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Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano

Rome, Italy
4.9 / 76
One of the oldest Christian churches, the first temple of Rome. In the church hierarchy, it is above all others, even above St. Peter's Basilica. Catholic hierarchs appropriated her the title of "Basilica Major", that is, "elder." She is recognized as "the main and mother of all churches." The temple appeared during the reign of Constantine under Pope Sylvester I in the 4th century A.D. Six Popes are buried in the basilica and the relics of the apostles St. Paul and St. Peter are kept.
Address:Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 4, Roma
Phone:+39 06 6988 6433



It was beautiful. The ceiling was designed by Michelangelo and the statues of the twelve apostles were made by students of Bernini. Swing by if you have some time, it's not as crowded as other more popular churches in Rome and admission is free.
I don't understand why Rome's cathedral doesn't attract more people. The church is large and beautiful. a very impressive ceiling. The church is really worth a visit. one thing that surprises me is that the area outside the church is j.. Read more »
Visually beautiful! So many statues and art. Free to enter. You will marvel at the beauty everywhere. Including the ceiling.
This is an amazing and beautiful church. The architecture is amazing and this church has dedicated statues of the 12 Apostles. There is a garden nearby on the left of the church one you enter in which has an entry fee for visit.
Larger than life statues, ornate ceilings, phenomenal architecture, beautiful mosaic floors contrasted with begging poor old ladies huddled in the shade outside. Another example of the corruption of religion.
It is absolutely beautiful in spite of most of the art being moved to the Vatican. A hidden jewel in Rome. Free entrance. There are no lines. Just be aware of the mass schedules and other events when it's not possible to access the area closer t.. Read more »
Amazing interior, lots of rich murals and sculptures. One of the four major basilicas and contrary to appearances, it is the most important church in the world, even more important than the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, she was appointed Moth.. Read more »
St. John Lateran Basilica is a magnificent church with a rich history and stunning architecture. As the oldest and highest-ranking of the four papal basilicas in Rome, it holds a special significance in the Catholic faith. Its grand interior and exte.. Read more »
It's definitely worth visiting this enormous and magnificent cathedral that is free to enter. It was a bit overwhelming and hard to fathom how big it actually is!!! It was first built in 324 AD and is one of the oldest surviving Catholic church.. Read more »
Enormous Basilica worth a detour even if you're not in the area. This is the main cathedral in Rome and acts as the Pope's seat in Rome. It was first built in 324 and is one of the oldest surviving Catholic churches in the world. Parts of .. Read more »
The statues of the apostles are unique. The very feeling inside when one enters is unique. The place should definitely be put on the list of sites to visit when you are in Rome. We happened to be in service on a Sunday and were not able to take a det.. Read more »
This is one of the most breathtaking basilicas ive ever seen. The art is amazing. There are dozens of astonishing sculptures and beautiful paintings that make you wonder how they did such amazing pieces back in the day. If you are looking for THE bas.. Read more »
The basilica is wonderful. Until 1305, it was the main seat of the papers. Inside there are relics in the form of the skulls of Saint Peter and Paul. The entrance is decorated with huge sculptures of Jesus, John the Apostle, John the Baptist and othe.. Read more »
Beautiful church! Cloister was 3 euros entrance, only open till 4:30 unfortunately but the rest of the church is open longer. Security in front which you breeze through. Lax on tourists’ dress but be respectful. One of my favorite churches in R.. Read more »
The interior is amazing! You must see the sculptures of the apostles and the ornate paintings. Marble galore! The Basilica is across the street from a small church that is known for "the Holy Stairs".
We went there after reading that Pope has his chair there for service. Make no mistake, this is most impressive church in Rome. I was surprised that not many people were there. We took Bird scooters and got there in 8 minutes from Colosseum. Church i.. Read more »
The was the papal palace until the mid 1200’s when the papacy moved to Avignon. In the 1500’s it was converted to the church that it is now. On either side of the central nave are statues of the disciples that must be 5 or 6 metres tall. .. Read more »
Gorgeous basilica. The seat of the Diocese of Rome, the Cathedral of the Pope. This is a very important church and the oldest in Rome (oldest basilica in the whole world). One of the four papal basilicas, so it is a must see when in Rome!
