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Castell de Sant Ferran

Alicante, Spain
3.9 / 47
The castle is located in the central part of the city. It was built in the 19th century in order to repel a possible attack by the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte. But the French never came to Alicante. The castle is surrounded by a picturesque park, perfect for sports and walking. After a long period of desolation, the fortress was restored and opened to everyone.
Address:Mont Tossal, Alacant



Sargy O Leary
Nothing to see really except for the views over the city..so don't plan anymore than an hour here unless you want to eat a bite in the cafe/restaurant which has a large outside eating area..It is nice,testing walk up there from the beach, especi.. Read more »
Nick McOjoni
I really enjoyed walking through this abandoned place. I’d suggest more care for it and advise it because from there everybody can join a memorable view!
Vimal Chokoor
Nice views from up. Worth the walk in the hot sun of Alicante, but those telephone antennas are a bit too much on the scene
Dave Andrew
Although the grounds of the castle are open there is no longer access inside as it looks at one time it did welcome visitors. A good climb up there but some wonderful views of Alicante so well worth it.
Tor Arve Røssland
Very nice viewpoint, but the castle itself was nothing. It said "open", but the doors were closed. But you get a nice view of the other castle in town.
Sonja Little Marengo (The
Recently restored fortress with great views over the city and bay
Jakub J
Nice view, but that is all. Don't go in expecting another Santa Barbara
Timo Poropudas
Good views, nothing else. It's Good Friday.
Andy M.
Fantastic place to see, not very touristic
Gumiho Sasson
Was not that amazing ,but great views
Prasetyo Ardi
Clean place, nice place to take a photo of the city or some selfie, but nothing else
Helena Isakova
Not much to see unfortunately. Great views over Alicante,but you can get them from Santa Barbara castle.
Apart from the view and the castell, you can have a real good walk with lots of stairs. you burn some good calories.
Adam Slíva
Nice view point including Santa Bárbara castle.
Sean Fogarty
A long walk for a closed gate and a heap of telephone towers. Nice view from out side of gates over the city. Large park area behind with slides mini golf and gym equipment. Tho you’d need to bring your own clubs and ball plus I’d recomme.. Read more »
Nice big park, great to walk your dog, fun slides next to the stairs for kids, the castle was closed
Ted Milsom
The remains of the castle, one of the two in Alicante, is set back to the rear of the city, and is interesting to visit. Along side of which you have a nice Café bar and restaurant. The views of the city and surrounding areas are spectacular a.. Read more »
Eliza Chiu
This is currently closed and not worth going up, however the park behind it is quite nice to stroll but that’s a different part to that. There were a lot of dog poo around the area when trying to get up here and by the time we got up we realise.. Read more »
Amai T
Gates are closed (I tried to enter from the South Gate, blue color, the only entrance Google is pointing out in the map), so I couldn't go up. But the stairs that take you to the gate gives you enough height to take panoramic pictures, can see v.. Read more »
Dave T
Fantastic Views good Municipal space with Playgrounds cafe etc. A bit rundown and not utilised to its full potential. Its a bit neglected to be honest but could be so much more. Jealous of the locals who get to run up and down it in the mornings, it .. Read more »
Grzegorz Filipek
As a fortress it is rather interesting for people keen on history (like me). But for all the rest it is place with beautiful views on the sea, Alicante, mountains and the hill with Santa Barbara castle. Also paths on the hill are nice to walk and peo.. Read more »