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Baths of Caracalla

Rome, Italy
4.8 / 76
The remains of ancient Roman baths near the Appian Way. The term visit culture was well developed in the Roman Empire. People came here to talk, find out the latest news or conduct business negotiations. The Baths of Caracalla were erected in the 3rd century A.D. under the emperor Septimius Bassian Caracalla. Already in the 5th century A.D. this architectural complex was considered a real wonder of the world. In addition to baths and pools, there was a library.
Address:Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Roma
Phone:+39 06 3996 7702



I must admit that I didn't come here with the intention of exploring the ancient baths. However, I thoroughly enjoyed strolling through the grounds as we headed to watch the ballet performance: Roberto Bolle & Friends. While gazing at the ma.. Read more »
Very cool space. There was no wait to get tickets at the entrance (did not purchase in advance), even on a Friday midday. Tickets were 14 euros. Truly amazing to see the artwork, flooring and walls still last.
One of my favorite places in Rome. Booked the tickets on the official website. €16 for adults, free for kids. Not busy when we went which was very nice after the Vatican Museum experience. It was very hot in August otherwise we could stay longe.. Read more »
Big beautiful baths, they had on a photography exhibit as well. Some of the baths are stile tiled with mosaic floors other areas you can see fragments along the sides. Wonderful visit.
It’s crowded everywhere in Rome so it’s nice to have a tourist spot that is actually not too crowded. I turned up, bought tickets on the spot and there was zero queue. The entire area is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, I cannot i.. Read more »
An unforgettable experience! I was there to attend a long awaited concert. And the concert experience was nothing short of exceptional! Andrea Bocceli and his guest performers provided world-class entertainment that kept me fully captivated. It was a.. Read more »
I think it is the attraction that made the biggest impression on me. Huge building that stimulates your imagination. This place must have been an amazing resort back in its day. Also we got very lucky because you can go for free to most places on Sun.. Read more »
Vast, quiet and generally very pleasant. It's a very welcome rest from all the crowds. We visited in May on a Tuesday afternoon and there was hardly a soul around. Two hours should be enough, but you can easily spend half a day just strolling ar.. Read more »
Very nice place and much quieter than the other attractions. It was nice not having to fight the crowds. We went Monday and entered around 2pm and there was only a short wait to buy tickets. Only €8 to enter and we got one of the virtual glasses.. Read more »
Amazing location and a monumental construction. Far away from the noise and craziness of the city so you can really take in this site and just relax and admire the magnificent work of the Romans. I highly recommend this attraction especially if you f.. Read more »
This was such a cool thing that we stumbled upon. It is incredible how big it is and how much history there is - and it is sooo old!! We found this while googling “secrets of Rome” and other sites so we could se more than the tourist ar.. Read more »
It was pretty empty in early October, providing some much needed relief from all the crowds at the more popular attractions in Rome. We bought tickets at the entry gate and waltzed right in. The awesome structures make you feel small and insignifican.. Read more »
Wonderful place to visit in the heart of Rome. Be mindful that this area is super busy. You're free to walk around in the complex without a guide. Please font littler or carve your name in the ancient walls or monuments!
Great place to visit in Rome. Regular adult - 8€ People under 25 - 2€ Definitely recommend to lend AR glasses for 7€. Without them I wouldn't enjoy the visit as much. It shows you some rooms how the looked in the past, truly gre.. Read more »
Took the opportunity to visit the Baths of Caracalla at night by going to see the opera Carmen. The production of the opera was terrific even though it was a bit off that the stage and story took place at the Mexican border complete with abusive Amer.. Read more »
Not only this place is beautifully massive and interesting but the best part was for sure the glasses for the 3d reality which reproduced the original look of the place and had also some very accurate audio description. This should be the way of pres.. Read more »
The remains of the building are amazing and huge and very well preserved and explained, but sadly it seems like a big part of the ruins are closed off to the public, which ends up meaning that the part you can visit is rather small and probably not w.. Read more »
Just wow ? Very quiet, so little tourist around even though it’s one of the treasury. Amazing to walk within those enormous old bath walls and imagine how it was back then in its time. ? I was very impressed ? and we spent a good 1,5hr there. P.. Read more »
A spectacular archeological site; a testament to the grandeur of the Roman Empire. 20 minute walk from the Colosseum, it’s worth the trip. In the summer it is a venue for cultural performances. A very unique experience.