Amazing interior, lots of rich murals and sculptures. One of the four major basilicas and contrary to appearances, it is the most important church in the world, even more important than the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, she was appointed Moth.. Read more »
Probably the most magnificent church/basilica in Rome. The size of it is just incredible and the art (both in paintings and sculptures) is out of this world. Like all the others it is free to enter and make sure you visit it. Just stay and sit there .. Read more »
An amazing interior! The 12 sculptures of the Apostles inside are true masterpieces. I enjoyed this basilica much more than St Peter's. Really recommend to go there and also see the obelisk next to it - the oldest one in Rome.
An impressive testament of faith. Free entrance as its still a church, with an immense historical baggage. The church is the oldest and highest ranking of the four major papal basilicas as well as one of the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome, holding th.. Read more »
The mist important church in Rome. Nope! It's not St. Peter's. One of the 4 Basilicas to complete your visit in Rome. Attended a beautiful Sunday mass here. Arrive at 9:45 AM. There's a beautiful music played for half an hour at least... Read more »
This church is great, make sure you visit when it's doors are open. Free entry, aside from the garden or the steps. I think there's extra charge for that. No shorts or bare shoulders but the church was full of people in shorts, men and wome.. Read more »
Like a lot of things in Rome, the ceilings are amazing. This one stands out with golden statues , weapons and other things with depth attached to the ceiling. Impressive.
A little out of the way from some of the other sites in Rome, but this was the most beautiful church we've ever seen. Really incredible.
One of the most beautiful churches in Rome and consequently in the world. Very nice ceiling. Worth the visit, recognizable from distance too
This is, in fact, Rome’s cathedral - that is, the Pope’s Seat. Its complete name indicates that it is the head of all Catholic Churches in the word. Albeit heavily reworked during the centuries, it preserves notable antiques: the doors th.. Read more »
Huge Basilica with Immense and amazing statues of the Saints. Amazing Building!!! Absolutely 5 stars. OPEN during Covid RED
This is so far the most amazing basilica in Rome. And the most impressive after the San Peters Dom. I was mind blown by the golden ceilings the huge statues and the wall paintings and the state of everything is incredible. The outside garden was defi.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful! Central location And a must have to see All the surroundings full of stuff Recommended!!
The second of the four largest basilica in Rome. Christianity's largest church. You have to see it when you go to the Vatican. Entrance fee to Vatican museums including this basilica is 29.50 euro. But if you're lucky (like us), admission i.. Read more »
Absolutely breath-taking. The statues inside are truly magnificent. Did I forget to say the entry is free?
One of the four main cathedrals in Rome, outstanding masterpiece, a great memento of christianity.
One oft the most holy and suggestive sites not only in Rome but all over the world.
In Rome, do as Romans......this city is an open air derelict museum whose cathedrals and churches are in tip top conditions. So much money, materials and time invested in these colossal buildings just to show off the power of the church.....I gladly.. Read more »
Amazing architecture. I found somewhere that this is the second largest basilica but when I checked on internet it wasn't correct. Still it's good to visit.
The first Holy See! Masterful building, especially after Borromini's contributions to make its nave still more impressive!
Basilica di San Giovanni is just breathtaking. I cannot describe it by words because it has to be seen and every inch of this architectural marvel needs to be taken in. In a way it is more mesmerising and grandiose than the Basilica Papale di San Pie.. Read more »
It’s a magnificent cathedral. The ancient Roman doors alone are worth the visit. Cosmedine mosaics in the cloister are beautiful.
This church has everything you want from a major basilica - a holy door, gigantic and emotive statues, beautiful artistry, and lashings of gold. The whole effect is, at points, little less than breathtaking. I strongly commend the Lateran Baptistery.. Read more »