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Basilika Mariae Empfangnis

Innsbruck, Austria
4.8 / 44
The structure was erected in the middle of the 15th century for purely practical purposes - monitoring the approaches to the city, determining the place of the outbreak of a fire, etc. Moreover, members of the Innsbruck government worked in the premises inside the tower. The reconstruction of the building was carried out in the 70s. XX century. There is an observation deck at the top, where a staircase of 150 steps leads.
Address:Pastorstraße 2, Innsbruck
Phone:+43 512 583385



Daniel Neuhaus
The Pfarrkirche und Basilika Mariae Empfängnis stands as a beacon of beauty and tranquility in the heart of the city. The church’s ornate designs are awe-inspiring, reflecting a deep commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Th.. Read more »
Brian Saylor
Gorgeous church. A number of beautiful pieces of art throughout the church. The staff we met for Mass was very friendly.
Benedict Uy
I saw the church from afar at the West Bahnhof station and walked here. The yellow and white church looked quite interesting and the statues out front were also nice to look at. I didn't go in as it looked like there was something going on (Chri.. Read more »
German T.
Very simple outside, but gorgeous inside
Tristian Sanderson
This is an unforgettably gorgeous and ornate building! Wonderful!
Davis Zambotti
Really nice and beautiful church. It's full of light and I love it.
Martin Neuwirth
very impressive architecture. only pity that when I was there, there was an iron gate a few meters into the church which prevented you from walking any further. you can only gaze through that gate.
Gregory Long
This Baroque basilica is certainly magnificent inside, belying its rather ordinary exterior. I'll add some photos to give you an idea of the interior because words are useless. The only reason that I don't give it 5 stars is because when we.. Read more »