Brilliant and so much quieter than the more famous attractions. The virtual reality tour works really well. Its our second time visiting this site and it never disappoints. New art on display too. Magic.
We came with guiding tour by Touriks. We like this place until the security came to chase us away and even asked to see our ticket! It was 6:45 pm while the place was closed at 7:15 pm. Even when we wanted to go to the toilet before leaving, there.. Read more »
Totally underrated destination. The scale of the ruins is impressive and worth the trip. There were maybe a dozen other people there at the time so a nice break from the crowds of the Forum and the Colosseum.
We had a great experience at the baths of Caracalla. The structure is much bigger than expected and awe-inspiring. Not a lot of people were visiting at the time so it's a breath of fresh air after the crowded, more popular sights of Rome.
I loved the Baths of Caracalla so much!! Walking though the ruins, I was really able to picture the grandeur of the Baths in at their height, and the fragments of mosaics were pretty cool. Not busy at all.
Worth the 8 euros for entry, especially if the weather is nice. You can take a break in the outer garden and then go into the actual baths which are huge. It's a nice refuge from the busy city as few tourists visit.
Such a cool spot. It was bigger and cooler than expected, not crowded at all, pretty quick to go through. I’m glad we made the stop here.
Amazing place. A bit sad to not have been able to benefit of an audio-guide, removed due to COVID, without any alternative. The place however worth the visit, and is truly inspiring.
I went on a night tour. Mostly in Italian but the guide had some basic English skills. It's helpful if you read up on this place before you go. Very limited info during the semi guided tour . It would help you get your bearings if you study the .. Read more »
The Baths of Caracalla are a must-see if you are visiting Rome! What once would've been a massive bathing complex is now in ruins but those ruins are magnificent. The cost to go in is 8 euro per adult but you can spend as much time as you want w.. Read more »
For sure one of the best places to see. The entrance is really cheap (even more if you are a student under 25) and they are really cool. I'd definitely recommend you to go there.
Amazing site. Very quiet and relaxing and the structures themselves are a sight to behold. Also lots of shady spots to sit and relax.
A great place to visit. It's one of the many things to do in Rome. Just take the metro to circus maximus and walk up for 5 minutes on main road away from CM. Only 8 euro to get in at the gate. Under 18 is free.
There are no words to express how magnificent this place is. Visited 2 years ago and would like to come back. The place is so serene - it livens up with some imagination. Just to think that this whole place was enclosed back then...magnificent.
Less information and we felt a little bit lost. It' such a historical and technical unique place but you should Informationen yourself. I hope they will Invest some money for a change. If you have a lot of time in Rome you can visit it if you a.. Read more »
I witnessed the magnificent structure built almost 2000 years ago. Yet, Why so few people are here? It makes me really wonder.
WOW!! I had no idea these places existed thousands of years ago. Giant recreation centers with pools and hot tubs, saunas, live music. This place is an absolute marvel of design and engineering. This place left us speechless, so glad we found it. A .. Read more »
This. is. massive. Would love to see it in it's original state.
Been coming to Rome for years and have never visited!! It's about a 10 min walk from the Coliseum and well worth the price is if you have time. These baths ruins are some of the best I've seen! Learnt all about Emperor Caracalla from a podc.. Read more »
A beautiful and gigantic site to visit. You will need some fantasy to create a view of how it once was. There isn't a lot of info around the site, so if you would learn more about the thermae, I would suggest you Google it in advance or once you.. Read more »
Quiet spot, worth seeing on your way to Via Appia
Amazing roman ruins, I highly recommend it, beautiful if you are into old roman times
This place could hold up to 6000 people at one time! Though its been sacked by various noble/papal families over the centuries. A shame! Would have liked to have seen the statues and mosaics in the for which they were designed.
Beautiful from the outside. But once you are in the ruins there's not much to see.
Awe inspiring ruins of 3rd century public baths that were in continuous use upto sixth century AD. Nice walk amongst the ruins. Now a world heritage site. Must visit while in Rome. It has been a venue for sports and music functions.
This place was stunning. The scenery alone makes this place a nice afternoon walk. The ruins were awe inspiring. Being in the middle of the city, you cannot hear a lot of traffic. The price to get in was also reasonable. This place, was also extr.. Read more »