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Buckingham Palace

London, England
4.8 / 96
Royal Palace, the official residence of the ruling dynasty in London. In the building of about 800 rooms, around the perimeter of 20 hectares spread a whole "city" for the internal use of royalty: hospitals, police stations, post office, restaurant. The palace was built for the Duke of Buckingham in the eighteenth century, but was purchased by King George III. It became the official residence after the accession to the throne of Queen Victoria.
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Buckingham Palace is like super fancy and full of history. It's all about the British monarchy and stuff. The outside looks amazing, and the gardens are lush. If you're into royal vibes, you gotta check it out when you're in London.
It was a great visit to watch the beauty of the palace with the guards ceremony as well. It is a landmark to see what's going on in here. The police and security were exceptional in their work with horses 🐎 as well. Must visit place to see
The Buckingham Palace is an icon of British royalty and one of London's most emblematic landmarks. Besides being the official residence of the monarchy, it's a historical and cultural marvel. Its architectural grandeur, highlighted by the f.. Read more »
Take a walk through history. We approached through St James Park, which was beautiful. It’s always a fun stop and allows me to reflect on recent events of the English Monarchy.
Absolutely brilliant. Loved going to Buckingham palace. Went to see the changing of the guards on a Sunday and it was such a great thing to see. Went for about an hour and even though it was raining I still really enjoyed myself. The palace itself is.. Read more »
It's very exciting to see the function. But it's better to provide the visitors a stand to watch, its known that people will be there and still they didn't do it. Because of this, I will not recommend going with Kids they'll will.. Read more »
I brought my friends who were traveling from overseas to visit this place in the UK. The location is very convenient and suitable for using public transportation to get here. The overall architecture is magnificent, with traditional buildings that s.. Read more »
Beyond words. It is absolutely interesting and quite beautiful. To see all the history and the regalia of the royal family. You can see what King Charles III and Queen Camilla were warning on the day they were crowded. You see the original paintings .. Read more »
Loved the experience. My 8 years old was very excited too. We don't live in London, so for us was a big attraction seeing the Palace where the king lives and his guards walking round.
The palace itself was amazing but was let down by the rudeness of the staff. When we arrived we were kept in a holding area and a security guide stood up asking if we could all hear wave your arms, which we did. With that they started shouting at eve.. Read more »
Beautiful palace with a rich history. You are not allowed to take photos, only in the garden is allowed and at the front obviously. Buy your tickets in advance £33 in 2023 (very steep). (I bought mine last minute and didn’t have any issue.. Read more »
The palace is enormous and beautiful, however it's extremely crowded even if you come extremely early and personally I think it's sort of overrated. You can barely see the parade or anything.Transportation there is quite easy and the garden.. Read more »
I was overwhelmed by its beauty. I didn't want to leave. We visited today. £30 per adult. We had an audio tour that worked well throughout the building. The rooms were magical. So much to see. You can walk at your pace once your in. Don&.. Read more »
Super crowded and long lines to get into places but that’s to be expected. We enjoyed every bit of it. My sons especially loved watching the guards. Unfortunately, we missed the changing of the guards but the were mesmerized by their discipline.. Read more »
Was on my bucket list, and it did not disappoint. The changing of the guard was awesome to see, and watching on TV or video does not do it justice. If you plan to go sew Buckingham palace, get there early and try and get as close to the palace gates.. Read more »
This is an amazing place you need to see in London. The architecture is an amazing thing that plays in this building the guards were really cool and the scenery was amazing. But if you are there visit st James park there are at least 15 different sp.. Read more »
Buckingham Palace is truly one of the most popular tourist destinations in London, and obviously for a very good reason. It's the official residence of the British monarchy (the queen), and it's absolutely massive and beautify built. I was .. Read more »
Buckingham Palace is something you must see if you’re in London. I would definitely recommend buying tickets. There will be a queue to get in and you cannot take pictures inside the Palace. The interior was impressive and the gardens were be.. Read more »
I was in my element while visiting Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Absolutely loved it all! Saw official cars entering the Palace and enjoyed seeing all the uniformed riders and outfitted horses too. Truly an experience of a lifetime. I hono.. Read more »
I have been to here just to enjoy the changing of guards in different views, it is amazing! And I have visit the State Rooms, Royal Mews and the Queen’s gallery. There are so much collections that you could enjoy. A very unique experience, woul.. Read more »
One of the most popular destination in England,people from around the world comes here, always lively and full of people . People enjoy coming here ,its good that this place doesn't have entry fee, looking into the crowd and sensitivity of clean.. Read more »
Go see Liz. The state room tour is very sumptuous and to see a little of the behind the scenes was good. The audio guides were informative and detailed but a little short. After the tour we are in the garden cafe, a good choice of food but really exp.. Read more »
