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Castel Sant'Angelo

Rome, Italy
4.7 / 108
The construction began to be built back in the era of the Roman Empire in the II century A.D. During its existence, it served as the papal home, prison, warehouse and even the tomb. Today, the fortress houses the Military History Museum. The castle received its name in the VI century A.D. after Pope Gregory appeared the image of the Archangel Michael. Directly from the castle over the Tiber River is a picturesque bridge that was built under the emperor Hadrian. On the bridge it was possible to get to the Field of Mars by the shortest route.
Address:Lungotevere Castello, 50, Roma
Phone:+39 06 681 9111



The ticket it is too much. You can enter for free on Sunday so you better take advantage of it. The inside are not that greate but the view from the roof are the best in the city. You can see all Rome from the roof. So if this is important to you th.. Read more »
A castle full of history, art and beauty. on a hot summer day, the inside trails of the castle had us cool down. we bought tickets online, so there was no waiting, no guide or audio guide. every room had something special to look at, but the most ama.. Read more »
Beautiful castle to visit. From what I noticed, it’s not wheelchair accessible. Gives a beautiful view of the City as well as the Vatican from the top floor. Some art indoors as well. There’s a cute little restaurant at the top of the ca.. Read more »
This is a beautiful castle. I was amazed at all the exceptional paintings. The architecture is impressive as well. It's only a short walk from the Vatican. I know there are many things to see in Rome, but if you can make the time, I recommen.. Read more »
We bought tickets in advance, but there was no queue in the ticket office. Several toilets available. If you come with a pram or luggage you have to leave it in a room near the entrance. There's a bar at the middle balcony. Great views of the ci.. Read more »
It’s walking distance from the Vatican, quite centrally located, the whole structure stands out and can be seen from far, it actually looks quite cool but surprisingly empty. I went after my morning tour at the Vatican and bought tickets on the.. Read more »
This was an interesting place to visit. But I would put it in the second tier of tourist attractions in Rome. If you have multiple days in Rome, you should definitely check it out. You should definitely buy tickets in advance so that you can skip the.. Read more »
Honestly, this should get more kudos as a top attraction in Rome. Even if you are not into castles it has some of the best views of the city! For €13 it is great great value. So much to see and a very interesting castle and history dating back t.. Read more »
What can I say - I did not expect that this place is so interesting! Amazing historical landmark, must visit place when you are in Rome. The castle inside is incredible, how many old paintings in there! Very impressive. This place deserves 5 starts. .. Read more »
This is a great place to visit. It is around 14 euro to get get in and you can tour the castle at your own pace. It is not overly crowed, there are some interesting facts along the way and some fantastic views of Rome and the Vatican. Well worth the.. Read more »
The castle is not to be missed on your visit to Rome. It looks magnificent from the outside and it's very interesting from the inside. The tour is straightforward, you walk in circles and make your way in and up. We visited in May on a Tuesday i.. Read more »
One of the best attractions Rome has to offer for a few reasons. While busy at peak times, it's accessibile and you can avoid the masses throughout the many rooms and bastions,it rarely sells out and the views are incredible, panoramic across th.. Read more »
A beautiful castle. The experience is straight forward, but you can easily spend at least 1.5 hours here excluding the garden. There is a floor with an exhibition room, then several paths deeper and upper into the castle, but still straight-forward e.. Read more »
The castle is very interesting to visit and explore. It’s incredibly enjoyable to see the various historical periods being present in the same building. Definitely worth the admission price. I highly recommend to buy tickets in advance via thei.. Read more »
A great place to visit. Explains a lot of historical moments. Awesome view from the top (Rome's panoramic view). Ticket isn't expensive and the queue weren't long. They give a map that explains a lot. There is a nice cafeteria on the t.. Read more »
Lovely castle with a fascinating and long history! Beautiful views of the city and many different areas to explore. Cute cafe/bar near the top with great views and a cooler place to sit. Gorgeous from afar and inside. Short queue to buy tickets but w.. Read more »
The entrance to the castle is easily found. You can purchase tickets in advance or at the gate (there is no wait usually). Once entering, you can marvel at the sheer size and decoration throughout. The roof has a wonderful view of the city. Ticket p.. Read more »
Rome has a lot to offer but if I were to rank the tourist attractions I would rate this one a much lower. It looks good from the outside and on the bridge that was probably the best part. The inside isn’t bad but I wasn’t too impressed. I.. Read more »
