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Casa Loma

Toronto, Canada
4.6 / 95
The original mansion was built at the beginning of the 20th century for a wealthy businessman, Sir G.M. Pellate. After some time, he sold the castle due to the inability to maintain real estate and pay taxes. Until the 30s. the building was used as a hotel, and then was transferred to the state. The castle was turned into a tourist attraction. It is rented periodically for private events.



It was very busy when I was there on a Monday. The museum is incredible, but it can be hard to navigate the crowds. There are many small rooms, hallways, staircases and it becomes very cramped. I would absolutely suggest checking it out, but be awar.. Read more »
I recently visited Casa Loma and had a truly enchanting experience. The grandeur of the architecture, intricate detailing, and the historical significance of the site left me in awe. The stunning gardens and panoramic views added to the charm of the .. Read more »
A must see! We came from NJ to visit the town for a long weekend and Casa Loma was on our list. It was an experience for sure! There were so many different rooms and beautiful architecture! No wait time and you can tour the castle at your own pace! I.. Read more »
I really loved this castle experience! 🏰 First of all, it's unique because it's one of the few castles in North America. There's a bunch of great views and so much interesting history to learn. Some of the facts about this place are un.. Read more »
During my recent visit to this place I was captivated by the exterior of the building. The picturesque setting, coupled with its historical charm, made for a visually appealing sight. The house itself exuded a sense of grandeur, with its unique archi.. Read more »
A beautiful historical and hidden gem within Toronto. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing and learning a part of Toronto history. Some parts of the museum are a bit random like the wax museum and escape room. These exhibits take away from the historical fee.. Read more »
What an absolutely amazing experience! An immersion into the Renaissance and Gothic period - full of exciting culture and history. I remain in awe of the beautiful art in every iota of this castle. You must visit it! There is no air conditioning or.. Read more »
Went here yesterday, and it was amazing. I loved everything about this castle. There was so much to explore and see. Very popular destination for all ages. They offer a interactive map that you can download, and it will guide you through the castle. .. Read more »
This castle is grand and beautiful. Amazing work of architecture and a must see in Toronto. There is a lot to see here so give yourself at least half a day to see it. The exhibits are very interesting. There are two towers in the castle which you ha.. Read more »
This castle is an amazing historical place and it is kid friendly. It is an iconic place in Canadian history. The castle is dated a couple of centuries back and it showcases the dwelling of the wealthy in the olden days. The inside has beautiful disp.. Read more »
Been to many castles in my travels and this one did not disappoint. So cool! Many mysterious halls and rooms to explore. Beautiful and unique castle. Highly recommend visiting if you like history and architecture.
I don’t think I’ll ever shut up about how this place made me feel like a fairytale character. It was incredible to view how people lived in the past, and to get a taste of what a royal would have been like. There was a film about the root.. Read more »
I have no words for this but I would like to say that the experience was mind blowing. I went there on Christmas and they had amazing decoration. We bought the city pass and it’s cheaper that way because you can explore 5 places for 120 dollars.. Read more »
I loved this place. The architecture of this building is absolutely gorgeous. The interior tour was great too. You get to see so many different things and spaces. At times, you feel like you are in Europe. Also, the views of the city from here are am.. Read more »
The place was amazing. Last time that I was in here was when I was a child. Everything changed a lot! The guy at the front collecting tickets was super nice! And answered all our questions. Our favorite was getting to climb the stairs all the way to.. Read more »
When visiting Toronto don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful castle. The grounds and fountains and gardens are beautiful. So much elegance and history is packed in each room. This castle was really interesting and fun to explore. Th.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture. Lovely staff, especially Greg! The displays were very informative. SO many movies filmed here, really cool to see so many parts of the property that you recognize from films. They have a great audio tour you download on t .. Read more »
Its a Treasure lasting for centuries. The luxuries inside the castle still looks luxurious for today’s standards. There are so many timeless arts and crafts inside the building. We can get audio guide so make sure to take your headphones if yo.. Read more »
Went there today as we'd heard a lot about the place since coming to Toronto. We had a CityPass so it was included on the list of attractions. Based on the pictures online and the reviews, we were very excited to visit. We reached around 10AM an.. Read more »
