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Brandenburg Gate

Berlin, Germany
4.9 / 120
An important architectural monument of Berlin with special symbolic significance. In 1871 a solemn procession of Prussian regiments passed through the gates, which marked the proclamation of the German Empire. In 1933, the famous Nazi torchlight procession took place here and the "Millennium Reich" was proclaimed. After World War II, the Brandenburg Gate became the border of the division of Germany into West and East.
Address:Pariser Platz, Berlin



Incredible monument that is much more intimidating and beautiful in person. A lot of history has passed through this gate and it’s easy to feel the weight of it when you’re there. It’s probably the most recognisable piece of Berlin .. Read more »
My second time here, the first being in summer, and it's still a lovely sight to behold. Barring the sea of people that come and go, there's nothing spectacular besides the Gate. It is difficult to take pictures without having people in the.. Read more »
Another historical site not to be forgotten. The Wall was right there as well and there are the demarcation lines of the Wall that you would be able to see. Just be careful of those touts asking for assistance . It's a must visit attraction tha.. Read more »
From one side it’s just a huge, spectacular gate by a road. On the other you have loads of touristy stuff to see and do. This was the busiest of any of the tourist locations in Berlin but it wasn’t too busy (October visit).
Without a doubt, one of the greatest historical sites in Europe. Truly a majestic gate, with rich history. Seeing it restored to its former glory after the devastation it suffered during the Second World War is an unexplainable feeling. I’ve ex.. Read more »
It is a lot of very old stone cut and cleaned and placed in such an order that it is really good looking. Obviously it is a tourist must see and I hope people taking the pictures with it in frame look up the history of it. It is well worth checking.. Read more »
Very nice to visit in the summer. The sun is warm, the place around feels festive. There were lots of tourist and it was generally fun to look around and enjoy the sites. I joined a few tours and the history is very interesting too.
Massive place. Loads of space to stand in front of it. Completely free. I'd recommend going in the day, but also passing by at night as well. It is a different atmosphere at each time. In the evening there were more street performers playing mus.. Read more »
Iconic landmark. Always busy with tourists, difficult to get a clear photo. Even at night the place is busy. Easy to get to whether walking and talking in other wonderful views or public transport. One must see landmark in Berlin and Germany.
Brandenburg Tor in Berlin is an unforgettable symbol of unity and history. Its majestic neoclassical architecture and iconic presence captivated me. Located in Pariser Platz, it's a lively hub for exploring the city. The gate's historical s.. Read more »
One of the iconic photo spot on Munich it’s look beautiful plus there is so historic place. The place surrounding also look nice easy to go just just few steps from the Brandenburg metro station. We were there in the morning the place was not s.. Read more »
I recently visited the iconic Brandenburg Tor and was blown away by its beauty and historical significance. This stunning monument is a true symbol of Berlin and a must-see for anyone visiting the city. The intricate details of the architecture and d.. Read more »
The history is powerful and deep surrounding this iconic gate. Berlin: the story of a city is a great read for preparing to go and see the city of historic power. The square near the gate holds the American embassy, a star bucks, and a bunch of pic.. Read more »
Iconic gate to photograph. Come for pictures and enjoy the specular art. It's not too far and a nice walk from other nearby attractions. There were also people blowing bubbles in the air to help you make your photos look beautiful.
It's feel like i am in Delhi at India gate. If you see from the centre to the victory tower. Amazing experience. Would love to visit again and again ❤️ So beautiful and adorable place
One of the most beautiful experiences in Berlin. It is a great pathway for an evening walk. Amazing lights and so strong architecture with alot of people around. A great place to make professional photoshoots. So, if you are coming by do t forget to .. Read more »
Touristic place in Berlin. It looks smaller in really life compare to what you can see in TV, and it should be more into the spotlight as it s an amazing construction. Mandatory stop in Berlin, especially the first time :) advise : remember to look u.. Read more »
One of the most attractive tourist spots in Berlin. Good to see such old construction along with a lot of visitors.
I had an amazing time here, beautiful views and serene vicinity. If you are a photographer then you are going to have a time of your life. The best time to visit is around evenings and the area is super busy because of tourists. But still worth the h.. Read more »
Historic and iconic! Still would recommend as a must visit if you are in Berlin. The restaurants and snack shops nearby are good for a quick bite. Gets a bit crowded towards evening but still worth a walk. Would recommend reading about its historic .. Read more »
Iconic gate to photograph. Come for pictures and enjoy the specular art. It's not too far and a nice walk from other nearby attractions. There were also people blowing bubbles in the air to help you make your photos look beautiful.
