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Casa Milà

Barcelona, Spain
4.8 / 106
One of the most interesting sights of Barcelona, created by Antonio Gaudi. The house was built by order of the spouses Mila, who planned to rent out part of the rooms. Gaudi used the concept of a "moving mountain" during construction, so the lines of the building seem alive and "flowing". The house is considered one of the spiritual symbols of the city. Today, people live in one of its parts, and the upper floors are given over to the museum.
Address:Passeig de Gràcia, 92, Barcelona
Phone:+34 932 14 25 76



Absolutely gorgeous place with its own history. You have possibility to enjoy last 2 floors with entire furniture and everything and also this mystery roof. Staff inside is veeery attentive and friendly. My piece of advice - book tickets before the s.. Read more »
Visited in November and still kind of crowded, but a place worth seeing. Beautiful place to observe the bustle in Barcelona, while relaxing in one of Gaudi’s houses. Definitely worth getting tickets in advance or via a package deal.
I visited here during Easter Holiday in April. This place is absolutely lovely. Although I’m not an artist, but I’m sure you’ll be definitely impressed by his design shown in the building. Very colourful, fancy and full of personal .. Read more »
I found this architecture fascinating. The structure has almost all curved lines (inside and out) with textures and patterns that are found in nature, which is refreshing and unique compared to the hard lines and corners we are used to seeing. We did.. Read more »
Beautiful experience, we really enjoyed the Rooftop and the guided tour. The visit is well organised and the staff are friendly. One of the exiting parts of the building is the Attic, and I think they used the space beautifully to explain about Gaud&.. Read more »
I think it was an overall interesting place to visit, but I personally don't have as much of an appreciation for architecture like this, so I thought it was overall decent, but it I wouldn't be disappointed if I missed it. It was unique to.. Read more »
Honestly, I could have just looked at it from the outside and been good with it. The attic area and the rooftop are really cool. The inside rooms itself, no big deal. It's why we decided not to go inside Casa Bàtllo. If you do decide to g.. Read more »
I'm not a fan of architecture and don't admire construction/ building designs all that much. But much to my surprise, this one turned out to be presently invigorating. The style of construction, staircase detailing and the open terrace on t.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful house! The history of the architect and the family who lived there was amazing. The virtual experience was so interesting and the staff were all so helpful and friendly. The guided tour in the headphones was great, it had a long .. Read more »
This is one place you must visit if you're traveling in Barcelona. Known as La Pedrera, but also referred to as Casa Milà, this architectural masterpiece stands out due to its unique design. The audio guide provided during the tour is hig.. Read more »
Our experience is fantastic! We booked an organized tour through the Get Your Guide app. The group was not big at all, there were ten of us in total. The guide was pleasant, friendly and willing to answer all the questions we had. Also, her English w.. Read more »
We did the night experience at the La Pedrera Casa Milà and it was amazing. The tour was guided, and very well paced in English. The guide had interesting anecdotes to share about Gaudí and the occupants while we moved through the level.. Read more »
I feel a bit daft reviewing this Gaudi house, which speaks for itself. The man was clearly a visionary genius. To have lived in one of these houses would have been a joy. 1/ Go as early in the day as you can. It’s best in the lower seasons if p.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful house! The history of the architect and the family who lived there was amazing. The virtual experience was so interesting and the staff were all so helpful and friendly. The guided tour in the headphones was great, it had a long .. Read more »
One of my favorite places to see in Barcelona. It was easy to find your way around the house and the audio guide was very helpful. They have many different language options. The bathrooms were also very clean. The gift shop is nice and it isn’t.. Read more »
It's an iconic building in Barcelona, built by the famous architect Antoni Goudi. It has very unique and unconventional design, especially the rooftop. One hour is enough to have a look around, but if time permits spend some time on the roof t.. Read more »
As always interesting but the inside room decoration is always the same. I wonder if a little bit more modern art would help to give more fun to the visit. Of course the view, the rooftop and the building are great to see
Very quirky house. Didn't bother with the free audio which in hindsight we should have as we had no idea what we were supposed to be looking at! Anyway we got to the main bit quicker! The roof top was fab with amazing views. What spoils this tou.. Read more »
So worth! Be sure to go at least 2 hours before closing so you have time to visit the roof (they close it early for some reason). The architecture here is unique (and will feel exciting and familiar to Star Wars fans), and the gift shop has some trul.. Read more »
The atmosphere inside is really nice. You can see the life of families in 1920’s. Very beautiful architecture and worth to see it. But the tickets are really expensive. I do not think it is 28 euros worth it.
