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BMW Museum

Munich, Germany
4.7 / 136
Bavaria is the birthplace of the world-famous BMW brand car. It was here that the first aircraft manufacturing plants were located, which after the First World War were re-qualified as automobile. So a recognizable brand appeared. In the museum you can look at the company's products from its very foundation. There are many interesting and rare retro models of the last century.
Address:Am Olympiapark 2, München
Phone:+49 89 125016001



Very interesting museum to visit. Might get a bit crowded, so be prepared for that. There's also a decent cafe inside for quick snacks. Definitely would recommend a visit if your in Munich.
Elaine Jennings
It was well worth a visit, even if you're not a car fan. A route map or numbering system through the museum might prove helpful, to ensure you don't miss anything - even if this was digitally via your mobile phone (the only reason I deduct.. Read more »
Sebastian Mot
What an incredible experience! We loved walking around the BMW museum. There is so much to see and it is all presented on such unique ways. You could spend the whole day in here and see the history of BMW from its founding days until now. I highly re.. Read more »
A beautiful and awesome museum for car and bike lovers. Each and every exhibit is sure to amaze the viewers. It was surprising to know that some of the vintage cars were road worthy even today. Lockers are available for € 1 rent, but only coin.. Read more »
dp pd
Cool museum with great curation. Worth visiting if you are interested in motored vehicles, history, and of course BMW. Though I am not a big fan of cars or BMW, I still enjoyed the museum as it is. (Tip: Once you enter you will see a QR code which yo.. Read more »
maciej grochowski
Fantastic place for moto fans including some history of aircraft engines. Highly recommend - if you don’t want to wait in a queue then buy tickets online in advance. Enjoy the cars and motorcycle evolution.
Sita S-R
What an amazing experience! It was great to read about the history of BMW as well as see all the classic cars. Airplane engines, motorbikes etc. really great open space museum. Well laid out, doesn’t feel claustrophobic which is good also.
Jerry Anson
Nice museum to visit if you like automotive. Displays some of the historic cars, motorcycles, and products of BMW. The museum walks you through the history of BMW and their values. You get to see pieces from history and the modern ones too. Plan to .. Read more »
Andrew Romanov
The BMW Museum in Munich is a must-visit for car enthusiasts and anyone interested in engineering and design. I visited the museum and was impressed by the vast collection of car models on display. From classic models to the latest releases, the muse.. Read more »
Nikolas Kardoulias
A must-see for all car and motorcycle lovers out there! A fascinating journey throughout the history and the evolution of all iconic vehicles' development! The building itself is a state of art architectural constraction. I really enjoyed my vi.. Read more »
Ambarish P
The complete history of one of the biggest automobile brands of Germany. It’s a must visit place. You can easily spend 2-3 hours learning about the BMW history and see all the powerful machines there. They are still adding new bikes and cars. E.. Read more »
Michael Mack
We really enjoyed our visit to the BMW museum. Nice journey through the history of BMW. Huge variety of cars and motorcycles. I was very impressed how they acknowledged their role in treatment of forced labor workers (Nice exhibit on that history as .. Read more »
Building looks cool from the outside and the museum design and path are really good, some nice voice features I've never seen before. Some of the bike areas empty but all cars and engine(mostly Formula and planes) sections are great(especially t.. Read more »
Berke Koyluce
Amazing place. Fan boy or not this place has great history to show. All the cars at the museum are very unique and are described with great depth of detail which all the history behind the vehicles. If you are in the Munich or are at a close city I r.. Read more »
Max Ilin
great museum, heaven for car lovers. there are halls with such interesting models that you are surprised at engineering thought. You can walk around the museum in about 1 hour. he who bought tickets online, go through a separate line that moves fa.. Read more »
Sean Mirchi
Is a great museum about the history and technicalities of BMW's design and engineering. Expect to spend at least an hour here, if you really want to get into the details of every car and pieces shown here you can easily spend more than 2 hours. .. Read more »
Hugo G
