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Buda Castle

Budapest, Hungary
4.7 / 126
A fortress with reliable walls guarding the ancient capital of Buda in the past. The Buda Castle has existed since the 13th century; it was built to protect it from raids by the Mongol Tatars at the behest of King Bel IV. A royal castle and three churches were erected inside the fort (St. Nicholas, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin). Under King Sigismund, a castle appeared in the fortress New Palace with a roomy knight's hall for tournaments.
Address:Budapest, Szent György tér 2
Phone:+36 1 458 3000



We visited the museum that is hosted inside the building and it was nice. We were just a bit disappointed because there was only one reconditioned room which was indeed exquisite and with many architectural details. The audio guide concentrated on th.. Read more »
Awesome view of the Pest side from above! Some restaurants to eat and beautiful architecture! You can get up by elevator and would definitely recommend seeing little stalls beneath the castle as they have interesting souvenirs - there is also a big t.. Read more »
Its a very big castle and will take a long time to see complete surroundings. Entrance to the nearby park is free , for going inside you need a ticket. Monday there is no entry inside castle, other days it will open at morning 10 o clock. Night view .. Read more »
The castle is really beautiful, and I went up the hill to see amazing views from there. It was so worth it! If you prefer, you can also take a funicular to reach the top. This way, you'll have a fun and easy ride up to enjoy the breathtaking sig.. Read more »
Right now some construction is going on. You can not visit inside as a castle because it was looted during WWII but you can visit the museums inside. Outside it is beautiful to visit in early morning and the evening when the light are on (they turnof.. Read more »
Great place to spend some time. The art gallery inside can be viewed in about 2-3 hours if you take your time. You can also climb the dome and get a view of the city from above. The gardens outside were in maintenance, but you can still find a lot o.. Read more »
Great structure on the top of mountain, beside the river Danube. Sprawling across a large area. The views are breathtaking. You can either take a fernacular or walk. The walking is not too tiring and you get to see a few viewpoints as well. I have no.. Read more »
Must visit place! Every inches of this city is really beautiful and even more to see them from up top! And the best part is, there is escalator and elevator for those who doesn't want to and/or can't climb the stairs. The way they make thin.. Read more »
Amazing View! The place shared an amazing view of the Danube river and the city. Recommend to visit at evening during sunset. The sky adds compliment to the place. The castle itself is very nice
This place feels like it’s straight from Harry Potter. It’s so crazy big & so much more beautiful in person. Pictures really does not do it justice. There is a Starbucks on grounds & some gelato stands as well if you get hungry. T.. Read more »
Wonderful and slightly renovated place. Many times I have been visited, and I had many experiences, sometimes good, sometimes bad. The view has to be experienced. Summer time the Garden is beautiful and warm. The place has many historical building.. Read more »
SO impressive! Beautiful architecture and clearly lots of improvement work being done - it will be amazing when finished 😍 I'd have liked to have a tour but it wasn't very clear what was available. The main building looked closed and there .. Read more »
I was a little worried about the weather as it rained the night before but the sun stood strong and we were graced with a beautiful view of the city. Entrance to the museum was free due to the public holiday and going up to the top of the tower was .. Read more »
Lovely castle and a most see tourist attraction. Offering a great panoramic view of Budapest from multiple viewing points. Explore the premises and enjoy the architecture, sculptures and lively garden. You can visit the castle grounds throughout the .. Read more »
Really nice place with an art gallery. This is a really nice place to rest a bit before you continue to Bastion or the city center. If you are looking for a place to park nearby, just look at four streets to the east and you will find big parking wit.. Read more »
Amazing place to visit. Even and children were excited. There were many monuments, fountains and sculptures. To the top we went by lift and it was amazing experience. You can see Budapest and Danube. Must visit if you are in Budapest.
