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Bridge of Sighs

Venice, Italy
4.8 / 77
An ancient bridge in the form of an arch thrown across the Palace Canal. It connects the royal doge's palace with the prison. The architecture of the bridge is graceful and romantic. This is a popular date place. According to one of the Venetian beliefs, it is believed that in a couple who kiss in this place, mutual love will never fade. True, the increased attention of tourists to this attraction can spoil the whole romance of the moment.
Address:Piazza San Marco, 1, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 271 5911



Hernan Hernandez
A nice bridge to look at from the outside, but if you were walking through it from the inside it may not have been a pleasant story. It seems this may have been the final views a prisoner may have been able to see
A place which is rich in history. This was the bridge where prisoners used to walk before being shown into their cells. There are 2 sides to bridge and a peek through the window gives an amazing view. This bridge can be accessed through the doge'.. Read more »
Dmitro Kolomiyets
A romantic legend tells us about Casanova's escape from prison here, but it is a grim place in 16-19 centuries. People who were about to be executed by Republic of Venice, were passing by and looked literally for the last time at the world acros.. Read more »
Bogdan Marcelan
A very nice bridge. Always besieged. During this year's visit to Venice, a policeman chased us off the bridge overlooking the Bridge of Sighs, probably for security reasons. It is an interesting perspective when you can walk across the bridge wh.. Read more »
Danny Emery
You can walk across the Bridge of sighs when you buy a ticket to visit the Doge's palace. June '23 entrance fee was 30 € but also gave you free entry to a couple of other places we didn't have time to see. Amazing place.
Napoleon Zamora
The say it is named Bridge of Sighs due to the fact that this is the bridge that connects from the palace to the prison cells. Once the condemned prisoners was sentenced and will be brought to their cell, they will pass through this bridge, pause in .. Read more »
Pavan Bommana
The Bridge of Sighs is one of the famous site in Venice worth visiting. It is beautiful from outside. It is always crowded. It si believed that criminals once sentenced go through this sigh of bridges and see the Venice through the holes in the windo.. Read more »
The city is just incredible and everywhere you go you’ll see bridge and canal’s at every turn. Beautiful spots. I wouldn’t pay to see any bridges or certain canals because I’d feel that would be daylight robbery 😅 especially g.. Read more »
Only had a bit of time as it was part of the larger visit to the Palazzo Ducale. But it was just as I thought, with a view towards the centre on the first pass and then the beautiful view towards the lagoon on the 2nd pass. I can only imagine what wa.. Read more »
Last time I visited Venice, I only ventured and took pictures of the bridge from the outside. Though, my recent visit with a guided tour, unexpectedly I was led to the inside and I walked across the bridge! It was brief but it was truly something els.. Read more »
Lauren Duncan
We unexpectedly walked through the Bridge of Sighs as we ventured through Doge's Palace (you're better off buying the city pass before you arrive or just as you arrive in Venice or you'll end up probably spending more than it's wo.. Read more »
Stephen Stewart
Worth going to see when in Venice. You can get nice photos with gondolas sailing up the canal below it. Instead of taking photos on the bridge you can go down below on the right which gives you less tourists in the pictures.
Andres Capurro
Unexpectedly got to walk inside this bridge while taking the tour of the Doge Palace, which was a pass-way to the prison area, hence the name Bridge of Sighs. Would recommend to take part of the tour which you can find in my other reviews. Nice views.. Read more »
philippa driscoll
You can only access this from inside the doges Palace. It is a fully enclosed bridge between the Palace and the Old prison cells. Best viewed from the 2 bridges either side of the bridge of sighs.
Dr. Yasmin Kottait
It’s well worth a visit. Just note that you are on the right bridge and it’s access is really from within the Doges palace not from anywhere else. It has a super cool story although dark but it’s good to go through the tour and see .. Read more »
jasmine xu
Very famous, but very small bridge. This bridge is so short and small, if you visit Venice for the first time, you may not even find it. However, what matters is the history related to it and the sad and mysterious stories associated with it. Th.. Read more »
Travel with Dave
Great to see when in Venice can get very busy around that area, but we’ll worth seeing.
Nikolai Alexander Kulow
They shackled me up and led me across this bridge to a little mini restaurant. They said I could order anything I liked. I couldn't believe my luck. i ordered lobster and filet steak. With a bit of red wine. Really nice! Can't wait to see w.. Read more »
G Mackall
Due to corona my husband and I decided to just take a Gondola? ride and it was still beautiful to see?
Tibor Bálint
Knowing this Bridge from some Hungarian songs. The history of this Bridge can be sad, but if you didn't do anything bad, you never had the chance (luckily) to cross this bridge. It was extremely crowded during the day times in 2017, but as ther.. Read more »
Valeria Zavanone
Thousands of prisoners have given their last view on freedom from this famous bridge.
Doge Palace tour seems to currently include the Bridge of Sighs as part of the general tour. Good time to see it before it goes away. Beautiful but haunting bridge with a lot of history.
Manny Alonzo
This is a beautiful and historical bridge in Venice and one of the most famous not only in Venice but in the world. This historic bridge connects the Doge's Palace with its prisons and was named for the condemned prisoners who crossed it to meet.. Read more »
Old Pro Chef
Almost spooky what happened here a millennia ago. Beautiful architecture
Grant Bremner
The Bridge of Sighs is a bridge was built around 1600 and is an iconic historical landmark in Venice, Italy. The enclosed bridge is made of white limestone, has windows with stone bars, passes over the Rio di Palazzo, and connects the New Prison to t.. Read more »
Hoang Thi Vo
The Bridge of Sighs is one of many bridges in Venice. Surrounding the bridge is made of white limestone and has a stone net on the window. Passing through the Rio di Palazzo, the building used to bring former prisoners to the interrogation room in th.. Read more »
Ride a gondola if you can. Ask a few different people and agree on a reasonable price. You're already here make it memorable.
prem krishna
Got our visit to venice done and liked it. Overall the city was really beautiful and so was this bridge
One of the famous landmarks of Venice. We were lucky to visit Venice right after the lockdown, when the city was still empty. Usually the place is overcrowded and you can hardly take a photo of the bridge. A landmark worth visiting.
Richard Young
Its a bridge made famous by Byron. Go inside the Doge Palace to gain access.
Kristin Krüger
Very interesting place, especially the history behind it.
Sudesh Shetty
Amazing piece of history. Great architecture. Awesome!
Wayne Maxwell
You could sense the anguish well worth a visit
At the heart of Venice, and one of the most photographed areas in the city.
Bridge of Sighs is one of the most beautiful place in Venice to watch. One of the most popular place for taking selfies. Specially this place is famous among tourist and they click their memorable photos. The bridge connects two buildings,the prison .. Read more »
Ali Alansaari
One of the must see spots at Venice and hearing the tale about it was the most interesting part. The story starts from Doges Palace at the Jail Section. You can have a look at the bridge from outside but you can walk through it only through the pala.. Read more »