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Casa Batlló

Barcelona, Spain
4.7 / 105
Rebuilt in the 1900s. A. Gaudi, the profitable house of Josep Ballo i Casanova, which after reconstruction became an architectural masterpiece, an ideal example of the thought of a brilliant architect. Researchers at Gaudi’s work believe that work on the building laid the foundation for a new independent stage in the work of the architect. The ideas tested at Casa Batlló, he used to further his creations.
Address:Passeig de Gràcia, 43, Barcelona
Phone:+34 932 16 03 06



The house is pretty but i wasnt too impressed with the experience of touring it. We had the gold entry which was good for the entry and the cool screen room (maybe it's open to everyone, i am not sure) but the audio and tablet view was so so. Bu.. Read more »
The sound track you listen to is crazy! They said at one point “feel the wood with all five senses” … you want me to taste the wood??it’s so weird to listen to. I thought it would give me some historical background or maybe e.. Read more »
Do recommend paying for the highest pass level you can afford (Blue
Another amazing Gaudi’s creation - this Casa is like a miracle in the heart of the city! The details, the materials, the ideas- incredible. And when you get to the top you see the chimneys that look beautiful. The central one looks like a drago.. Read more »
I love this place. A lot of opportunities to take great pictures. It’s a good size so you could spend a lot of time here, just admiring the works of art. We did the silver pass, which featured almost everything the gold one does except for like.. Read more »
This is a definite not miss location on Barcelona. We entered at 5 p.m. it was easy the day we went. The architecture is like no other place on earth. The creative mind of Antoni Gaudi is on full display but in a more realistic environment than Sagra.. Read more »
Audio guide even in Romanian, despite isn't showed in flyer. The place is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Worth every cent. At the end, you'll be asked if you want to experience a 360⁰video in a cube. It worth it, go and your jaw will be .. Read more »
The architecture itself wasn’t as beautiful as some of Gaudi’s works but the immersive room at the end of the tour definitely made up for the experience. It may feel extremely crowded initially as everyone is standing in lines to admire t.. Read more »
Great spot to visit and is worth at least upgrading to silver. The line is shorter, and the interacting tablet is very cool and has some funny interaction. Make sure you don't miss or skip the last video! Was really cool and a highlight.
A unique architectural experience. If you can afford it it's worth upgrading your ticket to get the augmented reality tablet and the cube experience. They do have a lift if needed but it's very small and does interfere with the audio tours .. Read more »
Visited Casa Batlló yesterday. I bought the early bird ticket, and it was definitely the right move. They limit the number of people in that early, so its much quieter than during the day, which means if you like taking photos, there is more.. Read more »
The house is stunning, the experience novel, the price steep. We bought the Gold tickets (kids free) and it was worth the little extra to skip the line. You don't want to be in a crowd of people if you can avoid it. The audio guides were informa.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning architecture, full of amazing shapes, curves and colors. Walking inside the building feels like wandering in a romantic aquarium. The video guide is also very helpful and fun to play with. Try to get your ticket in advance, so you.. Read more »
We arrived earlier in the day before it got busy. The gold tickets were worth the money to avoid the lines. There was AC during our visit and I tended to practically sit on the units while appreciating the architecture.
A magnificent building with many unique features. Audio guide was very well done and informative. Virtual reality tablet did add to the experience in some of the rooms adding appropriate furniture and visualization of some of the architectural featur.. Read more »
It was a wonderful experience visiting this masterpiece! We booked the gold tickets and received the audio guide with virtual reality video tablets. Additional access to the bedroom was a part of this ticket. The place was not very crowded and we cou.. Read more »
If you like architecture you'll love this building, if you don't like architecture you'll love this building. It is very expensive to get into, I did a group tour of a few of Gaudi buildings which worked out cheaper but you don't .. Read more »
We visited Casa Battlo June 2022. We are a family of five. Very easy to take e tickets and you skip the line. Very quick to go inside and very helpful the people who work there! Only adults pay tickets and kids until 16yo if I remember correct for fr.. Read more »
I think it is the one of most unforgettable experience I have ever had. The house is just amazing and so extraordinary. I had the gold ticket and had the amazing experience. The audio guide was so engaging and tips on the tablets made it more interes.. Read more »
My favorite places in Barcelona! Buy tickets for early mornings and enjoy the experience with less tourists. Took me 2 hrs to visit all floors, plus a lot of pictures! On the roof there is a bar with music and relaxed atmosphere. Buy online tickets a.. Read more »
Very educational and inspirational experience. The audio guide made the experience even more fun. There several types of entrance tickets, but do not think the ticket with the AR tablet is necessary unless you are going with young children. Make sure.. Read more »
48 Euros for an adult gold ticket which doesn’t have too many benefits other than the visually interactive tablet and one gold only special small area on the terrace for photos. You get an visual and audio guide tablet with headphones in many l.. Read more »
We went in the morning, and it was beautiful! The cheapest level (blue?) is all you need to enjoy the tour. The audio guide was great. The house is amazing! Worth visiting.
