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Bohuslayev's Technics Museum

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
4.6 / 58
Bohuslayev's Technics Museum is a fascinating and informative museum that offers a wonderful experience for history and technical enthusiasts. The museum is divided into two floors, with the first floor focusing on aviation and aviation engines produced in Zaporizhzhya. The second floor primarily showcases motorcycles, but also includes additional information about aviation and other subjects. The museum exhibits are impressive, with high-quality cutaways and detailed displays that provide a comprehensive understanding of the history and evolution of engines. The exhibition design is simple yet informative, and the attention to detail is evident throughout. The museum is also commendable for providing descriptions in English, making it accessible to visitors from different backgrounds. While the museum itself is nearly faultless, one suggestion for improvement is the addition of small screens or videos to enhance the visual information about engine functioning and production processes. The collection at Bohuslayev's Technics Museum is rich and diverse, covering not only aviation and motorcycles but also military vehicles. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the history of engine construction, admire various types of engines, and even marvel at a vast array of samovars. Unfortunately, some visitors have reported that the security and staff at the museum can be impolite and unpleasant, which is a drawback to an otherwise enjoyable experience. Additionally, there is a need for more English texts within the museum. Overall, this museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in engineering, military history, engines, technology, motorbikes, and civil and military vehicles. The low entrance fee makes it a worthwhile attraction, and despite the limited English signage, there is still plenty to see and appreciate. Whether you are a local or a tourist, Bohuslayev's Technics Museum offers a unique and educational experience.
Address:Kopenkina Street, 27А, Zaporizhzhia
Phone:+380 6172 04406



Nice museum for with wonderful experience,has lot of information about motor engines of planes and warriors who fought in world war 2 and plane evolution too... explanation also available in English language too ...near every item!!
Great displays, quality cutaways, great for history and technical interest
It was very surprising to see a such an interesting museum with so many carefully prepared details inside. The museum has two floors. The first floor is about aviation and mostly about the aviation engines that has produced in Zaporizhzhya (today by .. Read more »
Very interesting museum, a lot of history. Description of exhibits duplicated in english. Free
İt was amazing museum..İt is so much beautiful. .if you come to Zaporojia you have to this wonderfull museum.
The collection is very rich and interesting. You can trace the history of constructing engines, enjoy several dozens of different samovars (huge kettles for boiling water for tea), admire hundreds of motorbikes. The only drawback here is that securit.. Read more »
Practical size. Interesting stuff. Not enough english texts... ☹️
Nice collection of aircraft engines and military vehicles. Low entrance fee, well worth a visit.
Interesting place in Zaporizhya describing different types of engines used for bikes, vehicles, planes and space rockets
A very good engineering & transport museum, civil & military. If you like engineering, military history, engines, technology, motorbikes, civil and military vehicles (helicopters and jets) this is a great museum. I've always just looked.. Read more »
It's a good place to visit. This Aeronotical museum contains the machinery and ammo of airforce and army, which was used long back during world war days! The entry price is also cheap. Good to go around once!