The tour of the staterooms in Buckingham palace is great! Especially if you haven't been inside many palaces. An informative audio guide is also included in the tour guide. We especially liked the platinum jubilee exhibit, which showcased photog.. Read more »
I loved it. It was quite great to see this famous palace. It became much more beautiful as the sun set and the palace lights started lighting up the palace and it's surroundings. It was not as crowded as other parts of London today. Definitely w.. Read more »
A beautiful iconic place to visit! It's the heart of all sight seeing. It's our queens residents and it's a wonderful historic building. The queens guards are wonderful to see! Walking down the mall is a lovely experience and without a.. Read more »
As per say ...it is The Queens stay and it's quite well fortified. Beautiful architecture.... Which is ancient and has a lot of history too....so over all it's a cool and fully secured place and the fountain is really awesome with the sky a.. Read more »
Very important place to visit, an icon of this city. To see the guards change parade, come 30 minutes before and get a good spot. The place is very close to the park so it is nice to walk around and see the building from different angles. We had a ve.. Read more »
It’s the most visited sites in London, a must visit location in London. Beautiful architecture. The fences are beautiful as well, black and gold. Don’t forget to see the changing of the guards. If you like more option, try to buy a ticket.. Read more »
Such an impressive sight, and we visited the gardens which don't boast to be anything like a National Trust garden but it's obvious that a lot of work goes in to keeping them looking beautiful but as natural as possible within reason! All i.. Read more »
Wow what can I say. We got tickets for the gardens. Entry was via the mews. Security took the longest part of the whole visit. It is very easy to walk round. Very colourful, very neat. Staff very friendly. Always willing to chat. Guided tours were.. Read more »
It’s a very iconic monument to visit and walk around when you visit London. Changing of guards happens daily at 1130am Lovely to spend some time sitting on the steps to just admire all the opulent and beautiful historical statues around the are.. Read more »
We went on the Spring Guided Tour of the Palace and really enjoyed it. The tour included amazing locations like the Throne Room, the 1844 room and the White Drawing Room. All amazing. The tour is well worth doing.
We booked a tour to one of the most beautiful places in the world. There were too many people, the route is fixed and not very long. You can't sit and enjoy the place at or go on your own pace, that was a pity because I only saw only a fracti.. Read more »
Buckingham Palace is one of the main attraction in London. Its the place where queen stays. Just 10-15 minutes walk from Victoria station. Its a huge Palace surrounded by a huge garden. It is nice to the march of the guards etc. There is no shops or .. Read more »
Well well well, good old Buckingham Palace, sorry to break the news, but I didn't manage to go inside, nor did I see the queen. But what I can say, is that Buckingham Palace is probably one of the most amazing landmarks in the UK. From the arch.. Read more »
A superb place to visit. I really do wonder what goes on inside and what IS going on inside when we’re all outside! Such a magical place steeped in world, let alone English history. Some real fascinating stories about the site. Nobody was home .. Read more »
Being the home of the British Queen/King Since it's construction in the early to mid 1800s, the building with it's elegant Gregorian and Victorian Styles makes it stand out as a good building amongst the others around it. Tours show about a.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful, historical and magnificent building, you have lots to see both inside and outside, despite the crowds it’s one of the must visit place in London, you cannot park your vehicle near the premises still you can spend time.. Read more »
Great history and a lovely building. smaller than I thought it would be as buildings are so much bigger now, but nevertheless a delightful place to visit. Luckily I saw the guards change!
Home of many exciting national events and parades, this symbol of British monarchy is only open for tours in the summer months of each year, so check the website before visiting. Royal rooms are nice and iconic. If open, a must-visit on your trip to .. Read more »
Buckingham Palace is the London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality. It has been a focal point .. Read more »
How can you really review such an important and historical place like Buckingham Palace? I just been honoured to see this imposing building and the lovely gardens near the palace. Defiantly I will try to go there every time I will visit London. Peopl.. Read more »
Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837 and today is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch. Although in use for the many official events and receptions held by The Queen.. Read more »
Been here couple of times but never witnessed the changing of guards ;(
I didn't think Buckingham palace looked like it did when I got there
Be prepared for a crowd surrounding the gates of the palace, and if you are truly interested in seeing the changing of "royal guard" honestly its not worth it. Whenever I watched it happen I remember thinking, "what happened, did I mis.. Read more »
I have visited the palace multiple times for many different reasons: first I wanted to chill with the queen, then me and the queen will prank the guards onto thinking that there is a terrorist in the building but instead there is nobody, and finally .. Read more »
After spending almost hour today around the palace was a lovely British sunny not so many people. Very clean, gardens was just on point also green park they had done a renovations there. Is lovely...
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One of the best parks I have ever seen. The variety of plants is amazing. Highly recommended if you are in the area. Free public toilets available and many coffee huts around the park.