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Blue Palace

Warsaw, Poland
3.4 / 5
Blue Palace was once a thriving facility in downtown Warsaw, known for its impressive concert hall. Unfortunately, it has now been closed indefinitely, leaving many saddened by its current state of disrepair. The community is not interested in placing blame or pointing fingers, but rather, they seek justice and a resolution to this unfortunate situation. Despite its need for renovation, Blue Palace still holds immense potential and continues to draw people who appreciate its charm. It is a place that can already be enjoyed, and the sooner someone takes charge of its restoration, the better. The neglect and ruin of the Mariensztat area in downtown Warsaw is a cause for concern among residents. They demand accountability and hope that those in power will take action to rectify the situation. This is not about politics, but rather a call for responsible governance and a genuine desire to take care of our cities. For some, the ruins of Blue Palace hold a certain allure. They see the potential for something magnificent to rise from its current state. They recognize the beauty and envision a future where the surrounding buildings are preserved and a towering skyscraper is erected within. This dream includes a hotel that can cater to visitors and, beneath it, historical buildings housing exceptional 24-hour restaurants. Such a concept would be a unique addition to the city of Warsaw. While bureaucrats may be skilled at collecting money from the public, they should not hold the power to order the destruction of such a magnificent building. However, it is not surprising when those in leadership positions, like Rafcio Szambolan, fail to rise above their laziness and effectively govern the city of Warsaw. In conclusion, despite its current closure, Blue Palace is a place of immense potential. It holds the promise of becoming a thriving and vibrant hub in downtown Warsaw, with a grand hotel and exceptional dining options. It is a place that deserves attention and action from those who have the power to restore it to its former glory.
Address:Senatorska 35-37, Warszawa



It's a pity that it has been closed FOREVER. Of course, there is no one to blame or responsible for this state of affairs. Although this calls for vengeance! A very nice facility, a great concert hall, the whole thing requires renovation, but it.. Read more »
Who let it happen. Downtown of Warsaw devastated, Mariensztat in ruins. Keep it up, residents will one day issue a bill. I am not guided by politics, anyone who governs ineptly, regardless of the options, deserves criticism. Let's take care of o.. Read more »
I like ruins there... The potential is...
Bureaucrats can only collect money from people, but they can't order such a beautiful building to be destroyed. But what is surprising when they are headed by the chief lazy of Warsaw, Rafcio Szambolan.
I give 5 stars for the potential of this place. My dream and project is to keep the surrounding buildings and build a 30-story (at least) skyscraper inside. An ideal place for a hotel, and below, in the historical buildings - great 24-hour restaurant.. Read more »