I'm giving it just 4 stars because I missed a lot of classic cars. It's centered mostly around post-80s cars. Very good examples, but no historical cars. Also, lighting can be a bit tricky as some parts appear to be way to dark to really ap.. Read more »
david antoun
If you're a BMW fan this is truly the place to visit once in your life. the evolution of the BMW motors from planes and motorcycles to sports/race and modern electric cars is truly amazing, well organized. the Staff are friendly. the Tour throug.. Read more »
Letian Zhang
The museum is really not recommended. Compared to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, this museum is more like a private collection, no information for introduction but very much similar display sample. I need to pay more for the ticket to a smaller museum. C.. Read more »
Don Bennett
Quite honestly 80% of the exhibits are cars we have all seen on the road for the past 2-3 decades. We saw literally just two beautiful classic cars - did BMW not make dozens of such beautiful models ? I own a BMW so am clearly a fan, but was not imp.. Read more »
Aaron Hussain
It is a very nice museum with lots of great cars to see. But unfortunately, I feel it falls a bit short due to the lack of space and (mainly) the lack of exhibits. So many great BMW models missing from the museum which I really feel deserve a space .. Read more »
Akhil Garg
BMW museum is a very nice museum of Car and Bike lovers. Museum is very beautiful arranged and the entrance is 10 euro. Apart from museum you can go to BMW welt as well. Metro station is quite near. If you really like cars, bike it’s must go to.. Read more »
George Li
Great for a casual car fan. I was most interested in the WW1/WW2 era vehicles and was surprised to learn that BMW made jet engines! The museum is well organized with an almost linear path leading down to the bottom that includes a display of classic .. Read more »
One of the best organized museums I've visited in recent history. Every part of it is informative, provides tons of insight on each particular topic.. There are even interactive screens where you can learn more certain engines, car models, and s.. Read more »
adnan tarakai
A great spot for everyone interested in cars. Professional staff and very well-organized car museum in heart of Munich City. Suitable for a shortstop when visiting Munich. Stylish and well-decorated building. This visit is suitable both for a company.. Read more »
Bogdan Spiridonică
History, passion, technology and future of mobility in one place. One of the must see museums while visiting Munich. You need at least 2 hours to visit the museum, catching some live tours or explanations from the museum staff. Across the street you .. Read more »
Samuel Stephen
I'm not fan of cars but following my wife there I can see all the wonderful stuff there. Lots to explore and indeed icon of Germany's great engineering success. For me is the surrounding at the Olympic Park, so it's always worth visiti.. Read more »
Ramon Rosales
Great experience overall. However, it's more enjoyable if you are really into BMW products or it may get boring for little kids or people who are not car and motorcycle enthusiasts. You CAN take pictures there both cellphone and camera. The ligh.. Read more »
Madhu Kudukkasseri
The BMW Museum brings to life over 100 years of automotive fascination, innovation, dynamism and the joy of driving. In this fascinating permanent exhibition, all questions about BMW, brand and product history will be answered and the arc from the be.. Read more »
Joel Paula
Awesome experience. You can understand the history of BMW, along with their cars and motorbikes, including some pretty amazing models, and an actual Formula 1. You can inspect them pretty close by, safe for entering them. You can also understand a bi.. Read more »
Scott Conder
An amazing experience. It was so awesome to be able to walk through the timeline of the BMW company. The old originals were just as interesting as the new cars. Be prepared to spend a couple hours wandering through the exhibits. Also be aware that t.. Read more »
Balan Robert-Gabriel
Great museum, great exhibition with free audio if you choose to download their app before starting the visit. You just introduce the number which is next to the exponent and the audio starts to describe it. I liked it and it was very interesting. Als.. Read more »
Arina Gi
I can especially recommend the visiting of the BMW museum to those interested in the company's history. The exhibition is quite interesting and logical, however I feel a bit a lack of red line - the common idea that joins everything together (th.. Read more »
Ankur Mathur
Must visit for car lovers specially BMW. Excellent arrangement and depictions of historical evolution of this company. Great accessibility as well. The museum roof has BMW logo, if seen from google map or maybe from plane.
