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Vasnev House

Lugansk, Ukraine
2.9 / 27
The Vasnev House, a historic monument in Luhansk, has unfortunately been left abandoned and in disrepair. It holds great historical significance, having been destroyed during the fighting in 2014. It is a pity that such a legacy is being neglected and not given the attention it deserves. This architectural gem, with a mystical reputation, was once the location of the NKVD, where cameras for executions were present. Constructed in the early 20th century by the wealthy merchant Vasnev, it served as a private female commercial school and later became the Donetsk Institute of Public Education. Over the years, it housed various organizations, including the regional administration of the NKVD and a city polyclinic. Tragically, a fire in 2011 caused significant damage, leaving only the load-bearing walls standing. Since then, there have been discussions about restoring the building, but these plans have been interrupted by subsequent events. It is a shame that such a remarkable building is deteriorating and not being restored. With its historical value and proximity to the city center, it holds great potential. It would be a loss if this beautiful piece of history is not preserved and revitalized.
Address:Tarasa Shevchenka Street, 41, Luhans'k



It is worth abandoned, no one is going to repair!
Historic monument, destroyed during the fighting in 2014. Nobody cares about him. It's a pity such a legacy and such a careless attitude
Nice, but what kind of restoration? For whom, why and for what means to restore? The territory has no future, in ten years a couple of thousand inhabitants will remain. And only because of age, or there is no money and effort to move.
Historic building of Luhansk (with a mystical reputation). Once the NKVD was located here (with cameras for execution). An architectural monument by the way. It is a pity that it is not being restored. The building was built once by the wealthiest re.. Read more »
The building was built at the beginning of the 20th century at the expense of a local entrepreneur, merchant of the II guild, an honorary citizen of the city Sergey Petrovich Vasnev. In 1906, a seven-year private female commercial school began operat.. Read more »
The building is falling apart !!!
Monument of history. He was badly damaged by shelling by the Ukrainian army. Burned. Now in disrepair. The building has historical value and is close to the center. It is not clear why it is not being restored. It will be a pity if it is lost.
What a pity that they are not trying to restore such a wonderful building after a fire.
It is a pity that does not recover