Great old castle, nice placement near the Tiber river. The view is gorgeous, especially at sunset since the Basilica of St. Peter can be seen in the background. Also, the pedestrian bridge over the river is a romantic place with people that play slow.. Read more »
I would recommend doing a private tour. My girlfriend and I spent 3 hours with our guide. She knew all the ins and outs of the castle. There is no parking. There was a contemporary art installation at the time and it was awful. There were statues in.. Read more »
visited Feb 2022 There is a fee to visit the fort, but it's worth it. With tickets, you can tour around the grounds at your own pace, and take pictures of everything inside and out. There are plenty of sculptures in the courtyard, and paintin.. Read more »
Quiet an impressive castle! Didn't go inside but the surroundings, especially at sunset, are lovely and give you that warm feeling. There was a street artist nearby playing and singing, which made the environment feel even more special. For sure.. Read more »
Seen it for many times from the outside..had so many photos but never thought that once you step inside you will live a day through history. It is an amazing place to visit, very well kept. All info and directions are really well placed. Dont miss a .. Read more »
One of the top attractions in Rome. Must-visit place, unique and with stunning views from the terrace overlooking Rome and the Vatican city. Tickets costs around €15 per adult, and doesn't matter what time it is, there are always long queue.. Read more »
Beautiful castle and the bridges that lead to it. Best photos of the castle can be made from the bridge Umberto I. Both during morning light and after sunset light are great for making photos. I didn’t go inside the castle, but the view outside.. Read more »
This place is simply amazing. It's a time machine, you start from the bottom and climb the castle upwards, and with that you travel through time starting from the ancient roman foundation up to the papal layers above. The design of the building .. Read more »
I took a bunch of pictures, but it must have been with my camera, not my phone. I'll have to download them later. It was a very relaxing ride down the green Tiber and then back up. A great way to spend an hour sitting down and enjoying the breez.. Read more »
PRO TIP: Avoid staying on the scorching sun! There's an option to purchase the tickets online. You'll pay 4 euros to as a service fee, but it's definitely worth it! On top of this castle there are some of the greatest overlooking plac.. Read more »
Beautiful castle. Embrace yourselves for a long tour of at least 50 minutes of climbing up and down. It also has some nice panoramic views. Unfortunately, you couldn't go on top of the surrounding wall, it was closed
A wonderful place that reflects Rome in its full meaning. A fortified building with a lot of power, a weapons room, displays with warrior clothes but the inner fort rooms have sculpted art and artistic murals. And of course a spectacular view that on.. Read more »
Tickets available on site or online between 17.50€ for the normal tour, up to 50€ for the guided express tour. I suggest getting them online you can at least skip first line outside. Really cool historical site filled with art, history, an.. Read more »
Greater sight from the outside, I hope the pictures make sense of the very nice place this is. The architecture is different from other landmarks as it was intended for a different purpose in the religious history. Prepare to walk a lot. I would reco.. Read more »
This huge Castle is definitely worth a visit. Even though I did not go in (entrance fee = 15EU), I still loved the outside area and the little park next to it. When you go inside, it is recommended to go before sunrise, as the sunrise view on top of .. Read more »
Great place to visit with spectacular views all around Rome. Interesting artefacts and some Papal history to see. Some of the rooms are stunning. There are a lot of stairs so people with mobility issues may struggle although there is a lift to the se.. Read more »
Surprising place! You cant imagine how fantastic could be visit the castle, it has around 1900 years history, from Hadrianus moments till today. Go there before sunset and enjoy the roof view. The visit doesnt need the reservation before if there is.. Read more »
Nice place but not properly maintained like other old ruins which is turned into museums, not enough stuff to see. However if you reach the top part of the castle you'll be amazed of the view of the river and the Vatican City.
Cool castle near the Vatican. Only €2 entry for under 25s. Some really cool art and definitely some good views from the top. The museum is very mediocre with a few displays.
A fine visit. The best thing about this castle is the view you get once you're on the top floor.
Not a bad place to visit for photos. A few beggars hanging around. Overall not too bad. Looks great at night for photos.
Very interesting place if you enjoy seeing the historical places
Obviously, gorgeous outside and so big. So instead of creating a queue to enter under trees or a structure that covers the people from a temperature of 98 degress...i start by saying that there is no cover from the sun, there aren't benches or b.. Read more »
Surely a five star place. Perhaps the most iconic in Rome? To be honest, Rome has so many iconic places that I lost the count... Anyway, near to. Vetican, great bridges.. Simply outstanding...