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Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Venice, Italy
4.8 / 71
The church appeared as thanks to the Almighty for the deliverance of Venice from the terrible plague epidemic in the XVII century. The disease claimed tens of thousands of lives (more than a third of the city’s population in those centuries). The construction of the cathedral lasted 50 years; for stability, countless wooden beams were driven under its foundation. The temple is located opposite the Doge's Palace in the main city square of St. Mark.
Address:Dorsoduro, 1, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 274 3928



Martin Metz
Distinct architecture and style. Surely a recommendation. Beware that they open at 9am but that doesn’t mean you can visit the cupola right away - we stayed for half an hour and no one was to be seen to sell tickets or open the door to climb up
alok kumar
Beautiful dome , you view as u land Venice/ Marco polo airport and as you exit Great Canal . A popular cathedral visit for its architecture.
Smt Griffin
Beautiful basilica. We got the extra tour for a few euros where you get to go behind the alter and see both extra art and papel garments of John 1. I was sad the outside was under renovations but beautiful inside
Güçlü Melek
A very spacious dome with a ton of art. Lovely Jesus depictions at four corners and a very fancy altar. One of the best Church designs I’ve seen in Italy.
Ralf Assmann
Beautiful inside and you can also go up to get amazing views, stairs are tight though.
Chhanda Barman
While probably not as storied as the more famous St. Mark's basilica, this dome is the one dome you notice as soon as you enter Venice. Entry to the church is free. However if you want to walk up the cupola, you have to pay €8. And if you w.. Read more »
Stuff my dad didn't teach
Amazing place but currently under construction. Was able to make entered but felt like we were rushed through by the staff
Martyna Paprotna
One of the places we visited during our italian trip - im sure this place is amazing during the sunset - we were visiting before the sunset so we didnt have that much time but it was Worth taking a walk there
Danielo D2
Astonishing Italian Architecture, a must visit place. More beautiful on the outside, but the artworks inside are beautiful.
Јelena Ђokiћ
One of the most beautiful churches I've been to. There is even a film and one very beautiful Serbian song with the same name written by Laza Kostić. I recommend you look into it!
Yihang Zuo
The basilica is really gorgeous!!! I was impressed by the sculptures and wonderful decorations inside. It’s hard to believe how people in ancient times bulit such amazing works.
Wei Khean Seah
Very beautiful church. It’s worth to make your way for this church. I visited yesterday in October 2022, sadly the facade was covered up for restoration. Walking in it’s octogonal interior was a peaceful and serene experience.
William Case
This was my favorite destination pre-trip and it did not disappoint. Even with exterior renovations going on, it's still the crown jewel of Venice. It's out of the way, but well worth a visit inside and definitely worth sitting on the steps.. Read more »
Rassoul Edji
A great place to check out even if it’s for 5 minutes. Cool architecture and beautiful paintings. Best part about it is that it’s all completely free!
Maša Krkobabić
The Basilica of Santa Maria is one of the architectural symbols of Venice, and at the same time a tourist attraction that most visitors to the city do not miss during their visit. When I saw her for the first time I was breathless.
Myhonest Review
One of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. If u love architecture. Venice is ur place. This church is nice to see on ur own. No tour needed. Just cross the Venice river on a Gondola. They will charge u like $2 or you can walk to the bri.. Read more »
Мирче Костадинов
Crown of the city. It is located near the main train station. It's a wonderful introduction to what awaits you when visiting the city. Beautiful facade, glamorous interior simply put an architectural hit. Recommended for children and a large.. Read more »
balakumar bharathi
Long queue to enter. So better book a timed slot. Some construction work is doing on right now in the front. Very nice and unique basilica.
Milan Paunovic
One awesome place called Venice and it’s fantastic beauty one bucket list for world travellers had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic floating buildings
Christina Grabelus Shaikh
Beautiful baroque church in Venice and, though centrally located it's a bit quieter around there than in many parts of Venice, so you can get away from the hustle and bustle. A great place to relax with magnificent views across Grand Canal and G.. Read more »
It's a nice old church though nothing grand compared to many others throughout Italy. It is subtle however and better suited for quiet reflection I think. As of this writing it's currently undergoing renovations and the sacristy containing.. Read more »
Vuong Pham
It was a great place. It remind us the black dead. Every year, there is a specific event to visit the church with the ceremony to recall people who died and to pray for health. The Comune also build a temporary bridge for this event. This year it was.. Read more »
Mark Wisehart
This is just a magnificent piece of architecture rising out of the waters of Venice. It’s size is breathtaking! I think since St. Mark’s square is virtual adjacent to it, the long lines and crowds you see elsewhere are not as bad. At ni.. Read more »
Vanessa McCormack
The outside is mainly covered up due to restoration at the moment. However the inside is very imposing and serene. Free entrance and worth a visit.
Angel Eiras
One of the best views at night in Venice is to watch this temple from the other side of the channel.
Konstantin Vasilev
Beautiful cathedral with great views over the Venetian lagoon. You can go there by foot or boat.
Erika Reyes Aguilar
Santa Maria della Salute, is a Roman Catholic church located at Punta della Dogana in Dorsoduro - Venice, Italy. The basilica was built to commemorate the end of a terrible outbreak of a plague that began in 1630. Great views from the Grand Canal. Th.. Read more »
Vinay Kulkarni
Amazing church. One can see it from boat also. Huge and beautiful.
Leon Jacobs
This is a real landmark in Venice and a hard to miss spot when just walking around the old city. This church is as impressive inside as it looks from the outside. It is a very attractive feature of the city and a certain must visit. Inside the feelin.. Read more »
Daniel Donnelly
Breathtaking views if the day is not too foggy. Some of my compatriots visiting from the USA complain about the Venetian lagoon's odors, but forget all that. What you're smelling is pure history, so inhale it like you're snorting Colom.. Read more »
Marija Rusaka
Amazing Catholic Church built in 1681, perfect place to pray for pilgrims or to visit for history or architecture lovers! Calming atmosphere, amazing design of the building, baroque interior with amazing masterpieces! Definitely recommend to visit fo.. Read more »
Chinmaya B Mulgundmath
Jameel Sardharwalla
This is an iconic, spectacularly domed baroque church with a unique octagonal design and sacristy housing 12 works by the famous Titian. It's definitely worth a visit, especially since the core part of the church is free! You have to pay for eve.. Read more »
Andy Price
Great views and at present very peaceful
Diman Prrok
So so beautiful and impressive even from afar! During sunset, it was magical!!
Vinh Phuc
Santa Maria della Salute (English: Saint Mary of Health), commonly known simply as the Salute, is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica located at Punta della Dogana in the Dorsoduro sestiere of the city of Venice, Italy. It stands on the narro.. Read more »
Xavier Barde
An iconic church of Venice. Beautiful from outside. No absolute need to visit the interior.
I personally think this is the most beautiful church in Venice. Inside it is not that special as it is mostly white and grey, but it nonetheless gives such a peaceful and relaxing vibe. Entrance was free of charge