While we didn't take advantage of the audio-guided tour, we still very much enjoyed our experience. The castle is full of little plaques everywhere that you can read and learn about the history of Casa Loma. The first couple of floors are of the.. Read more »
It is a big palace built for the residence of the then Commanding Officer of the military regiment. It has 98 big and small rooms , well laid out surrounding gardens , a big library , beautiful wooden carvings lining the walls , mosaic type glass ce.. Read more »
Stunning views of the city and lots to see in this one-of-kind castle. The self-guided audio tour was surprisingly interesting. I’d bring your own Clorox wipe though as we wiped ours again just in case and it was filthy despite it being wiped d.. Read more »
This was a great experience... very cool castle estate. Gardens were cool. Historical write-ups for the rooms, a horse stable, antique car museum, and a Back Stage Celebrities walk, which has little scenes with (wax?) statues and clips playing for al.. Read more »
Great place to visit for locals and tourists. Lookout for annual events which are always so well organized in my experience. Even better are special one-time events such as their Lord of the Rings Exhibit so many moons ago. That was so creative an.. Read more »
More than the castle and its architecture, I enjoyed the history of the castle presented in a documentary movie in the basement. So, be sure to check that out which is included in your ticket. Another perk is that you get audio guide devices which we.. Read more »
Truly a beautiful space! It's a Gothic Revival style mansion and house museum with beautiful grounds during the summer. I can imagine weddings at this place! To get to the highest levels you have to take some very narrow stairs and if you are ab.. Read more »
This place was awesome! My friends and I went on a Sunday and although it was busy we never felt rushed. There is so much to see, and so many little passageways that it never feels uninteresting. The documentary was actually super informative so I hi.. Read more »
I’ve come to Casa Loma for many events. My favourite has to be high tea. You get to roam the castle before hand and then sit for tea. The finger foods were a wide range which is great. Desserts were also a wide variety, but the best part is mor.. Read more »
Beautiful place. Nice people, playing different Christmas personalities. Very good music, friendly staff. Some good dancing, great Fireman show. Good food, and especially spicy drinks. Recommend to go there. Maybe I will go second time.This post is n.. Read more »
A visual treat with the whole palace decorated band lit up for Christmas. A variety of talented artists have decorated the rooms. The whole walk around the Casa Loma palace will take a good three hours if you want to see everything in detail and clim.. Read more »
A visual treat with the whole palace decorated band lit up for Christmas. A variety of talented artists have decorated the rooms. The whole walk around the Casa Loma palace will take a good three hours if you want to see everything in detail and clim.. Read more »
Beautiful castle ... wished we could have spend more time here as there is much to see. The self guided recordings are great as they provide so much more insight as to what you are seeing. Amazed at how lavish it is, we were impressed as to how mod.. Read more »
Beautiful place. Nice people, playing different Christmas personalities. Very good music, friendly staff. Some good dancing, great Fireman show. Good food, and especially spicy drinks. Recommend to go there. Maybe I will go second time.
Casa Loma. This attraction is one of my favourite places to visit in Toronto. It is a must see for anybody visiting the city. Inside the this castle you will find several pristine chambers and bureaus; some of which are still used today. Venturing.. Read more »
It was a wonderful time jut be aware there's lots of walking. Many staircases, definitely not stroller friendly. Extremely interesting to see how many movies were filmed in part in this building , movie clips posters and a smallish wax museum i.. Read more »
We had dinner in Casa Loma to celebrate my post birthday last August 23, 2021. The food was delicious, from the appetizers to main entree. I ordered fillet mignon (medium) and was cooked perfectly. My family also enjoyed their steak which are ve.. Read more »
Casa Loma was a beautiful place with so much historic value. The architecture is very classy and baroque style which makes it exquisite. They also have activities for kids like the dragons tunnel and stable. I would suggest to bring a bottle of water.. Read more »
A really fun attraction here in Toronto. We we're there for their Halloween Haunt. They really took the time to ensure that the grounds we're really decorated. Really exciting experience! Make sure to visit the restaurant inside. Their toma.. Read more »
It's really beautiful but small. They have an elevator but it's small and staff operated which keeps people from hogging it from people who need it. All of the staff members my mother and I came in contact with were super friendly and helpf.. Read more »
A lot of famous movies were filmed in it. Walking distance to subway. Tower view from top of castle and long secret tunnel which leads to another building is amazing. However, I would recommend the management to place air conditioning or fans in stai.. Read more »
I was very impressed with my first visit to such a Perl of Toronto's history! Visitors Program is very good organized with guidelines on the special device. So you can enjoy tour on your own speed. I was deeply surprised by priceless collection.. Read more »