Beautiful in the wintertime! I recommend taking a city walking tour if you're new to Berlin. Really a great experience and the love you can see and feel around such a historic sight is heartwarming, showing the beauty of human change
The Brandenburg Gate, is an absolute must see place in the city of Berlin, it's enormous makes you feel incredibly tiny in comparison. This is a location with such an incredibly rich history which adds so much to the astounding atmosphere the st.. Read more »
Hands down the best monument in the city! It is a masterpiece of engineering ! There are always a lot of people in the surroundings and you can take really cool pictures! I loved it so much that I included it in my tattoo that is a tribute to this b.. Read more »
Must visit place in Berlin. If you are really interested in historical monuments, please don't hesitate to visit here. The gate and the sculpture are must visit. You can spend your evenings or mornings here if you love peaceful walking. There ar.. Read more »
We went there on the light festival Eve, and it was the best experience we ever had. There are plenty of restaurants and bars near by, and you can enjoy the view of the water canal. Definitely recommend it
Great place in Berlin where almost every parade ends or passes by. Specially the New Year celebrations are really good. You need to reach the gate by 7 and carry stuff which you cab use to spread and sit.
Beautiful site! It was nice to see that there was a very big space without cars where you can easily take pictures. You’ll find lots of other friendly tourists and it’s definitely located in a very nice part of the city. If you want someo.. Read more »
Big gate, one of the things it's good to see at some point in your life, plenty of history here. Relaxed atmosphere and many coffee shops around the square. Possible to bike or walk, but not drive through.
A great photographic opportunity. Hopefully you don't have some basically naked man in front of it getting in the way of some good photos like we did. But it inspired us to get a little bit creative tho. We also come back to get some night shots.. Read more »
It's feel like i am in Delhi at India gate. If you see from the centre to the victory tower. Amazing experience. Would love to visit again and again ❤️ So beautiful and adorable place
Historic site of Berlin, built by the King of Prussia to close the city of Berlin. There were other gates but this gave access to the main (and most beautiful) avenue in the city. Subsequently, after the Second World War, it was on the famous "d.. Read more »
My father and I saw this fabulous monument on the second day of our trip to Berlin, Germany ?? in June 2012. It's probably one of the most popular attractions in Germany ??! We're the visitors from Dublin, Ireland ??
The gate was built at the request of the King of Prussia. Inside the door are sculptures from the baroque period. The door was very glamorous. It is one of the must-see places in Berlin. I definitely recommend you to see it when the lights are on in .. Read more »
Brandenburg Gate was really impressive... I really liked it very much. The German authorities have done a lot of work that should be praised and applauded... The fine carvings on the walls give one a glance of rich German culture and architecture... .. Read more »
Lovely place, loads of police security. There are many embassies nearby. Looks great during Christmas time as the decorations are splendid. Big Christmas tree and an alley full of decorated trees in a nice way. The place is usually and understandably.. Read more »
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin. An 18th century neoclassical monument that remains unchanged until today, still depicting the horses that Napoleon stole! Undoubtedly a great place to take photos, especially early in the morning.. Read more »
Loved visiting this place and understanding the link to reunification. I really enjoyed Berlin and this place of course is part of those mandatory visits. The city is loaded with historic landmarks, people are open and tell it with such knowledge ove.. Read more »
This is the symbol of Berlin and Germany. A historic place with a very rich history. I recommend to visit it.?
Regardless of the thousands of people here taking pictures during the day time, i had great memories of this place. We accidentally ended up at the same place at night and there happened to be an unbelievable light show walking you through the histor.. Read more »
Festival of lights
The Festival of light 2020!
I've visited this historical and monumental gate in Berlin for a couple time. It still amazes me of how it reflects peace and unification of a great nation separated by a war. The view is amazing anytime you sit there, day, evening or night. Som.. Read more »
I think everyone who visits Berlin should come to Brandenburg gate. Awesome atmosphere and beautiful touristic attraction (especially at night) with a great history behind it. I'd recommend you to visit twice: in the nighttime and daytime, cause.. Read more »
I enjoyed the location. It is a crowded area as it’s a major historical landmark. Loads of food options and a subway stop is next to it, so helpful for me because I like to take public transport around cities I visit.
Awesome place to see. Full of historical sites all around. Some where even free. With it outside and nice weather you can enjoy and social distance. Check it out!