter you. It is essential to book tickets an.. Read more »
A very cool experience. We reserved about a week ahead of time (I would recommend this as they sell out daily-especially during high season), a lot of the negative reviews are because of this so do your research. Busy season (late April-late August),.. Read more »
Book in advance as tickets on the day were sold out. Must see in Paris. Guided tour option and signs throughout to read give you great information. Steps up and down with slightly wet uneven surface, so wear appropriate shoes.
We purchased tickets in advance and there was very little wait to get in. It's surprising how far down you climb stairs going underground, and consequently it was cooler there. It was really moving and quite a sight seeing the arrangement of so .. Read more »
Once in a lifetime experience. You will not be able to believe the number of bones. Book a guided tour way ahead from one of those tour websites, you get access to extra areas and skip the line. If you are taller than 6 foot, you'll need to duck.. Read more »
Have you ever been concerned that your underground visit will have insufficient bones? Don't worry any more! This place has all the bones you can imagine. And then more than that. So this will suit all your bone-viewing needs. Plus the gift sh.. Read more »
Very cool and unique place to visit in Paris! The online booking process can be a little daunting and stressful, as they only allow you to book one week prior to visiting the site, but this must be to control high amounts of traffic through the delic.. Read more »
I love going to a historic place like this, makes me imagine how to lived in the past. The experience was awesome. There’s was no line when we went it was 14:00. We booked our tickets 3 weeks before through headouts as they are not available ye.. Read more »
One of those unique experiences you have to go when In Paris. Very creepy but worth it. The audio guide is very good also, we get to know a bit more on the history of Paris
Highly recommend seeing this place. Paris is full of sightseeings, great museums, fantastic shopping, vine drinking with great food. But this site is different. To see the walls made by human bones is chilling. Walking through this labyrinth is c.. Read more »
Remember to buy tickets in advance, be there earlier to queue to enter. Really eerie though & it doesn’t smell too pleasant (but not smelly). Be prepared to climb the spiral stairs for about 1-2 mins (Going down & coming up). Would reco.. Read more »
Interesting place. The story behind it is also interesting although not the same as that of the catacombs in Rome. Booking in advance is a must as tickets get sold out soon. The tour lasts about an hour and there is an audio guide that helps you unde.. Read more »
Creepy and cool. Book your tickets in advance because it will sell out. Interesting history of the stranger topics of life in a large metropolis. Audio guide is helpful. Wear some stable shoes (you’ll walk through a long corridor with gravel) a.. Read more »
Amazing experience. Who'd of thought this was just beneath your feet when walking on thr streets above. Best to nook tickets in advance as we did as we seen people attending without tickets who were being turned away disappointed as no tickets w.. Read more »
This is an absolute must see. I cannot stress enough that you should purchase your tickets in advance, as they sell out fast and once you’ve been on the tour you’ll understand why capacity is limited. The audio tour is absolutely helpful.. Read more »
Made a mistake and didn’t take an audio guide with us ? Since there’s no description or explanation once you are inside the catacombs, it makes it a little dull not knowing what you are looking at. *Note: in the beginning and middle thoug.. Read more »
Great experience. Never could imagine such a place existed beneath Paris. Book in advance. Detailed audio commentary which was of good quality. Staff was very courteous. Although staff inside the catacombs sounded very strict but probably it is their.. Read more »
This is a fascinating insight into the underbelly of Paris and is definitely worth a trip. The audioguide I'd say is a must but the information plaques around the tour are very extensive. You MUST book in advance. The tickets on the day sell out.. Read more »
There is a very interesting story about how the decision was made to move so many bones into the old catacombs of Paris. You can see the YouTube videos and be impressed, but coming in person really is over the top. It can be overwhelming to see in pe.. Read more »
The catacombs was such an interesting experience. Getting to know some of the city’s most important pieces of history, and in such a different way. This is not another trip to the museum. Would definitely recommend to visit. Don’t miss th.. Read more »
It was overall a great experience. Just the tunnels themselves were amazing and the bone display is a bonus! You go underground via spiral stairs. You cannot look up and down the stairs, meaning you don’t know how far you came and how far is le.. Read more »
This is a fascinating yet macabre tourist ‘attraction’; not to be missed, so book in advance online. The personal headsets tell the history of the original limestone miners, extracting the materials from which much of Paris is built. Hu.. Read more »
Worth a visit. Cool history of the Parisian quarries and graves which were moved underground. Dark, chilly, and slightly wet inside so dress accordingly. Get the audio guide - it’s worth it for the context.