I really loved this place. They will guide you through each room with full information. It was really interesting to watch and hear about this place which is modern relatively to when it was made. You will hear the story of the place from the archite.. Read more »
Booked online before traveling to Barcelona, which was simple to do and gave us a time slot we wanted. Arrived earlier than expected and was allowed in. Audio guide was great, automatically started when you arrived at different parts of the house to .. Read more »
Wow was I glad we went inside. I got to learn about this genius man, genius architect that was Antoni Gaudi. How this man's brain worked just blew my mind. Drawing creativity and idea from nature itself but applying it in such a unique and most .. Read more »
This apartment complex is definitely worth visiting. If you ever cared about Gaudi’s architecture or infrastructure in general you will enjoy the tour. I did the night experience and I highly recommend. Tour guide was knowledgeable and spoke fl.. Read more »
Very interesting building by Antoni Gaudi a fine masterpiece of his time. The way he has managed all the intricacies of the house of early 1900 is remarkable the way the building is designed is a great marvel of his time with the elevators and the wa.. Read more »
Amazing Building. Lots of history. Easy access. Paid entry with a no shop and fair prices. Easy access. Relax inside and spend some time. You can see this for free outside if just visiting interests you but you don't want to pay to enter. Worth .. Read more »
I did the guided night tour. The tour guide was excellent and it was fun to see the place with a different lighting. However, I think it would be better to let the travelers explore the roof on their own instead of having a light show that didn&rsquo.. Read more »
Nice experience, the rooftop light show was excellent. The tour guide was very good. Accessibility as well. A couple of minutes from the train station. Loved the walls and architecture. Totally recommend.
Loved this building. An incredible piece of genius architecture. Did the premiere visit so went through the main door but missed the first hallway, which was a shame. One thing, don't go when it's wet if your doing the roof as it was closed.. Read more »
There is no doubt that the house is a wonderful heritage of Barcelona. However the price (26€) is too high in relation to other exhibitions in and outside Spain. A lower price would also improve the accessibility to the exhibition by more people.. Read more »
The house was wonderful! But i expected a bit more for the money I paid. You can see only the rooftop, attic and top floor, which has been preserved in the old style. It was over too quickly. All in all, it was cool to see!
Even though it’s really pricey.. and part of the building was blocked because of renovation.. I enjoyed this place. Because it’s unique. And it really provides a deep impression on you. So, decide yourself if you want to spend such amount.. Read more »
Amazing place. I love Gaudi’s work. This is our 3rd time coming to Barcelona… just a connection to go somewhere else. This time we staying 3 days. The rooftop has an amazing view as well, the artworks superb! You’ll have to look do.. Read more »
The interior is much more interesting than the exterior, especially the rooms displaying where people actually existed. The rooftop is not as spectacular, and the attic too (classic Gaudí design, if there's such a thing). Overall a great .. Read more »
Nice terrace and interior. It’s super nice that we could walk around the museum freely. However, it’s not that special. You could visit there for an experience but I wouldn’t think I missed something if I haven’t been inside.
We did the night experience your. Really nice to be on the roof at night, don't expect much from the "shows" etc, is mostly just a tour of the building and a video and some led lights on the roof. Beautiful building, very interesting .. Read more »
The building is gorgeous. The reason why I just gave a 4 star is that we did not get a chance to go inside the building and I dont have idea what the inside decor looks like. We just admire his beauty outside.
This moved me! It embodies the feeling of Barcelona. You can see and feel the influence in all the architecture. From the hotel I stayed in to the streets of Barcelona. If you haven't seen it, you should. Even the way they use the money collecte.. Read more »
Beautiful piece of art / architecture that is preserved and shared with lots of care. The view from the rooftop across Barcelona is breathtaking and the other rooms have a good mix of old and information. I enjoyed the free audio guide that added qui.. Read more »
A great audible tour. Perfect to do with the family or alone. Has a couple different languages to choose from. Beautiful architecture and history. Must see in Barcelona
Amazing. Pure art. Or about how Gaudí's genius can be seen and felt in this architectural masterpiece. It is not cheap, but you will get to know three different spaces in a single visit and, in a way, you will understand a little more abo.. Read more »
Visited the photographic exhibition on first floor. You don't get to see the whole building or inside the apartment but gives you a flavour for the place. Covid restrictions meant it was very quiet and that was nice.
The audio guide is great! My husband thought it was too much, but it explains the thought process of how the design came to be. You get to visit the rooftop and an apartment. Definitely worth a visit in Barcelona. Should be in must visit list. Also i.. Read more »
Another one of Antoni Gaudi’s iconic building from 1906-1912. It was his last residence place. You can see the construction made from rocks and almost looks like a Stone Age type of building. Very creative and interesting look outside and next .. Read more »
A very beautiful place to visit. A lot to learn, it was a great moment. But I'm quite confused because at the end of the visit, a photograph tell you if you want a free picture of you (with your purchase you have a free photo gifted) so we said .. Read more »
Amazing place with so much history. The Staff is a bit rude and snobby but I get it because of the grandeur of the place but I don't get it. Do recommend but be a bit careful come with an elastic mindset. But its one of the most landmark places .. Read more »
Casa Milà (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkazə miˈla], [ˈkasa miˈla]), popularly known as La Pedrera (pronounced [ɫə pəˈðɾeɾə]) or "The stone quarry", a reference to its unconventional rough-hewn appearance, is a modernist building in .. Read more »
Did the night experience - €68 for two (cheaper for Catalunya/Barcelona residents). We were taken round by a lovely guide with only 4 other couples. Received cava, sweet snack and a great light show on the roof with views of the Sagrada Familia .. Read more »
Stunning piece of architecture, still yet to complete the tour (unsure if I will or not). This building used to help me figure out where I was when I first moved to Barcelona, now it is the view from my terrace. There has been a protest over the past.. Read more »