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Berliner Fernsehturm

Berlin, Germany
4.5 / 89
TV tower over 360 meters in height. It is in fourth place among the highest television towers in Europe. Started working in 1969. In sunny weather, the shape of the cross is reflected on the ball crowning the structure (apparently from a nearby church). The conjecture is connected with this fact, as if the architect was interrogated in the relevant bodies, allegedly for deliberate designing of the cross.
Address:1 Panoramastraße 1A, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 247575875



One of the great experience in Berlin so far. There was a queue when we arrived but with in time we ready to go because we purchased online ticket. After visiting clock room, into the elevator and up 203m high in 40 seconds😳. It was a scary but inter.. Read more »
We booked a window seat in advance at the restaurant which gave us the great views in the spinning restaurant (full cycle in 30 minutes). We had a decent meal to go along with 90 minutes or so of great evening views across Berlin. Well worth going to.. Read more »
We bought the tickets online the night before. Best to buy the ticket advance or very early in the morning. We bought the package for breakfast for 35€ but for us the breakfast wasn't really worth it. The line goes fast, no long wait even .. Read more »
The Berliner Fernsehturm, or Berlin TV Tower, is an iconic and impressive landmark that offers a remarkable viewing experience of the city. I would give it four stars for several reasons. First and foremost, the panoramic views from the observation .. Read more »
Great place to have a sight of the whole city. It also has a bar and restaurant (prior reservation) and a lot of information on the sites you can see. Sadly, I went on a rainy day, and there was a lot of mist, so the visibility was poor. The lights r.. Read more »
We walked a lot during our visit to Berlin. Of course, you can't miss the 368-meter tower called the Berliner Fernsehturm. It was opened in 1969. It has an extremely beautiful view of Berlin from the viewing gallery. There is also a restaurant h.. Read more »
Amazing views from this iconic structure. A fast lift carries you to the viewing deck, with window on top of the lift to see the rate of ascent! Views guided by an informative series of pictures mapping out key locations and buildings. Bar area is pa.. Read more »
Iconic place in Berlin, a must-see if you're around. Without thinking about the iconic status, the price could be a bit better, it's 25€ for the most basic ticket. Booking online is highly recommended because the lines can get long an.. Read more »
The experience and the view was enjoyable, although there were some aspects worth mentioning: Not having made a reservation for the dining area allowed me a 30-minute window in the observatory. While I appreciated the experience, I did feel that the .. Read more »
A little old style but symbolic tower in Berlin. They have a restaurant in the observatory and we really enjoyed our dinner while we overlooked the city (and it turns!). It’s not a super tall tower so we could make out of each building from the.. Read more »
My visit to the Berliner Fernsehturm was truly delightful! The entire experience was quite impressive. The elevator ride was a standout, reaching an exhilarating speed of 6 m/s, which gave a sense of excitement as we ascended. What made it even bette.. Read more »
Recommended to visit, the view of the city from above is a must to see. Tickets are a bit pricey but worth the visit. There is a nice restaurant as well in the tower. There’s a souvenir shop as usual, with some cool gifts. Overall a great exper.. Read more »
A fabulous visit to the restaurant at the top of the tower. All the staff were very friendly and welcoming. It was really exciting to enter with a great feeling both of going back in time to the 1970s and also visiting the future! The views are amaz.. Read more »
So we finally decided to visit the Berlin Fernsehrturm Sphere restaurant today and boy, was I wrong before! This tower sets itself apart from all the other tourist attraction towers with its great hospitality and breathtaking views of old and new Ber.. Read more »
Absolutely loved it! Booked our tickets online for a timed visit, you can buy from a machine outside if you require. The ride to the top takes just 40 seconds... Luckily we visited on a clear warm day so the views over the city were spectacular. Lot.. Read more »
Great experience, no queue when we arrived with our timed ticket purchased online. Into the lift and up in 40 seconds! It was a lovely day so the view was incredible, lots of info to assist with the viewing. We then went to the bar for a drink whi.. Read more »
Another amazing place, one of Berlin’s attractions. It costs to go inside the tower, but if you like bird’s eye views and taking breathtaking pictures, then it is worthwhile to pay around 21 euros and take your time with views and photo t.. Read more »
It is good to purchase the ticket online and have your slot booked. The line is usually extremely long. The service personal is quite efficient and friendly. The lift is not as modern as probably in anew York or Toronto but serves the purpose. The vi.. Read more »
One of the highlights of Berlin and a must for tourists coming to see the city. Perfect views all around. We booked a table at their restaurant. The staff were very friendly and the rotating restaurant was a fun way to see the city. The food was good.. Read more »
Great experience seeing all of Berlin in the tower. If you don't know what to do in the city this is a great place to start. There's information for most buildings in the tower so you can make yourself a list of places you'd like to vi.. Read more »
Ticket costs about 21 euros but the experience is well worth the cost. You can download a tiny app to your smart phone for an enhanced experience. On a clear day you can see a long ways in every direction. Helpful signs inform you about things of int.. Read more »
It costs €25 to go to the observation deck and is worth every cent. There's no time limit and a wealth of information at each viewing window. The stunning architecture at the base feels like a 1960s sci-fi set. Rather than queue for a ticke.. Read more »
Great experience to see the Berlin city view from the top of the tower and that too from a very good height. The view from the elevator while reaching at the top was quite stunning and spectacular. One can also buy souvenirs from the ground floor. Th.. Read more »
One gets a great view of Berlin! The ticketing staff were quite helpful and guided us properly. The lift was super fast.. takes you up in no time. We spent around an hour. But I can give only 3 stars as it very expensive!
