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Bishop Residence

Uzhgorod, Ukraine
5 / 5
Bishop Residence is an ancient and visually pleasing building located near the Syrovyna tasting hall in Uzhgorod. Its stunning architecture and intricate frescoes inside the halls add to its charm. The residence is in close proximity to the Greek Catholic Cathedral and is surrounded by picturesque parks for leisurely walks. Originally constructed in 1843 by Bishop Vasyl Popovych, the residence has undergone extensive restoration over the past decade, making it a prominent architectural gem in the city. The parish associated with the residence is highly regarded, with Father Vladislav providing excellent service during religious ceremonies. The Bishop Residence serves as a place of prayer and is often described as the best spot in Uzhgorod. Visitors find the ambiance to be peaceful and relaxing, while also appreciating the opportunity to admire the building's exquisite design. Additionally, the residence includes a magnificent hall for hosting esteemed guests, further enhancing its prestige.
Address:Kapitul'na Street, 9, Uzhhorod



It looks very nice from the outside, there is a convenient tasting hall "Syrovyna" nearby, you can admire it from there)
Ancient building, beautiful architecture, interesting frescoes adorn the interior of some halls. Very well complements the Greek Catholic Cathedral. T.. Read more »
Very good parish, thank you very much to Father Vladislav for the service of God, it is always a pleasure to listen to him.
Beautiful place. A worthy seat of the bishop. Place of prayer.
The best place in Uzhgorod!
God reveals Himself in various ways!
Very nice, full, cozy.
God reveals Himself in various ways!
Very nice place !!!
A beautiful shrine and a hall for the reception of distinguished guests!
A building that has several centuries of history. The history of our region was created here. Great, good place to go back to. I recommend for a visit.. Read more »
The heart of the city. Where the Lord lives and works
Initially, the chapter house was a Jesuit monastery (1646). Since 1775, the monastery and the adjacent Jesuit church (now the cathedral) were handed o.. Read more »
Extremely beautiful place, beautiful scenery. It is a pity that in Soviet times the university almost did not destroy such a historical value, which n.. Read more »