Marko Čizmar
Breathtaking. I saw cars that I never knew existed. From the beginning of BMW to the newest, not yet released. The museum is right next to the BMW Welt, where the next generations are presented. So, if you're in the area I suggest you give them .. Read more »
Manu Murukesan
Place is reachable by public transport. The place is very clean and quiet. It exhibits a rich collection of bmw vehicle. It would be very interesting for model enthusiastic people. However, it doesn't display the technical side of engineering of.. Read more »
A wonderful place which displays all models of BMW which explains the history of cars and the revolution made by BMW in car industry. Really it is a must visit place for car lovers and technology lovers.It is a very huge place and of course you have .. Read more »
Klaus Bello
If you or if you are not a BMW enthusiasts you will be invited into the world of details, intelligent design, intelligent weight reduction to optimize power weight ratio, extreme talent pool figuring out what modern and classic has in common, just th.. Read more »
Megan Mabey
It’s a very cool museum right in Munich. It’s not like super fun but it’s cool and interesting seeing all the different kinds of cars and motorcycles. You can even sit in some cars and on some motorcycles.
A Williams
I enjoyed the BMW Museum, although I was disappointed at the lack of Minis at the museum. It does have a good range of BMW cars and motorbikes, and even jet engines, but the Mini brand was missing. I was hoping to see the evolution of the Mini over t.. Read more »
Shelby P
Can't visit Munich without stopping by and seeing the BMW Musuem! Cool shaped building and seeing the old models mixed with new was worth the visit. Can get pretty crowded. We went when the I8 was the hot ticket item. Plenty to see and touch and.. Read more »
Спас Попов
I am not a big BMW fan but I was very impressed i my visiting of BMW Museum. All cars, bikes, engines and all BMW technology was astonishing. Definitely must visit
Amazing nice experience for BMW car fans. you will experience the BMW's history of engines, motorcycles and cars. also you can see the mini cooper cars
Worakamon Rogate
Experience the history of a global brand, new visions for tomorrow and the future of mobility. The spectacular open architecture of BMW
Danil OG
Quite interesting place to visit. Many cars: from old ones to modern. Especially kids are excited to see that.
Oguz Ozbek
Average, can be much better with some digitalization and experience providing installations. Kids enjoyed the kids club though.
Safuvan Noohu
Worth a visit in this tech world especially if you like automobiles. From Vintage to today and tomorrow..experience the BMW Museum.
Bob Clark
Very well organized museum covering all of BMW history of cars, motorcycles, engines as well as future products and developments. 10 euro ticket fee. Food and restrooms on site w/both inside and outside seating. Saw several cars and engines that I.. Read more »
Dominique Van Durpe
Entrance fee is a fair 10 euros. It's really a must see for anyone calling themselves a BMW fan. You can see al the classic and modern models in bikes and cars. The building also has a multi level design. There is a gift shop where you can buy s.. Read more »
Michael Paulini
Great place with lots and lots to see. Especially the history of engine development and historic motorcycles.
Ade Suhanjaya
Nice place to learn about BMW history and to know all kind of BMW that ever made, including the prototype
Limanan Nursalim
I thought BMW museum is comparable to Benz Museum but meh, it is NOT ?
Shahram Ensan
Unique design and breathtaking place, you can find a mixture of art and engineering there. I would say there are almost complete collection of motorcycles but quite incomplete titles of cars. I wish I could find some 5 series or 7 series of cards bu.. Read more »
S Bae
Very well organized. Check out BMW Welt AFTER you get the ticket from museum that way you don’t have to be in line. Ticket price for adult: 10 euros / the shop in BMW welt is better than the one in museum.
Aum patel
It's a good museum with everything about BMW but definitely not worth the 10€, and plus that's only for 3 hours. And very few AMAZING supercars, at least less than expected. So sadly, cannot recommend.
Emilia Berényi
A must-see for car lovers. Interesting facts about the history of car making. Next door you can see the newest models in BMW Welt. Entrance is free here but there is a ticket for the museum.
Iuliana Moldovan
A very well organized museum! Lots of beautiful cars and history about each one. The staff is very nice and qualified. The parking is full of cool cars too. After visiting the museum you could go to visit the Olimpya Stadium Munich.
Ramarao Akula
Amazing experience as a car-fan. It's located near to the beautiful Olympia-park of Munich and contains a good overview of BMW's history of engines, motorcycles and cars. It was good to see all the old BMW legends in 'BMW Museum' .. Read more »