Brilliant experience! Definitely book tickets in advance (online) as access is closely controlled. For those less able, there are a lot of stairs, though the guided walkway is fairly level and even. The experience is amazing and quite awesome - it .. Read more »
We took two of our teens to Paris and the Catacombs of Paris was part of our amazing four days in the city. The 45-minute self-guided tour was a unique experience - and a little creepy. The artistic placement of the skulls and bones provided interest.. Read more »
Well worth a visit. Bit surreal. Great audio your, very informative. All very tasteful considering the subject matter! About an hour start to finish so not too long, not too short!
I came here with my friend and we went on a weekday which meant there was no lineup and there were maybe 4 other people walking the catacombs with us. I have been to the catacombs in Rome and I remember enjoying that tour a lot more though the most .. Read more »
Went for a 2 day break in August, the second day i came to the catacombs was the day I was going to ask my girlfriend to marry me, I almost lost her after standing in line for 5 hours to get in. Little did I know that you could purchase a skip the li.. Read more »
Scary and fascinating at the same time... Got goosebumps at times. Be sure to use the audio guide. This enhances the experience significantly. Warning - do not wear the best clothes as it is damp and drops fall from the ceiling. An extraordinary expe.. Read more »
Lots of steps, DEF not for those less-mobile as this is too old to be handicap-accessible. The history lesson is amazing, and even more amazing that the bones are loose rather than set in resin or cement. Wow! Highly recommend for a 60-90min excursio.. Read more »
Fantastic place! A really remarkable location full of history. Perfect for a rainy day. Online it says you need to reserve your tickets, but that is not the case. You can just go there and buy your tickets at the counter, it will save you money. I.. Read more »
We came to visit the catacombs because it stated on their website that you could purchases tickets for the catacombs and the crypt (offsite of the catacombs) for 17 euro. It also stated on the website these tickets could only be purchased on site. We.. Read more »
What an interesting experience! Definitely book your tickets beforehand, we saw people getting turned away. You descend a spiral staircase that seems like it lasts forever. Then you go through a series of tunnels before you finally reach The Realm of.. Read more »
A tremendous place to visit. Though it is the most expensive attraction in Paris it´s worth it, for it is the most special and exciting place in Paris. First it was a mine, but when the churchyards of Paris got overburdened, they removed 6 mil.. Read more »
It was good, but not worth of this money. I wish I didn't go. Just hallways and bones. Probably price is so high because it is unique place, but 30 euro is way too much. Staff was nice, audio guide fine, but rest was nothing. Just go down, play .. Read more »
This was a good thing to do if you have time, but is pretty much a bunch of hallways and then skeletons, more skeletons, and more hallways. Sometimes they’re arranged in neat designs (heart, cross, etc) but most of the info you could get from a.. Read more »
Make sure to get the audio guide if you go, and bring headphones, to get more out of the tour. Overall it was fine. Lots of tourists, some that don’t understand to be quiet, but if you can go in the off season it’s better. There are tons .. Read more »
We did the private access tour with Michelle and it was amazing. Not only was she a knowledgeable guide but we were able to access areas that the public couldn’t visit. It wasn’t a morbid experience at all, but an intriguing walk throug.. Read more »
Absolutely loved it, the people there were a bit stiff, but that makes sense when you've been laid to rest with about 6 million others. There's no personal space for those laying around. For the living, it's a thrilling experience to s.. Read more »
Fantastic experience that I cannot recommend highly enough! We went in July right before Bastille Day. It was very busy with a line around the block so I definitely recommend getting a tour guide; they can tell you so much information and we managed.. Read more »
Want to realize the value of your life and all that it contains? Visit here. You can just marvel at the limited time here on Earth, and ponder what the future holds in eternity. You are literally face to face with it by the millions of bones. I highl.. Read more »
A must see in paris. Claustrophobic sensitive people should avoid it : this is a 45 min visit underground with low celling and narrow corridors. Fantastic and amazing place that makes you travel in the Paris underground. Historical and cryptic ambian.. Read more »
Very creepy place, as you can expect. It's interesting how the skulls have been arranged following different patterns and designs. Only one section of the catacombs is accessible to the public. At the end of the visit there's a gift shop wi.. Read more »
Surprisingly not as eerie as I thought travelling through an underground World of the Dead would be. You adjust fairly quickly to your surroundings and it instantly becomes increasingly interesting. To see how nearly the entire city of Paris has this.. Read more »
Interesting visit, not worth it without audio guide and quite expensive, the tour is just a walk around, the first part was just a tunnel, an interesting one at that but still, the second part was through the bones. Great experience but bearing in mi.. Read more »
Second time we've been and VERY disappointed. Only a very little section was open, having been there before we know how much we weren't able to see. I recommend waiting until this whole covid thing is over and it opens fully. Definitely no.. Read more »
Such a fascinating and historical place to visit. Definitely a must do when in Paris. Queue to enter during summer peak season can be very gruelling.