Not worth the money to be honest. They have removed all the antics and replaced it with modern art. What's the point of visiting a castle if you get to see modern art in it. The special events which they organize throughout the year is a bit int.. Read more »
Great place to visit for locals and tourists. Lookout for annual events which are always so well organized in my experience. Even better are special one-time events such as their Lord of the Rings Exhibit so many moons ago. That was so creative an.. Read more »
We went here in early July 2020. We felt quite safe, as they were limiting the number of visitors. They were also collecting contact info for contact tracing. Everyone had their temperatures checked and hands sanitized prior to entry. Every passagewa.. Read more »
Very nice place to visit during the summer while your at Toronto. If your up for an adventure you can go to the top of the Casa Loma and get a amazing view of Downtown Toronto. Very nice staff and very easy to explore. My favourite part was the under.. Read more »
The castle itself is nice to look at and walk through if you never have. Its fine the second time for a brief walk before your dinner or lunch date. The resteraunts here are great. You can't go wrong either way. Great attraction to visit with de.. Read more »
This is a nice mansion. I went here while I was visiting Toronto and was satisfied with my experience. I went on a tour of this mansion, which was pretty nice. It went through every room in the mansion and the grounds outside, where I saw a view of d.. Read more »
A romantic trip thanks to this place. The view on the top is amazing, the gardens are really beautiful and there is a lot of history on this place. During winter is perfect for the kids. By the way they have some really beautiful classic cars and I l.. Read more »
The castle dwarfed the White House and we were free to explore it on our own. We has access to the "secret" stairways and passages, just as guests there did years ago. It is dignified, without being gaudy, as many European palaces are. The .. Read more »
I have been coming to this place for years, every since the first time on a school trip in elementary. The place is the best in the summer, when you can smell the millions of flowers while walking up to the building. The flowers and landscaping are w.. Read more »
Casa Loma "Legends of Horror" was good as a one-time only experience. At a whopping $45 a ticket (or $30 on Groupon as I later found out), it is an expensive hour-by-hour and a half self-guided tour. However, there is no nearby parking i.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful place! I wish we could have stayed longer. We took a group tour package to come here and because we were scheduled to see other places that same day, we had to leave before we could explore the large garden. Will definitely come .. Read more »
Oh wowwwww.....Where do i begin! Besides it's amazing picturesque landscape, this magnificent Historical landmark is truly a gem. The amazing team/staff here is a tremendous example of our city's people. So warm, courteous and inviting. We .. Read more »
Beautiful castle!! We visited during the COVID-19 pandemic and there were adequate safety measures put in place. But these measures didn't take anything away from this heritage site. We thought it would take maximum 1 hour to go through the enti.. Read more »
Hi!!! I went here during quarantine and let me tell you this place was amazing. It has such a beautiful structure with nicely lit rooms in every area that you go. Aside from it being an amazing structured palace with perfectly lit rooms, they had rea.. Read more »
Beautiful mansion located in the city. Loved the architecture. The decorations are amazing. There is a tunnel connecting mansion with stables. You can see vintage car collection, wine cellar, suites with beautiful furnitures and chandeliers, alleys w.. Read more »
This place is really beautiful. It can be a wedding venue, a birthday party venue, a date place, or even an anniversary celebration venue. It's truly beautiful and the meals and cocktail was amazing. The only reason it's getting a 4 star is.. Read more »
Beautiful and stunning place. The staff were very welcoming by the box office and the entrance. Learned alot about people who use to live there years ago and the old vintage furniture and stuff looks so classy and beautiful. I liked everything about .. Read more »
This is an amazing historical location. The view from the top of the castle is great. The gardens are very nice with a fountain. There is also one of the first modern style plumbing systems which have been maintained very well. The architecture is ve.. Read more »
My husband and I have traveled throughout Europe and South America and had no idea that such a beautiful castle was right next door. We visited today with no expectations but were pleasantly surprised to learn about an incredible entrepreneur who had.. Read more »
A nice Castle located in city center. When from the window look at the beautiful sunny garden, was enjoyable. Lucky I listened music concert at here. That time students wore traditional clothes played music in the hall. When tender music started, so.. Read more »
Tucked in the middle of a modern city, lies this beautiful castle which would instantly transport you back in time! From the moment you enter this magnificent castle you get to take a glimpse of a place frozen in time. The rooms are beautifully decor.. Read more »