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Berlin Wall Memorial

Berlin, Germany
4.8 / 80
The wall, which, following the Second World War, divided Berlin into zones of influence of the two main opponents - military blocs of the ATS and NATO. The wall stood for almost 30 years and became a symbol of the Cold War. It was a real border with checkpoints and security. After the fall of the Wall and the reunification of Germany in 1989, its wreckage was gradually stolen for souvenirs. It was decided to save some fragments of the structure as a monument.
Address:Bernauer Straße 111, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 467986666



Very interesting place to visit from our not so distant past. The untouched section of the divide is quite something,The free museum across the street gives a perfect view of this.
The Berlin Wall Memorial is a poignant testament to history. Its evocative exhibits and preserved segments offer a profound insight into the horrors of the world war. A must-visit for those seeking a powerful and educational experience.
An interesting place to walk around and get to know the history of Germany’s Cold War. It’s a nice place with modern style wall to highlight the Berlin Wall where there are marked areas of old pavements for using the lights illuminate the.. Read more »
This seems like a very accurate recreation of how the wall existed in its original form. With memorials for the fallen trying to cross, explanations of how the ‘kill zone’ worked and existed. Various stories of hearbreaking separation a.. Read more »
Wow, defiantly should make a stop to come here. Words can not describe the feelings you have while being this close to something of such historical significance. Free museum with toilet on the floor -1. 4-6 floors up is an observation deck that le.. Read more »
A good start to getting to know Berlin — especially East and West Berlin during World War 2 — is to walk around the area for an hour or so. This historical site is really interesting and informative through story narration along the way i.. Read more »
Amazing to see how much has changed over the last 34 years. Important to remember the atrocities that took place for decades. While some parts of Berlin still look grey and oppressive it is very nice to see how some sections of former East Berlin are.. Read more »
Five star rating as a recommended place to visit and it’s historical value. Bizarre yet surreal place to walk through, reflecting. Very well preserved and presented. Only a 5 minute walk from the holocaust memorial and checkpoint Charlie.
The Berlin Wall Memorial is an integral part of German history. A tour of this historic site gives you a deeper understanding and insight into Cold War in Berlin. You can see the remarkable remains of the Berlin Wall which divided East Germany and W.. Read more »
The memorial's expansive outdoor exhibition allows visitors to trace the path of the former border, providing insight into the various attempts made by individuals to escape to the other side. Walking alongside these remnants, one can't hel.. Read more »
The witness of the painful moments of the memory of the city and the country. It is a place that keeps the spirit of that day alive, where you can see what happens when a neighborhood is torn from the middle and the other half is fatally banned. Its .. Read more »
So much history here. While the wall is no longer there, some original parts were, and there were several signs with pictures and historical information on them to explain the wall. I love history, but even those who don’t can appreciate this. .. Read more »
Words cannot express the feeling that overwhelmed me while visiting this memorial. Make sure you have plenty of time to explore and read the riveting stories. This was by far 1 of my most epic places I've visited
You have to imagine a lot what and how what now a piece of grass, might have been. But the signs with pictures and some explanation are useful. It was one of the clearer places in Berlin to get an idea how it must have been when a street was split in.. Read more »
This place is very important in context to the German history and yes this place is nicely preserved so that the future generations should also remember their history. The park around the wall is also nice and well maintained. Definitely recommend th.. Read more »
Great place to get a perspective of the size of the wall, as well as read some small snippets about what life was like living near the wall. Didn’t take too long to walk the length of what was available, less than one hour spent comprehensivel.. Read more »
The 1.4 Km memorial contains the last piece of Berlin Wall with the preserved grounds behind it. The museum and parts of the preserved iron curtain allow you to touch the wall, experience the wall, and learn all about this site through highly engagin.. Read more »
One of the best places to experience the recent history of Berlín and Europe. This park has preserved from the construction fever an area where important facts about the Berlin Wall happened. It includes a reconstruction of a section of the or.. Read more »
A great historical place you must give a visit while you are in Berlin. You can reach easily by tram from the city center. There is a small museum also across the street. The only think i didn t like was the ugly graffiti in some parts of the remai.. Read more »
An interesting place to walk around. Remnants of the wall, there are areas marked out where old pavements were, the lights used to illuminate the wall to. The wall of photos etched on glass was poignant as it put faces to people who died trying to ge.. Read more »
A must see on a trip to Berlin. This free exhibition provides great insight into the building of the wall together with details of what it was like to live in the 'divided city'. Murals, photos, building remains. I found it most poignant. N.. Read more »
Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer. If you come to Berlin one of the attractive spots is the remain of the Berlin Wall that has been destroyed in 1990 and reunified Germany. Most of the walls have been destroyed to the ground except in this museum are.. Read more »
It's unique but a bit underwhelming. They have preserved most things and the goodies that people experienced due to it are hard to imagine but it is basically a small section of wall with the extra layers of security that the Soviet military had.. Read more »
Gendenstätte Berliner Mauer is place that really makes you think. What is the value of your fellow human beings? How much power do we let world rulers have upon our lives? The monument is preserved with respect for its history, and made visible .. Read more »
It’s an okay place for tourist, there is not much to see... walls .. history or Berlin Wall through the years, at the Center there is a place where you can listen about it all and heat recording. Here you will find information about how was the.. Read more »
An emotional visit, one of our trip's highlights. Fantastic artworks, visual & audio effects of the site to help visitors who are keen on German history. I could touch the Berlin Wall which was built to divide East & West of Berlin city.. Read more »
One of a kind experience to be there 2 years ago. Historical site and well done on our tour guide for the detailed information. The weather during that time was really cold. But overall happy to be able to visit and witness the historical site.
One of my favorite places to visit on a beautiful afternoon. Its impact on history is significant, and it's an important place to see. Going here really puts things into perspective.
If you are arrived in Berlin, you cannot miss this place. Really chilling but inevitable to visit, a very sad place but with an incredible history. In this memorial there is a full fragment of what the wall used to be and it is possible to see photos.. Read more »
This area of the city is certainly worth visiting. Beautiful artwork all over the wall, with such a symbolic meaning in all of this. Amazing to think that to this day there are still politics talking about building walls...
A beautifully done testimony to the wall. The information panels tell the story in a fair and neutral way and are given in German, English and (I think) Russian. Also provides a good sense of scale for the different iterations of the border fortifica.. Read more »
Berlin Wall memorial represent the old days when germany was divided in East and West. Throughout the area you can find really good explanation of what was happening in that era and what people went through. You can also find audio and text based inf.. Read more »
History mostly important for Germans, but history really well told. We can see old pictures of the wall and then touch the wall itself. Really good idea. It takes about 15 minutes to check everything around.
Impressive memorial. Starts at the remaining piece of wall, but do the whole walk, which is about 1.5 kilometres. There are signs and photos along the wall, including where tunnels where located and much more.
If you are arrived in Berlin, you cannot miss this place. Really chilling but inevitable to visit, a very sad place but with an incredible history. In this memorial there is a full fragment of what the wall used to be and it is possible to see photos.. Read more »
The cross through the memorial park is impressive. The architecture icons used to symbolize different parts of the wall, along with the photographs exhibitions on the facades of the remaining buildings make it even better. Lots of texts and testimoni.. Read more »
Awesome place. Gives a great insight in German recent history. Honor to the people giving their lives when trying to escape from the east german regime. Very happy that the wall came down but we should never forget that walls are not a solution.
Nice "park" to walk along a stretch of the wall, with some cool visualization features like a scale of the area, the indication where things go, and lots of info explaining everything, including in English. A must go for learning about the .. Read more »