Beautiful palace in a beautiful city. It is like a fairy tale, across the bridge in the Danube. But the walk is long, and the castle is uphill; although there are that lovely gardens on the way, that distance under the sun can be daunting. From Pest .. Read more »
So beautiful! Absolutely a must-see in Budapest. The architecture is stunning and the castle grounds are lovely to walk around on a nice, sunny day. There are great views of the city from above on the castle’s balconies, also. The few staff tha.. Read more »
I haven’t been inside so far, but the outside is outstanding. It’s been having renovations for a while, so there is always some part that you can’t get to see due this, but the rest is really nice. Good views of the city and the par.. Read more »
Magical and majestic! You can easily explore this phenomenal castle all day. Still, it won't be enough - you'll want to come back the next day. Great place for a walk, for photos, for rest. Unique atmosphere, so beautiful and magnetic. Incr.. Read more »
A must visit place for the tourists. It is stunning and the view of the city from the top is a bliss to the eyes. On must note that there no good places to eat. Its better to take it before coming. Also the funnel is cheaper if you buy round tickets... Read more »
Honestly no words to describe this beautiful site. This is worth a visit to anyone, whether during the day or the night, it is a spectacular sight to behold. All I can say is, check it out for yourselves. The views will absolutely rock your world an.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture, amazing view over the city! Highly recommend going here at night so you can see the city and the bridges with all the lights. Going up I went by foot and it wasn't hard at all, really easy to walk and relax while going up.. Read more »
Very impressive castle. When me and my girlfriend went we walked up to to see it in all its glory. Then once at the top you can walk all around a wooden promenade which is sign posted. Then you can get the train stair lift down for a small price whic.. Read more »
✅ Very beautiful local landmark. Must-see. ? The castle was built in 1265 and was referred as The Royal Palace/Castle. It now holds the History museum of Budapest. ? King Sigismund is responsible for enlarging the palace and strengthening its forti.. Read more »
Loved they have plenty of options, lot of places was under contraction and weren’t available. Was pretty cold (January after all) And walking in it felt like being part of history, the view the city is great. Not very high but is good
Such an amazing place to visit. Unfortunately the funicular is not working until mid Jan but the walk up the hill is really acceptable, not tiring at all. We walked around & took many pictures. Enjoyed the architecture & the gardens as well a.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing experience. Something very unique in Europe. You must visit during day and night to appreciate the beauty and views. Very well renovated and maintained castle. Had the opportunity to visiting during Xmas. Beautifully lighted Budape.. Read more »
It is an amazing builng or I should say combo of buildings. Such a special architecture, amazing view, very special historical monument. It is worth having a walk around and see a series of special buildings in this area. For example, the recently re.. Read more »
Simply amazing. It's what you must see when you visit Budapest. Unfortunately, though, we visited it, last week and it was full with workers everywhere. Hopefully, this was because they were getting ready for Christmas, otherwise, they should en.. Read more »
This place is imposing ... It has exceptional views. On the tour you can see some photographs of its reconstruction and modernization. You can also find a cafe and a small bar in the vicinity of the palace. This world heritage site is a place that.. Read more »
If you are in Budapest, make sure you make time for this place. The view from the castle ground is outstanding. A great place to learn the castle history too! We came during sunset and loved it!
The place and the view from castle is beautiful. The management though... In poorly done and over price ticket. Take one of the picture I post for example, they put writing behind automatically door. It's extremely annoying having to read throu.. Read more »
Amazing place. Art museum is a must for visiting. We were not able to see the interior exhibit as it was sold out, so you have to be careful when planing your visit. You’ll also be able to get to the roof and have a quite decent view on the ci.. Read more »
Imperial royal palace with one of the most beautiful museums you'll ever be in. Lovely, breathtaking view and a dive into the past. In the museum you'll find all the obscurity from the ancient and modern times artists that portrayed the cou.. Read more »
The gloriously grandiose place by The Danube everyone must visit. We can see the overall city of Budapest with fascinating view. There are also several significant statues, sanctuary and historical sites on top ? It is not just simply irresistible be.. Read more »
This place was amazing and beautiful. Take the option of going up the hill on the cable car, very cool experience. Went to the wine festival at the castle. WINE FESTIVAL AT A CASTLE. Basically I'm a knight now, Sir Drinksalot. Anyway, the castle.. Read more »
I only had the experience of walking around the Castle and it was amazing. One of my best days in whole Europe. The view of the Castle and its beauty it's amazing. Being on the hill, you have also a really beautiful view of the Budapest landscap.. Read more »
Buda Castle is the historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. It was first completed in 1265, but the massive Baroque palace today occupying most of the site was built between 1749 and 1769. Budapest is a must see City. .. Read more »
I haven't been inside the castle, but from outside, it's so Majestic! Not only it's amazing from outside, but when you're up there, you can see the whole of Budapest and especially the Parliament and the Basilica with a very beaut.. Read more »
Must visit place if you are in Budapest! And the all the refurbishment they have done is excellent and made the Castle so much nicer. Get ready for the cobble stones though ! It is not pleasant to walk on them with anything apart from trainers! The v.. Read more »
One of the best place in Budapest. Take a long walk in the history, visit the small streets. Nice veiw to Budapest.
Glorious The Magyars traded winning a war for having a nice city, I hope they forget nationalism and look at their history in the proper light, not the brainwashing propaganda fed to them in museums
Interesting art and good lookout over the river and Pest. However, I am a citizen of the EU and they advertise a discount. The lady wouldn’t give me the discount even after showing her my identification and I was forced to pay full price. Nice .. Read more »
Beautiful perspective, get prepared to go up through some stairs.
It looks amazing from the other side of the river. We had taken a lot of pictures on a shiny evening.
I didn’t not enter any of the surrounding buildings! Just went up to appreciate the view and it is stunning!!!! The castle itself is a unique piece of art!
A gigantic palace with a rich history going back to the middle ages. Fantastic view of the whole city. I went to the history museum and it was really dense. It is shared into different categories, the first ones being about the history of the castle .. Read more »
One of the busiest tourist attractions in Budapest but still worth the viewpoint. You can go the furnicular for views of the Chain bridge, or you could walk up the hill. I suppose there is a inside to castle but most people don't go in. There is.. Read more »
The castle grounds are nice, the castle itself is in poor condition and under reconstruction. It wants better shoes. The view of the city pays off
Currently a few walls are being renovated (till 2021), so they are covered, one part of the castle is closed due to covid (no information in English on the site). You can't enter with a backpack to the main gallery even if you have no pockets an.. Read more »