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Munich, Germany
4.9 / 117
The temple arose on the initiative of two Azam brothers, who were architects, sculptors and painters at the same time. This is one of the few historical sights, the appearance of which the Wittelsbach dynasty did not have a hand in. The brothers planned to use the church as a home chapel, but later, at the insistence of the people, it was open to all comers.
Address:Sendlinger Straße 32, München
Phone:+49 89 23687989



Yang Yang
Although it is a small church, its inner decoration is really magnificent and gorgeous, if you are near Maria’s plaza, it is absolutely worth visiting this place, only 7 min walk. There are renovations going on outside the church, don’t g.. Read more »
Brett Skipper
Such a weird and cool little cathedral in Munich. Conceived and built by two brothers, Asamkirche is only 30 Meters wide but ridiculously ornate inside. It's not as widely known as some of the other cathedrals in Munich but it's definitely .. Read more »
Alberto Serrano Monferrer
Baroque and Rococo magnificence. This is the definition of this impressive church in Munich, near Sendlinger Tor. The frescoes on the ceiling will take your breath away, as will the fact that absolutely no space has been left unadorned, be it the f.. Read more »
Laura Esquivel
This church is divine. It is well kept. I visited with my fiance and found it to be a place of quiet reflection. There was a caretaker that quietly kept order. You can take pictures no flash for personal use. A beautiful moment that happened while th.. Read more »
Emilia Stammler
The Asamkirche (St.-Johann-Nepomuk-Kirche ) on Sendlinger Strasse in Munich was built by the Asam brothers between 1733 to 1746. It is considered one of the most important buildings of the southern German late baroque. When we visited, the church was.. Read more »
Emilia Stammler
The Asamkirche (St.-Johann-Nepomuk-Kirche ) on Sendlinger Strasse in Munich was built by the Asam brothers between 1733 to 1746. It is considered one of the most important buildings of the southern German late baroque. When we visited, the church was.. Read more »
Katarina Mladenovic
One of the most excessive yet stunning baroque churches I have come across - right in the heart of Munich. Make sure to stop by and enjoy the details.
Michael Mack
Stunning Church. Full of striking decoration, statues, paintings. I have been to a lot of churches and never come across one this decorated in my life. It is a MUST SEE when in Munich.
Cynthia Blinkinsop
Façade tucked away in a contemporary shopping district but step inside to see the glory. Take pictures but please abide by the no food or drink in this compact sanctuary. I sat in one of the 25 or so single row pews to meditate and take in th.. Read more »
Cheung Haynes
The gate was closed during my visit (not sure if it ever opens to visit?), but you can see everything from outside the gate. In terms of the arts I’m giving it 3 stars, as I’ve seen a lot other baroque church in much higher standard.
Mass starts at 10am and is fairly well visited. The Mass is in German and there are song books available. The numbers of the songs are posted before each mass on the board. The organist is very talented and sometimes continues to play after the Mass .. Read more »
david antoun
If you want to see a small Gem but full of Baroque architecture from the 1700's then you came to the right place. you can start from the ceiling till the walls and the internal/external entrance. everything was just amazing to see with so much g.. Read more »
Cuisine Quest
I recently attended an organ concert here that started at 8:00 p.m. and lasted about one and a half hours. It was grand. The organist is a master, the cost is €10. The acoustics in this church are excellent. The church itself is a combination of.. Read more »
Small but gorgeous church with a lot of history. A must see! The intricate details are mind blowing
When you walk in the old city of Munich, you find this little church. Even though it is not a big building, it has an amazing interior design. When you enter the door, i suggest to look up to the ceiling. Then the amazing altar and lots of art pieces.. Read more »
Georges Younes
Asamkirche is one of the smallest, yet most impressive, baroque churches in Old Munich. Its small facade integrates well with the buildings around it on Sendlinger Strasse. Enter the building to be amazed by the excesses of baroque architecture and a.. Read more »
Sandra Verboom
Very unique, nestled right in the middle of the pedestrian lane. Worth a quick look.
vinay kulkarni
15 min is enough to see all the painting and drawings and other things. It has under ground sitting area. Best to go when you are near by.
