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Batumi Piazza

Batumi, Georgia
4.4 / 35
Batumi Piazza is a vibrant and charming square located in the heart of Batumi, Georgia. With its lively atmosphere and architectural beauty, it has become a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike. The Piazza is adorned with stunning Italian-inspired architecture, featuring colorful facades, elegant arches, and decorative details that transport visitors to a European ambiance. The square is lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere. It serves as a perfect spot to relax, people-watch, and enjoy the vibrant energy of the city. Batumi Piazza is known for its regular cultural events and performances. Visitors can often enjoy live music, dance shows, and street performances that add an extra touch of entertainment to the square. During festivals and holidays, the Piazza comes alive with festive decorations and celebrations, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere. The Piazza also offers a great opportunity for shopping enthusiasts. The surrounding shops and boutiques offer a variety of items, including local crafts, souvenirs, and fashionable clothing. Overall, Batumi Piazza is a must-visit destination in Batumi. Its captivating architecture, lively ambiance, and cultural events make it a vibrant hub that showcases the spirit and charm of the city.
Address:12 Parnavaz Mepe Street, Batumi
Phone:+995 32 260 15 37



Batumi Piazza is a vibrant and charming square located in the heart of Batumi, Georgia. With its lively atmosphere and architectural beauty, it has be.. Read more »
I really like piazza square. It’s cosy and casual. You have to visit here. After 20.30 there is alive music. There are good bars here. You can eat and.. Read more »
Cafes take up too much of what could have been a wonderful piazza
2023.07.25 A lovely place in Batumi. The Piazza Batumi is different tavernas serving different cuisines, mainly Italian food, drinks, and Shisha. The .. Read more »
A must see when you are in Batumi, surrounded by nice restaurants and gift shops. They have live music in the evenings
I did not like it, buildings are nice but it is very busy papers and tissues flying with are was not so clean when I visited… the clock is nice must p.. Read more »
Cute little European style square. Nice gelato, coffee shop and restaurants. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it
Nice area surrounded restaurants, good food variety and musical live shows. Parking is a rare finding..
A bit small and was not lively out of season. The place looked lively but almost all the venues were closed. We had to find a street bar instead. O am.. Read more »
It was so much fun to be there. There was a singing show when i went there and everyone was dancing. I like to see people happy so i enjoyed there. Bu.. Read more »
Avesome hotel, friendly staff, nice local breakfast??? hope l will stay here 3th times next season?
I visited both in the daytime and in the evening. On each occasion I found food and drink to my liking. I got a table easily and staff in the bars w.. Read more »
It's a nice public square with a variety of restaurants to choose from. Live music programs from time to time. Good for a morning/afternoon coffee and.. Read more »
A nice square made to dance and chill out, probably a great place for Christmas. It was pretty dead when we got there in the early afternoon. The mosa.. Read more »
The Batumi Piazza is an Italian-style open public area in the city of Batumi, Georgia. Various significant buildings surround the piazza which has ope.. Read more »
A small plaza in the heart of Batumi, with several restaurants of a varied cuisine. The architecture feels European, and unlike the rest of the city. .. Read more »
An interesting place for an evening getaway. I liked the musicians very much, there is an opportunity to dance
Very loud and touristic place. If you want to find any good cuisine, you should few streets further. Might be nice place to relax with a cocktail if y.. Read more »
Magnificent italian architecture building. İnside of it wide square with marble ground. A lot of nice cafe. Everyday 21:30-23:30 live music.
I used to love going to Piazza in Batumi, but this season I have to voice my opinion since I was extremely disappointed in their service and inability.. Read more »
Very pleasant place with tables and live music. You can watch football on the big screen, dance and have a good time
One of the famous place in Batumi! I like it! Recommended to visit!
Good place with beautiful architectural design loved it
Beautiful place to stay for some hours and relax. Good to walk with dogs and family. Not very big, but really charming.
A little bit interesting, because in a strange style for Georgia. Nothing similar with Italy (in my opinion). As for me it'll be better if where were .. Read more »
There are very nice restuarants here and also live music most of the days. Only handicap is, most of the places are open area.
Good place for summer vibes and wine
Authentic place filled with tourists. Sitting at one of the cafe's and listening to live music is priceless.
Sometimes they spend a stormy night here, especially young people. But sometimes there is a cozier place with calm music and a cocktail.
Really good place with live music, pub, ice-cream cafe and restaurants. Beautiful
Somehow "tired" place :) Some frashingup would not hurt.
very nice place to visit. there are lots of cafes for drinking some cold things and alchocol too. and you can eat different meals georgian or europen .. Read more »
live music is not rare there. Architecture is amazing. Restaurants and cafes are clean and cool. there are some details that are extremely attractive.
Great place - stay in their hotel or just enjoy a drink
Seems like a small replica of Piazza San Marco from Venice.It is not bad, it's cozy but that's it. Many European style restaurant, the clock with some.. Read more »
Beautiful place. Restaurants are limited to 3 and you have to look around for the entrance to the coffee shop which is through a small side door then .. Read more »