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Austrian Parliament Building

Vienna, Austria
4.2 / 43
The Austrian Parliament Building is a highly recommended attraction in Vienna. While we didn't have the chance to see the inside due to the requirement of registration and ID, the exterior alone was worth the visit. The building seamlessly combines old and new architectural styles, creating a stunning and unique design. The statues and fountain outside the building are intricately detailed and add to the overall grandeur of the structure. For those interested in learning more about Austrian democracy and the country's political system, the guided tour inside is a must-do. The tour guides are knowledgeable and stick to factual information, providing an informative and educational experience. The tour covers the history of the Parliament, including Austria's neutrality and its role in the European Union. The tour is available in both German and English and is free of charge, making it accessible to all visitors. The tour also provides the opportunity to witness a parliamentary session in progress, allowing visitors to observe democracy in action. This provides a unique and inspiring experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the democratic values upheld by the Austrian people. The Austrian Parliament Building is conveniently located near other notable landmarks in Vienna, making it a great addition to any sightseeing itinerary. The building offers stunning photo opportunities, especially on a sunny day. Overall, the Austrian Parliament Building is a beautiful and historically significant attraction that offers a captivating experience for visitors. With its rich history, impressive architecture, and educational guided tour, it is a must-visit destination for those interested in Austrian politics and history.
Address:Doktor Karl Renner-Ring 3, Wien
Phone:+43 1 401100



Highly recommend! We didn’t get to see the inside of the Parliament House - there’s a Free guided tour - however registration is required. We didn’t h.. Read more »
Free but need ID to enter. Need to join free tour inside to get access to most places. Our tour guide raved on about his ideas of democracy rather tha.. Read more »
Very interesting building, combining the old with the new. A beautiful demonstration of how the two can co-exist. We had a tour and the guide was ver.. Read more »
The architectural style of ancient Rome and the statue of Athena is a very good place to take pictures. I think every person who comes to Vienna to vi.. Read more »
The parliament is beautiful. The statues have so many details (impressive muscle definition and detail. There are even veins!). The fountain at the fr.. Read more »
My visit to the Austrian Parliament in 2018 was an enlightening and captivating experience that left a lasting impression on me. Nestled in the heart .. Read more »
Wonderfully organised visit to the parliament. Nice activities to understand the history of Austrian democracy and its European membership. Educationa.. Read more »
The interior can only be visited on a guided tour, which are free, but require registration online. I was able to book my spot one day out, but if you.. Read more »
The Austria Parliament guided tour is a must-do for history enthusiasts, political buffs, and anyone interested in understanding the foundations of Au.. Read more »
Very beautiful building, awesome photo spot but very crowded
The Parliament's building has an amazing architecture! The renovation was recently finished after a few years and it looks beautiful! It's easy to rea.. Read more »
Admired the Austrian Parliament Building from the outside during a stroll while visiting Vienna in late February and early March 2023.
Vey nice place and take you to the back few hindered years ago
It is amazing both from outside and from the inside. If you want to see more you have to register for a guided tour in advance. There is a nice restau.. Read more »
Go book a tour, if you're lucky to catch a spot! Wonderful architecture and full of not just historical infos and anecdotes. It's the cradle of Austri.. Read more »
The parliament building is very interesting to see - the juxtaposition of old and new is well done. Our visit was spoiled by the English-language tour.. Read more »
Beautiful to see Parliament look very Monumental, Epic and also delicate in same time because rich design of facade with colonnades and sculptures. Fr.. Read more »
Beautiful to see Parliament look very Monumental and Epic and also delicate in same time because rich design of facade with colonnades and sculptures... Read more »
Looks like antique greek building.
A magnificent building! There are also free public tours being offered, but they take place only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I understood. Neve.. Read more »
Beautiful Greek style architecture, worth a walk past just to admire from the outside.
Nice building with romaine architecture. You can go around by taking a carriage ride
It is one of the most astonishing buildings in Wien. Across the street there is garden which makes you relax. It was one of my best experiences in Wie.. Read more »
The Austrian Parliament Building was currently under renovation and encircled by a fence. It houses the Chambers of the National Council, the Federal .. Read more »
Currently under construction, so you see only the top
Loved the architecture from oustide of the parliament!
A place to get the great views of Vienna structures and old buildings ❤
Parliament is temporarily closed for reconstruction. Expected reopening in January 2023.
A place to get the great views of Vienna structures and old buildings ❤
Beautiful building, terrible people inside
The foundation stone was laid in 1874; the building was completed in 1883. The architect responsible for its Greek Revival style was Theophil Hansen. .. Read more »
Very interesting building where you can find wonderful old one with many sculptures . also there is new one where you can move around while take pictu.. Read more »
This is where the magic happens? Never waste a good 'crisis' right. Go to the moon with your mandatory covid-19 vaccinations.
The building looks massive and nice. But it was almost completely covered by scaffolding, so I couldn't get any good pictures.
The building is under renovation, but it impresses by its greatness
Romantic baustelle. :) But considering the work they invested into soon it will be in its old glory again.
Disappointed ! This is the 2nd time I visited it in 1,5 years and is still under renovation, nothing to see except the statue (of Athena?)
waited all day to see some politicians. didn't even see a single one. waste of time. sad
definitly worth a visit...
Independent atheist from Romania I ask for the help of the international community because I am discriminated against by the late Orthodox Christian m.. Read more »
I guess it a wonderful place, but unfortunately it is om the reconstruction for too long
One of the more beautiful House of Parliament in Europe. Perhaps not more the the House in London, but definitely more impressive than the one in Pari.. Read more »
Looks beautiful bt currently under renovation so nothing to see
A building site. as another review mentions, it's set to reopen in a few years time. a lot of Vienna seems to be under construction. maybe give Vienna.. Read more »
Historical parliament building .. currently under renovation to bring it into the 21st century - will surely be a great place to visit once complete
It is a beautiful neoclassical and elegant building in the centre of the city; they offer tours and it is worth it as if you think the architecture is.. Read more »