Ekaterina Stotskaya
Place that made with the soul, absolutely magnificient work of art. Beautiful inside and outside, historically and spiritually significant sight.
lauren harris
Beautiful, unique church, located around many shops and restaurants. It’s also free to visit.
Flynn On Tour
This church is just wow. It's small and you actually miss the door rather easily when walking through the city. But once inside, I wasn't able to hold back my awe. Truly fantastic!
Genesis Cherrie
Beautiful church, small and intimate. The marble details and statues were just stunning! I only gave it 4/5 stars as I wish there were information plaques (in English) ... If there were any I didn't see them.
Baron Migs
This place is 110% over the top baroque. The brothers that built this church really wanted to show off. Please pop in for a visit. It’s absolutely stunning. You’ll never be able to see all the details. There is so much to see
Marsyita Mohtar
Beautifully decorated small gothic church near Marienplatz. Worth a visit for a sit down and enjoy the murals and details.
Domagoj Zecevic
Really not expected that. Something extraordinary. Like it very much.
Ornate and different church - quite beautiful to marvel at it’s sculptures.
Randall Miller
Incredible church, you have to see the inside full of guilding and fresco,s.
Jeremy Dove
Amazing church that is probably the most unique church in the city. The architecture and decoration inside is completely over the top. It's not a massive church but definitely worth poking your head inside if you're nearby. It's actual.. Read more »
Sara Orfali
Lovely jewel in Rococo style! Not far from Marienplatz, it’s a very small church, but worth a visit. Free entry.
Nicole Andrews
Very bling. Pity we could not walk through the gates of the church and have a seat in the pew bench. It's all very much on show.
Ivan Džidžić
Prosperous baroque church which shows important part of Munich's history
Christine Hollay
amazing place to visit. We had a great time here
Shukhrat A
Beautiful, mesmerizing architecture, could stay there for hours.
Nicole Haag
Great experience! Small place and you can't access all the areas, but still amazing
Thomas De Jong
Looks amazing, really worth a visit.
Ursa Ljubas
Beautiful church well worth visiting. Breathtaking art.
Yasaman Shirazi moghadam
Small but beautiful church
Johannes Bruno Gaiser
Pretty Rococo style small Church / Chapel.
Nasar Alam
One of the most beautiful church I have seen across EU. The interior was so beautiful and filled with great architecture. The ambience like any other church was utterly calm and soothing.
Tracy Sung
A beautiful small church that looks very unassuming from the outside. But it's a gorgeous and intricate example of a Baroque church. So flamboyant, so dramatic, I love it. We didn't stay in long as it can be a little overwhelming to the sen.. Read more »
James Gardiner
Incredible place. Amazing architecture and artistry.
Carlos Sarasola Orio
The most beautiful church interior in Munich. It’s compact size and the fact that was built by the architects themselves for their private use makes it one of the masterpieces of baroque / rococo architecture in Germany. It takes a while to app.. Read more »
Old, very Catholic church with lots of ornaments. Very interesting for anyone who's familiar with church architecture and history.
It is a small church, but worth visiting for. Baroque style from 1770s
Hanna Lee
Amazing place. So much details in everywhere.
Cader 001
A small, unexpected jewel in Munich, free and worth a quick visit.
Samer Shoukry
Must see ...small but amazing church
Sébastien Bégaud-Bordier
Very beautiful baroque church. But it was closed the first time I came and the seconde time, only the first door was open. Therefore we could see only a part of the artworks.
Bart Van den Bosch
This was somewhat a surprise v in the middle of town a small church (more an oversized chapel) filled to the brim with rococo gone mad.
Duygu Yılmaz
Magnificient. The two brothers made good job inside. You should visit this place if you like sculpture and art.
Gary Seybold
An absolutely beautiful cathedral in the heart of Munich. You will not be able to actual go in to the cathedral unless you attend a service but you can enter and look into the church from the rear. Still worth it to see how extravagant the builders w.. Read more »
Sarah Wright
The most visually stunning—and really overwhelming—small church I’ve ever visited. It was built as a private chapel for the Asam brothers, but long since been open for tourists and worshippers. It’s really quite small, so if.. Read more »
Mary Irving
I went for participation in Mass, so I was not a tourist at that time, but it is beautiful to see. This church is very small. It has beautiful acoustics and the mass in Germany is still styled in the way of the German composers. The music suits the e.. Read more »