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Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio

Milan, Italy
4.9 / 70
The temple of the IV century AD, allegedly built with the participation of St. Ambrose of Mediolan. It is believed that the basilica was erected on the very spot where the first Christians suffered martyrdom. At first the church was called the “Basilica of the Martyrs”. The building acquired a Romanesque appearance in the XI century. During the bombing of Milan in 1943, the basilica was damaged, but the medieval buildings survived and survived to this day.



i pm
Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio is one of the most ancient churches in Milan, it was commissioned by St. Ambrose in 379–386, in an area where numerous martyrs of the Roman persecutions had been buried. The first name of the church was in fact Ba.. Read more »
Khusbu M
It is so peaceful here! And the architecture is just beautiful. It’s busy outside but as soon as you enter it’s so serene. I definitely recommend visiting here!
Andrea Nori
It is certainly one of the best known churches in Milan. Externally I really liked the architect but internally I found it quite bare, it does not say all that much! Still worth a visit anyway because it is free of charge
Moshat Iphios
The religious heart of Milano. A church not be missed due to its beauty and significance. The services are most beautiful.
Paul Allen
Super old church in Milan, it's well worth a look, you can see the difference in the building style and architecture. Lots of Greek/Latin inscriptions to look at. It's walkable from the church nearby with the last supper.
Luka Kokiashvili
One of the most amazing places to visit when you are in Milan. The basilica is really old and well preserved as you feel the same period when it was constructed.
Habib Touma
The church of St Ambrose , who was the Bishop of Milan , is one of the most spiritual places in the city ,with the museum inside containing many wonderful mosaic from the 4th century and a lot of monuments , objects and written pieces about the that.. Read more »
Marie Kukhalashvili
Go and visit this beautiful church, please! The entry is free. If you want a tour, you can find a staff member right at the church and ask for the tickets. The inside area is very cozy, pretty, warm. Smells amazing.
A large church. Many people visit but feel calmness and religious. There is a body of St.Amblogio. nice place to visit. Sit down for a while in calmness during city tour. Mosaique is also lovely. Visit in the sunny afternoon, even brighter.
martinka 219
Another beautiful sacral building. It's a stunning building from the outside, but the inside has a lot to offer as well. If you pass by, be sure to take a look inside.
José Martins
Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio is one of the most ancient churches in Milan and was built in 379–386 by Saint Ambrose. Initially, the basilica was outside the city of Milan, but over the following centuries, the city grew up around it. The entr.. Read more »
Julia Pikalova
Fantastic big ancient church with beautiful adjacent territory, perfectly maintained. Incredibly rich in history, architecture, decoration. A must-see!
Armando Porroa
Nice place to see great architecture and a Great source of local history. Make sure to set an appointment online if you wish the guided tours in a different languages than Italian. Having a walk in the arounds is also a great idea because the beauti.. Read more »
The Gray Man
Beautiful place to visit while walking in Milan. Sit, cool down and reflect on life. After this reflection nip to the bar for a well deserved beer.
N. P.
I imagined something less polished up. Still very worth a visit. Kids can be both scared or mesmerizied by the priest-skeletons in the shrine of the church.
Petr Gašparík
Very interesting place, 1650+ years history of building. Worth checking
DonD Marley
A historical place and beautiful architecture. The work on this iconic place is totally amazin. Intricate stone work. Coukd not take my eyes of the size. The cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete: construction began in 1386, and the final d.. Read more »
Senna Sp
Definitely not the most beautiful church in Milano. But worth a visit. Entrance is free.
Hamid Naghibi
In the way to Santa Maria delle Grazie to visit "the last supper" of Leonardo da Vinci we went there. No ticket was required. Recommended if you were around!
Brennan Reilly
Stunning church and history. Don't miss. Has a wheelchair ramp for entry into the courtyard of the church, but it is accessed by a series of steps, so not ideal.
Ana Coelho
an amazing place, i loved the people but the food really is something splendid and inexplicable. great experience
Beautiful and super old! Built first time in IV and rebuilt in 8th century. Also visit the crypt, interesting and different.
Olga P
It is an amazing place, with the relicts from the first Christian centuries, unite all Christian confessions... see and pray at the Chapel of the St. Victor at the Holder sky...
Diana Cristina
This place is very nice, calm, is a pleasure to be there, contemplate or meditate. There are few chapels so good maintained and arranged.
Timileyin Ayomide Olanipe
One of the oldest Basilicas in the world. It was built in the 4th century. Nice place to visit.
To be honest - nothing too special. Cool to see some dead people nicely dressed, but it's just a church after all. Also currently there's some construction or something, also those beggars really ruin your experience.
Viktor Voynov
Great location situated near other must see things in Milan. You should definitely visit - if you have more than 1 day in Milan.
Daria Oli Haristiade
Quiet, beautiful, chilling because of the beauty of the chapels. You can see the state cares about its history.
Nicoletta R
So peaceful. So beautiful
Tommy Kurauchi
When I visited Milan, I had only one full day in the city. I spent the morning at the Monumental Cemetery and then visited the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio [Basilica of St. Ambrose in Milan]. As an hagiographer, this was an especially thrilling pi.. Read more »
Kauri Maher
Definitely a must see in milan,,, i went once and I would like to go back a second time to see everything. :) Highly recommended.
Caterina de fabritiis
Fantastic romanic church. Must visit. Great spiritual location
Feran Legend
This is the oldest Roman church in Milan, the story of this church is very intriguing not very visited but very interesting place. There is a column outside the church which is the simbol of the devil. They say that one day the devil visited st. Ambr.. Read more »
Lukasz Piotrowski
Impressive place, visiting you feel historical and spiritual atmosphere
Rameez Javed
Loved visiting this place. The University community around is nice as well!
Mayara Menezes
It's like a gem in the middle of the city, the atmosphere is very calm in the patio. You cannot go up the towers tho. It's free of charge and worth visiting! Random curiosity: there is a white column on the outside with two wholes, which ar.. Read more »
Doina Marilena
A wonderful place where you can find the inner peace ! Inside of the church you can see the body of Saint Ambrogio. And there is a special scent inside of the church, you can sit on a bench and just let go ...
Laura Brown
This has beautiful atmosphere and is very comfortable to walk around. The tomb of St Ambrose in the crypt is very moving. There are nice cloisters to walk in the front of the church and there is also some area out to the side (free toilets!) close to.. Read more »
Michele Formica
Must say top basilica. The crypt with the spooky skeletons is a must although I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't see it clearly. Probably best or I would have been too spooked ?! Anyway it's free so go have fun . Life is now
Kristen Sadler
A beautiful building and grounds. I was more enthralled though by the archeology dig taking place out the front of the basilica. You can watch from the street as the archeologists excavate the site.
Jeray Callado
Beautiful, simple place. Houses the bodies of a saint and two martyrs from the 3rd century. They are visible to guests behind a clear glass. They have plenty of signs describing the history of the basilica and the artifacts within. Recommend visiting.. Read more »
Marthe andAntoine Danzin
Magnificent. Worth visiting with a guide or some knowledge before hand so you can actually look at the building rather than looking at your guidebook. Beautiful column heads and frescoes. Interior is simple yet intriguing. Good example of medieval ar.. Read more »
What a beautiful place to be attractive and it worth to pay time to stop by. Here is the thing study something relative this cathedral. It make you deserve to look around the place.