I highly recommend going here! It's interesting. Although it is pretty creepy walking through hallway full of bones and skulls. Anyone who's a true horror fan will enjoy looking at everything and walking through this place
Such an amazing experience ! They were super busy but the catacombs are large enough to not feel crowded. The price was not bad and it took about 2.5 hrs to get through. Such a beautiful, unique piece of art and history you can literally be inside of.. Read more »
Definitely an eye opening experience. I would highly recommend to visit this place. It should be considered one of the wonders of the world because you just don’t see this kind of stuff anywhere.
This was a great tour to see important history of Paris and France itself, very interesting overall. I bought my tickets a few days in advance and it was the best thing I could’ve done. I went during peak season and the line to buy tickets was.. Read more »
It was an interesting experience which opened for me a new chapter of the Paris History thanks to the audio guide. I visited it alone but due to the fact that I took the audioguide, the experience was pleasant and it was not creepy or dark at all. Th.. Read more »
Is it weird that I dragged my husband here on our romantic honeymoon? Regardless, the Catacombs of Paris is a must-see for any budding historian. Just FYI: it's dark and gloomy down there, and they don't let you take photos with a flash on... Read more »
It is one of a kind experience. It is a long tunnel and i think it was 45 mins. My 2 yr old and husband loved it. I was amazed at how well this place is maintained for years and how it connected one part of city all in the underground. There was no b.. Read more »
The Catacombs of Paris are underground ossuaries in Paris, France, which hold the remains of more than six million people in a small part of a tunnel network built to consolidate Paris' ancient stone quarries. .. Read more »
This place was sealed off, but I managed to press my camera through the bars of the gate and shoot this picture. Photo taken in the crypt of Paris
It was a great experience. We were able to use audio during the pandemic--maybe this is a recent change? The only thing that could make this tour better would be being down there alone. It loses a lot of it's gravity and charm when people are la.. Read more »
A unique place definitely worth seeing. Great lesson on Paris history/human culture in general. Staff is very friendly. It gets slippery, so remember to wear proper shoes. Memento mori!
Simply amazing. Visiting this catacombs is a mystical experience and you feel disconnected to the real world while walking in the middle of this ancient human remains. I think it's definitely a must if you are in Paris. Book your tickets on the .. Read more »
Interesting place but I'd recommend this place only if you've never visited any catacombs. If you already visit one you can skip it. It is cold underground, so you have to visit it in a hot day or wear coat in winter.
Very cool place to visit. Be prepared for the stairs as there are quiet a few. Nice way to escape the summer heat
Place is more than interesting. That feeling when you're walking through the tunnels and having an opportunity to see that much things is... positively strange? Only bad thing is waiting queue. Had to wait 2 hours before even being able to buy t.. Read more »
Very interesting. It's a shame that there are no audio tours during the Corona pandemic, but there's nothing they could do about that. We were very happy to be able to visit!
Nice one hour visit to learn more about the history of Paris. It tells the story of the geological past of Paris through the years and how it evolved to be a tomb for almost 2 million Parisians who died around 200 years ago. When I visited there were.. Read more »