The tower offered a really lovely panoramic view of Berlin. We went at night, but did not feel like we've missed anything, as there is an app that shows what exactly you're looking at and gives you more information (you can even see where t.. Read more »
The view is amazing!! The place is very organized and all staff working there very polite. I did not spend much time in the line to buy the ticket and take the lift. The price is a little expensive and if you don’t visit the restaurant you migh.. Read more »
Went on a clear sunny weekday, great views and informative. Was nice and quiet so could also have a drink in the rotating restaurant whilst watching the sunset, it was definitely worth the trip to the restaurant! Great memory. Just before sunset is d.. Read more »
The view is awesome. The restaurant is great. The food is really good albeit pricey for the view. The people are very friendly and I was upgraded to a window table just because they had them available. I go there every year on special occasions.
The 300+ meter observation deck was very neat, but if you are deciding between this and another location I would go with the second option. The cloud/ fog coverage plays a significant role in the ability to view depicted sites along the 360 route on .. Read more »
Great service, lovely mood lighting and the food was awesome! Absolutely must do in Berlin. Slightly pricey just to get in but it's well worth it when you're up there, especially at Christmas
Exciting tourist spot with good views. Tourist friendly with English, German, French and Spanish descriptions. There was discounts with the Berlin City Tour Card which unfortunately can’t be used with advanced admissions tickets online. Sunset .. Read more »
Pleasant experience in one of the most famous tourist attractions in Berlin. I liked the burger I ordered better than many other places. What was not necessarily my favorite part is the rotating restaurant. While it gives a chance to see Berlin bette.. Read more »
It's a wonderful experience for families, groups and grownups. You have a wonderful, amazing view over the whole city. The entry is a bit pricey but it's a tourist attractions and it's worth it. Upstairs you find also a restaurant with.. Read more »
Very tall. It has windows and a bar, so if you're so inclined you can gaze out over Berlin sipping an ice cold lager. For me, looking out the far side from the sun and seeing the huge shadow and knowing I'm stood inside the thing that'.. Read more »
The view from up top is amazing!!! I recommend summer or spring when the sun is out then you can take lovely pictures,other seasons are okay too... But because of fog or mist, you might not get a clear view of the city. Appointments can be made onlin.. Read more »
It is an amazing place and a must visit in Berlin. You can reach the place via tram, metro or bus. The family ticket is ideal and cheap for families. There are lot of activities for kids nearby and a lot of good restaurants around. The souvenir shop .. Read more »
A great place to see an overview of the city. Lots of tourists & a bit expensive. High speed elevator
The view from the observatory and restaurant is well worth the visit. The area the tower is in has many attractions as well. Book the restaurant!!! The food is decently priced and actually really delicious! We booked at 7:30 pm and were able to catch.. Read more »
Beautiful view, with interesting facts about different sights that could be seen. Windows could have been cleaner but good photos could still be taken. Could see for much further than I expected and would definitely recommend.
Nice TV tower, although if you have been around it is nothing too exciting. The waiting times can sometimes be crazy (2-3 hours at times). The views are nice, but again.. it’s Berlin, not Hong Kong or Dubai. So you will have a good time but pr.. Read more »
The monument is one of the biggest and most important artifacts of Berlin, or even Germany. It stands tall at a extraordinary 368m. The tower was modified in the past to suit the wishes of tourists and now has a astonishing restaurant at the top of t.. Read more »
The TV tower was great. It wasn’t too crowded so I was able to take my time and enjoy the experience. The views from the top were quite nice and I like how they explain what popular buildings are knows for.