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Bata Shoe Museum

Toronto, Canada
4.6 / 93
The collection of the museum was collected by the founder of the shoe company "Bata" and his wife. It all started with a few samples of shoes that Sonya Bata brought from various trips. At the moment, the exposition occupies three floors of a separate building. Here are collected more than 12 thousand samples from all over the world. There are even quite “fossil” couples from Ancient Egypt, antique sandals and medieval boots.



There is something so uniquely special and cool about a museum of shoes. Learning the history from the fabrics to the dyes, the different stitching and techniques to the innovations that has brought about our mass shoe collections. The different ways.. Read more »
I got the MAP pass from the Toronto Public Library (the passes are available online so you can check out the library website to learn more). My mom loves flowers so the idea was to bring her there to see the newest exhibition. There are 4 floors, t.. Read more »
Nothing interesting that much, I went to Toronto to see how they arranged the flowers between shoes boxes but I found the place empty inside, its seem that the lovely decor was in the first days of the exhibition but they still advertise the flower t.. Read more »
Loved the new exhibit In Bloom, including the main floor window display. I went as part of Doors Open Toronto but there is free admission on Sunday’s. Easily accessible via TTC, parking in that area can be a challenge.
A fascinating museum! Really learned a lot about the niche topic of shoes. It gave a very good overview of shoes from ancient history to modern times. Lots of interesting and beautiful collection as well! Highly recommend visiting it and give yoursel.. Read more »
Pleasantly surprised by this museum. Visited as part of Doors Open Toronto. There are 4 floors with different exhibits. If is recommended to start from the basement and then make your way up. Very interesting history of shoes, starting with the first.. Read more »
It is a nice museum. Me and my kids enjoyed it so much. It was interesting to see shoes from different eras and cultures. It was a fun one. Also my kids enjoyed the drawing area. They had a nice time trying different shoes and taking a lot of photos.. Read more »
One of my favourite museums in all of Toronto. Their exhibits are apparently always changing so I’ll have to come back but just really cool learning about the history of footwear and all the evolutions of it in different cultures. Also it&rsquo.. Read more »
A hidden gem a block over from the Royal Ontario Museum. Learn history and the history of shoes. Designer shoes-check, shoes for dolls-check, shoes for celebrities and royals-check. Some amazing historical facts are also presented in great detail and.. Read more »
It's an OK museum. It won't take too long to finish unless you are checking the design of each shoe. It kind of gives an idea of how shoes evolved and also what's the future design may look like. We definitely found some interesting sh.. Read more »
I took my young kids recently and it was a great short outing. There are 3 floors to explore and there are kid-friendly activities like I-Spy, crafts and an area to try on fun shoes on the lower level - start there! Food and drink are not sold insid.. Read more »
I really like ?? this museum. Worth visiting. They have 4 floors dividing all the areas in different categories. I really like the concept as well that gives you royal ? vibes. One can try there shoes as well.
The museum was great. You learn about the history of shoes and where the future of shoes is headed. The museum has an audio tour, if you're interested bring headphones/earbuds and have your phone charged. I wouldn't recommend this museum fo.. Read more »
Superbly laid out museum. Very structured and shows the entire history of shoes intertwined with world history, which makes for great reading, not boring at all. 5 floors of exhibits. Start from the basement which is fascinating. Can easily spend two.. Read more »
Visited during the Door Open Toronto event. Most I can say is the space inside is very pleasing. The displays feature footwear from past to future. Contemporary exhibits are well focused and refreshing, putting shoe fashion and design into cultural .. Read more »
The Bata Shoe Museum was ok, but a bit underwhelming. It’s $14/adult to enter. You enter on the 1st floor but have to go to the ground floor to get started. Then climb each floor to see the rest of the museum. I wish it was the other way around.. Read more »
I'll preface this by saying that my rating is mainly reflective of personal preference. For someone who is interested in and appreciates shoes and footwear, this museum might be really awesome; however, the average visitor (especially many young.. Read more »
I didn't think a shoe museum would be very cool before going but I was quite impressed. There is a lot of really great things to look at with and history to go along with it. It is fairly small so you can see everything relatively quickly but it.. Read more »
This is a diamond in the rough....super interesting exhibits that tell stories through footwear. We visited during March break where there were a lot of great activities for the kids too. Well worth visiting
This was our first visit and we had a great time. Lots of very helpful volunteers throughout the museum! Thank you! And so many cool activities for smaller kids. The museum itself has a lot of interesting historical information. Who knew we could lea.. Read more »
It had many interesting and informative exhibits. The museum showcased shoes from throughout history from different continents and cultures. Most importantly, it contained a lot of relevant and little known facts between shoes and race relations. I w.. Read more »
If you like shoes, the history of shoes, all the crazy shoes , or shoes fetish it’s the place to go. It’s museum dedicated to shoes only nothing but shoes .. from all different cultures and their history. And also their evolution through.. Read more »
An amazing museum that takes you on a journey of history through the shoes of the ages. Well curated and documented museum.A must visit when in Toronto downtown/midtown. This is surely an Anthropology and history buff's delight.
