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Bavarian National Museum

Munich, Germany
4.7 / 75
The museum exposition is dedicated to Bavarian history, culture, and folk art. Here are collected products from porcelain, wood, silver, fabric and other materials. As well as significant collections of weapons, heraldic symbols, jewelry. A special pride of the museum is the collection of Christmas nativity scenes. The collection is located in a historic Baroque building with hundreds of interior spaces, passages and galleries.
Address:Prinzregentenstraße 3, München
Phone:+49 89 2112401



Mickey Young
A quick stroll through this museum is a decent option to get out of the sun for a bit after exploring the English Garden nearby. My favorite area had the carvings in ivory. Not well marked for English-/non-German speakers, but still enjoyable to peru.. Read more »
The good museum in the heart of Munich. Very nice staff. There is parking nearby. On Sunday the ticket costs only 1 euro. It can be a little boring for small children... but of course that's a matter of taste.
Khuê Anh Phạm
Nice place, not too crowded. The diversity is great and cultural. Visit it on Sunday so that you can purchase the ticket with 1€. Note: Not every explanation is in English, mostly German.
Francesco Malatesta
One of the greatest museums, wonderfully curated, great collections and in perfect shape! Medieval armor room could use some explanation in blade shape and utility but that's only a picky observation. Awesome architecture and decorations of the.. Read more »
Fife Family
I can not even express how impressed I was at this museum, it was honestly one of the highlights of our trip to Bavaria and Austria! First of all, Bavarian art is exquisite! Unfortunately a LOT of it includes ivory, but the Bavarians have been using .. Read more »
Iroshan Rupasinghe
Visited here on February 2022 and the entry ticket was 10 Euros. It's a well organised museum with many things to see. Audio guides are provided.
Dylan Filkins
A true gem in the center of the city that helps tourist and locals understand a bit more of the history of Bavaria and the surrounding areas. A nice place to see pottery, weapons, jewellery, sculptures, religious artifacts, etc. Plus on Sunday the c.. Read more »
david antoun
It is truly a walk in history of Bavaria that took me 4 hours just to notice every detail, every era and take pictures. the entrance fee is usually 7Euro but on Sunday it is just for 1 euro. the Museum is next to eisbachwelle where talented surfers c.. Read more »
Lawson Cope
Very interesting gallery of a wide range of historical art and artifacts! For English speakers, be aware that while most things have English labels, this is not true for everything! I found the layout to be a little confusing with dead-ends due to bl.. Read more »
John Barnett
Most amazing museum in Munich. All from Bavaria and it goes on and on with amazing exhibits. They have these chairs (see photo) available for free use for when your feet get tired from all the walking. Many great rooms to see in a amazingly large bui.. Read more »
Vast and interesting exhibits, well categorised and easy to navigate. Most exhibit info are in german only but it is still cool to just observe and appreciate the exhibits. Can easily spend 2h at the museum. Tickets are 1 euro on Sundays.
José Angel Villarreal Gon
This might be the best hidden jewel in Germany. I was there almost by myself today. I might've seen five or seven people besides a group of people that spent about an hour looking at a decoration. Most of the rooms that I visited had no one else.. Read more »
Arlene Brown
This is a beautifully kept museum. They have a large collection of different nativity scenes, these scenes are displayed with handcrafted and painted mini figures/statues, which are each magnificent piece of art! There is a large area of medieval sui.. Read more »
Wow. A great museum! So many things to see. I spent 3 hours there and only did two out of the three floors and already then I was on a run. If you take your time in the museum, you can easily spend 5 hours or more. I have done a few museums in Munich.. Read more »
Worse a visit! And worse more visits. Can’t finish everything one time. Beautiful architecture, interesting collections.
Filippo Andrea Z
Visited on a Sunday, paid just 1 Euro! Huge place, actually three floors of rooms full of ancient items, guns, rifles, paintings, tapestry, porcelains, musical instruments, armors, old clothes, ivory statues, decorations, ancient furniture.. From the.. Read more »
Murat Cetinkaya
Wide variety of items on display. There is definitely something for everyone to see. The metalwork items (armors, gates, notebook covers) are impeccably beautiful. Tickets are not expensive and the museum is quite silent even on a saturday.
Danny Wong
Don't miss out this museum! The first 10 mins can be boring but everything after are great! However, most items are only without German description
Robyn Popescu
Stunning Museum with three floors of exhibits. Many unique collections from 19th Century and Late Antiquity to the Romanesque Period, including Ivories, Musical Instruments, Silver, Luxury Furniture, Porcelain, Armour, Games Baroque Glass, Gallant .. Read more »
Georgios T
Very impressive and varied collections (the armoury is lovely) and the 1€ entrance on Sundays is an absolute steal. Still, I found the lack of English descriptions next to several exhibits to be quite perplexing. Not only is it strange for a mus.. Read more »
Andrei Kovalev
Rich Museum with constantly updated extended exhibitions. ? Highly recommend! ?
amelia puspa
The place is huge and have lots of interesting displays to be admired. A great place to visit if you want to know more about the history of Bavaria and it's culture.
Sanchit Alekh
An incredible collection of artifacts showcasing Bavaria’s rich history and her interactions with the world at large
YJ Ham
Awesome collection of ivory crafts and Meissen porcelain. Also, very old German inventions related to time and planets, etc. You can spend half day looking at all the artifacts. One bad thing is that the stairs are inevitable even for the handicapped.. Read more »
Gorgeous museum of the rich Bavarian culture and history! Indeed a great place to spend hours getting enlightened about the heritage of this kingdom state.
Causania Gonz
Possibly one of the best places to visit in the City, it has history, many paintings, and much material from its culture that reminds us that they were one of the most important cultures in the world. worth spending a whole day in their rooms.
Anchal Kapoor
as an expat in Munich, I would cross this Museum so often that the sheer architecture of the building was so inviting. If you have paid close attention to Munich's architecture, culture and heritage when living here, then this place is a must go.. Read more »
Paul Varga
Don´t miss the Bavarian National Museum once interested in the cultural heritage and roots of the state Bavaria. Very easy to get here wherever you are once visiting city centre or some places next by. You wont need any transportation to get he.. Read more »
Oleg Naumov
Wonderful historical Museum that is going to familiarize you with Bavarian history from prehistoric times till nowadays. To me, the most interesting are medieval collections of fine art, arms and armor. Visitors are allowed to take non commercial pho.. Read more »
Nicola Pietro Gentile Fus
A lot of it is only in German. A lot was lost on me as I don't speak it
Jonas Christiansen
This is a great museum. It takes you through local Bavarian history with its vast collection if items ranging from weapons to pieces of art and cutlery. It has a little bit for everyone. I would not mind visiting it again.
Karin Ertz
Museum Speiselokal super!!
Emilie Barbarin
They were not very welcoming at the reception, I don’t speak German but the lady was able to speak English. There were nobody queueing but I had to ask for further details like if they provide a leaflet/map... and I ended up to realise once I w.. Read more »
Yehan Gunaratne
Interesting museum to learn about the history of Munich and Bavaria. Staff is overwhelmingly polite. It took 2.5 hours to cover this museum. The armoury section was super awesome.