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Beylerbeyi Palace

Istanbul, Turkey
4.8 / 85
Beylerbeyi Palace is a stunning example of Ottoman architecture, located in the Beylerbeyi neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. Originally built as a summer residence for the Ottoman sultans and their families, this historic palace is a must-visit for those interested in Ottoman history and architecture. Upon entering the palace, visitors are immediately captivated by the ornate decorations and grand halls. The palace is adorned with intricate stone walls and elegant archways, showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship of the era. The ceilings and crystal chandeliers of each room are particularly breathtaking, offering a glimpse into the opulence of the Ottoman Empire. The palace is set in beautiful gardens, complete with fountains, pavilions, and ornamental ponds. The expansive green space is surrounded by high orchid trees, creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere. There is a small cafeteria within the palace grounds, offering a variety of hot and cold beverages, salads, toasts, and pastries. It's the perfect spot to take a break and soak in the beauty of the surroundings. Inside the palace, visitors can explore the grand reception hall, the throne room, and the private quarters of the sultans. The palace also features exhibition rooms that showcase a range of artifacts from the Ottoman era, including costumes, weapons, and valuable works of art such as paintings and ceramics. To enhance the visitor's experience, audio headsets are provided, offering a guided tour in multiple languages and providing detailed information about each room's history. While photography is not allowed inside the palace, the stunning view of the Bosphorus outside is worth capturing. The palace offers a perfect moment of relaxation, with a cozy coffee shop overlooking the Bosphorus, where visitors can enjoy a drink or a snack while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Beylerbeyi Palace is well-organized and not crowded, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the beauty and history it embodies. Ticket prices are reasonable, and guided tours are available for those interested in a more in-depth exploration of the palace's history and artifacts. It is recommended to allocate 1-2 hours for a visit to fully experience the palace and its surroundings. Overall, Beylerbeyi Palace is an enchanting must-visit, combining history, serenity, and architectural beauty in one place. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply appreciate stunning architecture, this palace should be at the top of your list when visiting Istanbul.
Address:Beylerbeyi, Abdullahağa Caddesi
Phone:+90 216 321 93 20



An extremely beautiful views. You can’t take pictures inside unfortunately but definitely worth visiting! Also, with isic you can get a discount so it’s only 80 lira!
Amazing place, photos are not allowed, also should put your id, driver licence or something to get audioguide, they will return in the end
Amazing experience. Tickets were around 10 euros per person. Definitely worth visiting. Don't forget to take audio book on the right side after the entrance. We visited early and it was not crowded, later there was much more people.
During our weekend trip to Turkey, we had the pleasure of visiting the Beylerbeyi Palace, and it was nothing short of magical. Despite it being a busy weekend, we were pleasantly surprised that the queue to enter was only about 10 minutes long. A han.. Read more »
A beautiful place, close to the sea and with a beautiful view for taking pictures.. The presence of beautiful figures with trees gives a very beautiful character .. The presence of Turkish music everywhere gives a wonderful atmosphere to Turkish cult.. Read more »
One of best Ottoman Castles on the Asian site.. A must visit if you love Istanbul's Asian side.. The castle is not very big.. 1-2 hours is enough... Very beautiful rooms and architecture.. The price is 200 TL for each Person.. A good view on Bos.. Read more »
Well organised , not crowded. Ticket price is reasonable. The furniture is well preserved.Unfortunately taking photos inside is not allowed and large part of the garden is closed for visitors. Having a drink and or a snack at the cafeterias there is .. Read more »
I recommend going alone and not with tour guides. they won’t let you take your time . They give you a remote like device that tells you what every room is and it’s history it comes in various languages.I love the way they narrate what eve.. Read more »
I was truly captivated by the beauty and design of it. The intricate stone walls and elegant archways showcased impeccable craftsmanship. Inside, the blend of opulence and historical charm was mesmerizing. I stumbled upon a cozy coffee shop with a st.. Read more »
An amazing palace with a great view. You can experience a great tour with the audio headset that guides you thoroughly through the palace rooms filled with Ottoman history. It is a must-see place for anyone visiting Istanbul!
It is nice to walk around. They were in renovation, so you can not go everywhere. It was not do special for me, maybe one or two things were worth seeing it. You are not allowed to make photos
The last Ottoman sultan who was in power died in this palace. You can take pictures and videos outside but inside it's not allowed to take pictures and videos. Ticket cost is 130 lira for garden and palace they also have audio guide so take any .. Read more »
This was the summer palace of Ottoman Sultans. It is located in Üsküdar, along the Bosporus. As photography is not allowed inside the museum, this post will not unfortunately include any photos. Ceilings and crystal chandeliers of each room.. Read more »
Amazingly beautiful!!!! The front was being renovated so we had to enter from the back. They make you wear shoe protection so u wont damage the inside. Tickets are not that expensive. Also there was not a lot of people in line. Its beautiful and wort.. Read more »
Beylerbeyi Palace is a historic Ottoman palace located in the Beylerbeyi neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. It was built in the 19th century as a summer residence for the Ottoman sultans and their families. The palace is an impressive example of Otto.. Read more »
We went to early and there was a small line,we readily entered,paid parking area is very near to the palace enterance. Palace interior is very beautiful but the gardens are serene, green and has beautiful water fountains. View of Bosphorous is amazin.. Read more »
The palace although not that large was very cool, built around 1865. There is security everywhere which is nice. It’s located right on the water within the district of Üsküdar of Istanbul. You will be able to take some very nice pictu.. Read more »
Absolutely gorgeous! The home of the Sultan Abdulhameed it is less popular than other places in Istanbul but very beautiful all the same. Just note that you are not allowed to take pictures inside and there are guards as well as cameras that enforce .. Read more »
This is amazing!I would go again but without my new Ex who made its miserable. the Istanbul museum pass does not work with this you will need to buy It's so wonderful to go and see. It's massive! Max stay in there is 4 hours. But I managed .. Read more »
The palace and grounds are perfectly situated near the Bosphorus bridge overlooking European Istanbul. Take the self-guided audio tour. Lots of history and the interiors are over the top.
