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Cemetery Camposanto

Pisa, Italy
4.8 / 79
A 13th-century necropolis located in the northern part of Piazza dei Miracoli. It was assumed that a church was to be built at the site of the cemetery, but the project was changed during the course of the work. Campo Santo is a rather unusual place, since the burials are located in a stone wall under the arches of the arched gallery that surround the courtyard. There are three chapels in the cemetery. Until the 18th century, representatives of the upper strata of Pisa were buried in this necropolis.
Address:Piazza del Duomo, 17, Pisa
Phone:+39 050 835011



David Nagel-Nunez
I thought this was interesting and neat to see! I got the combo tickets that bundled the leaning tower tickets and a bunch of other attractions here. The inside of this building was quite impressive, and there was a lot of impressive stone work, an.. Read more »
Nyreli Zanalnire
Absolutely astonishing, you can buy the ticket in the Sinopsia Museum
alberto montalesi
Very interesting place, remember to visit the Museo delle Sinopie afterwards to really understand how beautiful this place used to be. 30 minutes was enough time for us to visit it entirely.
Carlos Gallego Andreu
Very interesting and big building if you like art and history. The tomb of fibonacci is inside. Pretty underrated with no queues at all.
Over a thousand years old burial site with some amazing sculptures. Definitely worth a look if you get the combo ticket with the tower.
Horia Banciu
An extraordinary historical monument that is, in fact, a thousand old cemetery. The ornated tombstones, statues, and frescoes are incredibly beautiful. It is a quiet and sober place just near the crowded Leaning Tower. I found myself deeply touched.
Double B
Amazing attraction, although you wouldn’t expect it from the outside. Highly recommend a visit. Make sure you stop to read the guides which explain the artwork
Claire Wood
Probably the most interesting building in the Campo dei Miracoli with none of the crowds that surround the tower. Although many of the frescoes are currently being restored, you can still visit the whole monument. Where the frescoes still cover the w.. Read more »
Ziad Issa
Amazing attraction, lots of history and stories about the paintings on the wall. Definitely recommend visiting and spending enough time there. You can buy tickets on the day or in advance. The Camposanto has nice garden in the centre. There seems to .. Read more »
Ronald Halim
A burial site. Interesting murals and frescos. Often overlooked compared to the other buildings in the complex but I reckon it is one of the more interesting building.
Cat Lover
Cheap, but beautiful, a lot of history in one place, and the atmosphere, ahh!
Anastasiia Selitskaya
That’s a good wonderful with magic atmosphere place! Great sculptures, beautiful symmetrical halls and really cheap price for ticket
Alex Luca
It was amazing. An old cemetery with huge frescoes and murals on its walls. Beware the weather because it’s an open space, not much of a building.
Virgile Barbieux
Really nice - well preserved mural paintings and sculptures. Try and find the DEMON ?
Abdurrahman Icyer
Really interesting sightseeing in Pisa and it is always the matter in almost Italian cities, but here I felt history;)
Probably the most interesting location in the tower-area if you’re somewhat interested in frescos or religious paintings. Due to WW2 destruction huge restoration efforts have been done. It’s nice to roam through the spacious areas and tak.. Read more »
Tickets required. 7 for just the place or 10 for the complete thing minus the tower. With the tower it’s like 27. Pretty cool! Worth it if you get it as part of the entire tour. Lots of art and history to take in.
Ioan Davies
this is a incredible place, from the Archutecture too the paintings and artwork, a place to take spend all day at, and if your like photography this is a great subject location to shoot.
Vivek Khare
In adjecent to leaning towet
If interested in the history very richcand noble latin speaking italians is good place to visit to learn more of the history of italy.
Steve Webb
Beautiful. Right nextdoor, beneath the shadow of the famous Leaning Tower but we found it empty while the Tower buzzed with tourists. Well worth a visit while you are there. A little cool shade, some peace and tranquility, and plenty of history.
Shabaaz Mansoori
The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italian: Torre pendente di Pisa) or simply the Tower of Pisa (Torre di Pisa [ˈtorre di ˈpiːza, - ˈpiːsa]) is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa, known worldwide for its n.. Read more »
Yoann Lussier
If you've ventured into the Camposanto, it is either for the frescoes or for Fibonacci's memory. Either way, you have done well my friend in increasing your vast knowledge on Pisa and on art. It is quite a huge structure so plan ahesd and g.. Read more »
Attila Tényi
Simply wonderful. Fantastic frescoes, brilliant building. Cemetery of nobles around 1300.
Oswaldo González
Great! It definitely surprised me and would highly recommend going there for the frescos. Fun fact - Fibonacci Is buried here too