Great experience, however quite pricey! The audio tour was integrated seamlessly as you walk around the house and the house is truly beautiful and well preserved. For a one time experience I decided to pay the 35€, but maybe not worth it if you&.. Read more »
We had an amazing experience here. The building is amazing and the audio guide is very detailed and interesting. We had a gold pass so we could change the time of visit and had access to some refreshments. The tour ended in an amazing display of mode.. Read more »
A surreal place that you must visit. It's cheaper to buy tickets online. Right after the opening time when the initial visitors went in but was still a bit early in the morning there was no queue and we went in straight away. The architecture is.. Read more »
A great experience! You should definitely try it! It's a truly marvelous work of architecture! It's a little expensive but definitely worth the price! I would suggest to skip the silver and gold tickets and just get the blue one. The audio .. Read more »
A great experience! You should definitely try it! It's a truly marvelous work of architecture! It's a little expensive but definitely worth the price! I would suggest to skip the silver and gold tickets and just get the blue one. The audio .. Read more »
We love this magical piece of art! The story behind its walls filled with fairy tales and charm makes us feel like kids again. They’ve made a huge renewal and it is amazing! We’ll leave a few pics and videos from the updates! 10/10
This house was incredible. The architecture is astonishing and in a way mind blowing. To think, it was created without the aid of current cad software or computer aided workflows is incredible. The flowing curvature and spacious rooms are intriguing .. Read more »
Wonderful experience! Been here first time 14 years ago and compared to that visit, they have been enhancing the museum with a lot of multimedia features. The audio guide is now automatic, progressing according to your advancing on the visiting track.. Read more »
An incredible experience. Although the tickets are more on the expensive side, once inside I understood why. Their new audio guide service works well, and makes the experience very smooth. The interior is incredible and it was not very crowded. At th.. Read more »
A beautiful, beautiful very unique building. It’s a must visit for sure, but I have a big issue with the ticket prices which are ridiculously high! 35€ is a robbery. the audio guide and “interactive experience” feel like they h.. Read more »
Decent service, delicious food. Kebabs, lamb shops, mixed grill, all of it is nice. Decent prices as well, good value for money. Design, cleanliness/hygiene is what let's the place down a bit... But don't let it stop you from trying the foo.. Read more »
Amazing experience! Casa Batlló is one of the most popular pieces from the infamous Antoni Gaudí. And I must say, my personal favorite! As his other pieces, the architect plays with organic shapes and textures usually found in nature. Y.. Read more »
Fantastic building with its bizarrely decorated chimneys that became one of the trademarks of Gaudi's later work. Ceramic tiles on the hump- backed roof of this house are gleaming. Fabulous!
Obviously it's a famous place for a reason. The building is really cool and fantastical. Super touristy though. If you're not a Gaudi or art freak it might be enough to just look at it for a bit from the outside. I would have liked to go in.. Read more »
Really nice place and you learn a lot about the artist. Probably a must go for architects and engineers but also very interesting for anyone who likes art. Only 4 stars because the prices are extremely high (25€ p.P.) - however apparently it is .. Read more »
Casa Batllo is very similar to Casa Mila and just a few blocks away. Both can be seen just 10 minutes after the other. Another architecture from the great Gaudi. His same architecture has reached UNESCO cultural site and inspired Star Wars movie fran.. Read more »
My favorite Gaudi's building. Amazing interior and light design. The multimedia guide was also very interesting, you can get real impression about how the inhabitants lived in there. Kids were very impressed too. This is a must see in Barcelona!
Casa Batlló (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈkazə βəˈʎːo]) is a building in the center of Barcelona. It was designed by Antoni Gaudí, and is considered one of his masterpieces. A remodel of a previously built house, it was redesigned in 1.. Read more »
Highly recommend the night experience as well as the 3D audio-guided virtual tour. Booked online in advance (cheaper than paying on the door) and came to roughly €74 for two. Well worth it - tour started at 6pm followed by a wonderful concert on.. Read more »
Long queue like snake in shape. Too many Chinese and Italians and French!! Fascinating and air conditioned but still hot inside. Rooftop terrace was amazing.
Tickets are cheaper if you buy them online and its so easy to do so. The tour was good but since its summer; it was SO hot and the A\C was not helping a lot. I cant imagine visiting the place with huge amount of people like in any normal summer vacat.. Read more »
Glad to get the free entrance tickets to visit again Casa Batlló and amazingly be surrounded by locals , a bit of a different atmosphere , more authentic may be... Everything was well organized with the Covid safe measurements , but a bit unco.. Read more »