One of the stops on the Hop-on-Hop-off tour, on the Asian side. Historical site that is interesting to visit if you are on that side already or looking are looking for a reason to go, but not worth going out of your way. The tickets are 90TL for fore.. Read more »
Really beautiful castle which is well restored and where you'll get to see luxurious furnitures, ceramics, paintings and carpets. The place also offers a beautiful view of the bridge & sea just by the side!
Very ornate and well preserved royal summer residence on the Asian side. The inlaid woodwork, the extensive crystal chandeliers and all the upholstered furnishings are all first rate and visually stimulating. The Reception Hall even has a fabulous m.. Read more »
Breathtaking experience. Extensively detailed room and extravagant decor. Wish I knew more about this palace and its rich history before taking the tour. Don't forget to get the free audio guide!
A very impressive palace, specially the carpentry work of Sultan Abdulaziz. It's well preserved and maintained. Visitors will wow at each room, halls, chambers and majestic work of art.
Once a summer residence of Ottoman sultans, this palace is in a unique, stunning location on the Asian coast of Bosporus. Offering incredible views directly to the sea, the bridge and both the Asian and European coasts, it will take your breath away!.. Read more »
One of the beautiful palaces in Istanbul. To me, the best! :) They give audio service for free at the beginning, better to have it to understand the history behind this wonderful place. Also, there is a cafe at the garden to get rest and enjoy the vi.. Read more »
The garden is beautiful and relaxing with nice view. It cost 5 TL to see the garden. The palace will be closed for 2 years for renovation. You can buy cay, coffee, dessert and sit outside. Clean bathrooms and a very small gift shop.
An interesting piece of history. Worth a visit. Use the audio guide as it is not that many signs in the Palace
Amazingly dazzling and beautiful palace. No photos are allowed inside. The worst vegetarian pizza ever at the cafe but it’s not the purpose of our visit anyway. Meatballs are better. The staff is very kind. The view is fantastic.
It’s very beautiful human size palace. Its surface is mostly garden giving a bowl of fresh air and flowers fragrance in the middle of Istanbul. It is toppled by an amazing view to the Bosporus and the European side of Istanbul.
Summer residence of Turkish sultans, much less popular than Dolmabahce Palace. The interiors are very similar to Dolmabahce, only the palace itself is much smaller. Even the manufacturers of chandeliers and furniture are the same. I was very surpris.. Read more »
Make sure this place is in your Istanbul visit plan. Unbelievable level of luxurious decoration. Very detailed and beautiful craftsmanship. Insure to get audio guide.
It is so pretty! Entrance is with a fee but we had our Muze card so we did not have to pay. There is a cafe inside. If you have time would advise you to have a cup of coffee or tea. They do not allow you take photos inside. :( They do have a tour gu.. Read more »
Another beautiful palace in Istanbul. It was very easy to get there with public transport. It was worth it to visit inside the palace and enjoy beautifully decorated interiors and find out who visited this palace. Grounds were very well kept and the .. Read more »
The palace is very beautiful. It was built as a summer residence for the Sultan. You are not allowed to take photos inside but you are provided with a free audio guide (just like at Dolmabahçe Palace). I highly recommend it especially if you e.. Read more »
I love that the audio guide is free. The fountain room is very interesting. Of course the location is also picturesque.
Splendid European-style palace on the Asian shore, but stay away from the gift shop - the rudest woman in the whole of Turkey works there, she'd put any bazaari to shame!
Such a magnificent palace! It was a pity not to taken pictures inside as it wasn't allowed! But worth visiting to feel how the sultans were living bacon then.... On the othaman empire era
One of the most beautiful, well-known and well decorated palaces of Istanbul. The interior design is so amazing and eye catching. It has some similarities in architectural design with Dolmabahce Palace. Outside of the palace you can find a cafe and r.. Read more »
Majestic ! The Beylerbeyi Palace is an Imperial Ottoman summer residence built between 1861 and 1865 as a summer residence and a place to entertain visiting heads of state It is located in the Beylerbeyi neighbourhood of Üsküdar district at.. Read more »
It’s not a big place but the interior is rich and good enough to check.