Went on a Sunday, it was free. Lovely and well thought out exhibits that addressed more than fashion. It is on the smaller side, but I would recommend for history buffs as much as fashion fans.
On the top floors there are two special exhibits which I enjoyed tremendously. One focused on gold but the final one focused on liberty and equality, which looks at how the challenges of women and minorities have been reflected in shoes and fashion. .. Read more »
I personally like this place a lot. Granted, it's small - as in, a tenth of ROM?? So you'll be in and out in an hour, no matter how much you try to extend the visit. Regardless, the exibits are unique, both the regular ones - African king s.. Read more »
Such a unique museum. Obviously great if you are interested in fashion or shoes, but there were great temporary shows while I was there that looked at doll fashion, and one about footwear in the Arctic. Really interesting to see the world through suc.. Read more »
This museum is amazing, has three levels with lots of interesting shoes from around the world. It's worth spending some time there.
Cute little place with the history of shoes. Very well maintained clean and informational. Would definitely visit again. Also Sundays were free last time I visited :)
Honestly a bit of a let down. I came in expecting more and some more focus on the modern day "hype" of popular shoes. Given the popularity of certain shoes and the impact socially I would've thought there are more modern comparisons. W.. Read more »
A great museum. Excellent architecture and the museum is expertly designed. You get a good overview of how shoes have been used across the world. It took me about 1.5 hours.
A really cool place to go! Was also really surprised at how cheap the admission was. There was someone doing work in a certain part of the building when I went, though. It was so loud that I had to cover my ears and I even decided to leave the area b.. Read more »
Amazing seeing the historical evolution of shoes as well as how certain nations use animal skin and such to make footwear. We're watching now Marco Polo and it's cool to see that fiction has depicted history so accurately. However, it�.. Read more »
At first,I wasn't convinced I'd like this museum. Turns out, it was awesome. So many interesting things we didn't know. The staff are so pleasant and informed. You gotta go check it out.
Went to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto Canada to see the Manolo exhibit for my 40th birthday and had a great time. The museum has a cute gift shop with cute shoe related gifts. There were exhibits on the history of shoes from all over the world. Ver.. Read more »
Super unique! Everybody should visit this beautiful little shoe museum!
I am in Awww who new shoes could be so interesting. It is so amazing what shoes mean in countries and how they are made. What a fascinating place. Thank You Bata Museum
Better than I expected. Great source of information and nicely showcased.
Well. I lived beside here. I liked too look at Shoes. It's an interesting Museum.
A nice museum, especially for shoe lovers. Would recommend going on Thursday evenings when it is pay what you can (between 5-8 PM)
The Bata Shoe Museum is a small museum around the corner from the ROM. It provides an interesting perspective on history, through footwear. It is certainly unique and definitely worth a visit.
This is a neat little museum about shoes. It's very cute.
Amazing Museum. It was a wonderful experience. Its a must see.
Surprisingly educational! I went there just to look at some weird shoes to kill time. But end up learning a lot about footware related culture from different places around the world, and about how footware played a part in the supression of women, in.. Read more »
The Bata Shoe Museum has wonderful pieces of history and beautiful exhibits to browse. It is very nice to go with a family, including young children, and we would definitely go again!
Literally the best date night/day. Highly recommend everyone go there! Extremely clean and spaced out, felt very safe.
The Bata Shoe Museum is beautiful. We had a lot of fun looking at the shoe collection, so many shoes that seem impossible to wear! My son wanted to see Elvis Presley's shoes but they were not on display, so that gives us an excuse to return. I m.. Read more »
Super in depth and well organized content. Interesting overview of history through the lens of shoes Would be nice if they included more recent shoe fashions and trends though, the story ends pretty much in the 1990s with only a few examples of 21st .. Read more »
Beautiful museum and collection. This is a must see museum for anyone who love shoes. Cool concept for a museum. Definitely an interesting place to learn about the history of shoes. I really loved the ancients shoes part of different cultures. And I .. Read more »