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Bunker Museum 42

Moscow, Russia
4.5 / 83
The Cold War Museum, located at a depth of 65 meters underground. The bunker was built in the middle of the 20th century, it was conceived as a completely autonomous refuge in the event of a sudden nuclear strike. There was a supply of water and food for a long time. The entrance to the museum is a one and a half-ton door, behind which a long staircase begins. Visitors can explore the surroundings of the bunker rooms during the tour and watch a film about the Cold War.
Address:5-Y Kotel'nicheskiy Pereulok, 11, Moskva
Phone:+7 499 703-00-77



Genadi Shautidze
Fantastic emotions, recommend to all
There are lots of options in the menu but most of them aren’t available, it’s expensive and the service isn’t the best one.
Najeeb AL Ali
Very rare to experience such a museum.
Paul Barrett
Incredible restaurant 65 metres below ground. Good service and food but the surroundings are amazing. Definitely worth a visit. No charge to visit the restaurant.
Villa Micika Dubrovnik
This Cold War Bunker was absolutely amazing. If you like history, thats your place. This bunker system was to be used by Stalin and built in the early 1950s. There is a replica atomic bomb. The Bunker is 18 floors down and after finish tour back up.. Read more »
Marna Greyling
We had a tasty lunch in the diningroom 60 meters below street level, whilst listening to the rumbling metro above us. A wonderfull experience. No English guides though, and you can only do the tour with a guide at your side.
Jaroslav Madacki
Moscow’s Bunker 42 was built in proximity to the Kremlin specifically as the fallout shelter for Joseph Stalin and the USSR government in the event of nuclear attack. For its last three decades it was used as a communication center for strategi.. Read more »
Ali Alansaari
Frankly speaking, I am here reviewing the Experience of the Bunker Tour since I have not got the chance to dine at the restaurant which can be part of the tour as well. The Bunker 42 tour is a Secret Thrilling Visit must added to the schedule which.. Read more »
Michael Fillies
I accidentally found this while is was googling and was glad I did. They give you a tour with a knowledgeable guide. It’s a bunker... that’s so cool. I found it profoundly fascinating and would recommend. There are allot of stairs to t.. Read more »
Axel Bandelier
Awesome bunker to visit! Lot's of interesting historical details to learn !
A really unique and highly recommended experience. The bunker built at the start of the cold war was an interesting place to visit, with a lot of in depth information provided in English by our guide. Our guide answered questions well and directed t.. Read more »
shaun chong
Quite excited for this tour. However end up quite disappointed. They should know that mainly it is for tourist visit. They display some old items and play radio for us to have a feel of the old war days. But the atmosphere is not done proper plus eve.. Read more »
If you visiting museum you must see restorant. It is stylish and atmosphere place.
Anett Szabó
The Bunker itself was very interesting, tough the tour was shorter than in the description - a bit less, than an hour long. The guide did a great job emphasising the interesting details. After the tour we visited the restaurant as well. We weren'.. Read more »
Aveta Thampatty
Very interesting historical place This is one of the moscow's interesting place.this is the history. One good thing is they let you take all the pictures you need. it is located in the centre of Moscow with depth of 65 meters below the ground le.. Read more »
Lovely food, decor and even live music! Rounding off the Bunker 42 tour with a fun 'Politburo' style meal was the way to go. I enjoyed it a lot!